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Dashi Kelp 101: How To Make Japanese Kombu Dashi At Home

As you know, Dashi refers to Japanese soup stocks that are used for a lot of Japanese cooking. Kombu Dashi is one of the staple dashi made from Kombu (dried kelp) which contains a lot of glutamic acids and brings many nutritional values. Unlike Awase dashi or Iriko dashi, kombu dashi has a mild and refreshing flavor but a more complex and distinctive taste. Moreover, it’s vegetarian, vegan-friendly, enough to make you happy. You can also freeze this authentic genuine Kombu dashi when making a big batch.
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Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna Steak With Authentic Japanese Teriyaki Sauce

Ahi tuna is high in protein, low in fat, technically healthy, and very easy to cook. Learn the secret to preparing tuna to cut off the fishy taste and pull out the Umami flavor for a sesame-crusted seared tuna steak. It may seem fancy like the dinner for holidays, date nights, and special occasions, but honestly, it’s very easy, simple, and tasty, and both best parts, ahi tuna and authentic! Japanese Teriyaki sauce is a ridiculously savory combination! Only the effort you may need is to make Teriyaki sauce and Japanese citrus chili paste in advance.
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How To Make Authentic Shrimp Tempura , Not Fritter, With Tempura Batter Mix

Light Crispy, Shrimp Tempura with a delicate, flaky batter made of the tempura batter mix. This is the easiest way to make AUTHENTIC JAPANESE TEMPURA, which is away from fritter-like fluffy, greasy, heavy, thick, crunchy tempura-like shrimp. Shrimp tempura has been a staple of traditional Japanese cuisine as well as Sushi. The aesthetically delicate, light, and crisp batter is the perfect match for seafood and vegetables. Don't get me wrong, I like fluffy fritters and crunchy coating like COSTCO tempura shrimp, yet, Japanese authentic tempura should be light and crispy. Use Japanese tempura mix, it's no shame!
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How Do The Japanese Prepare Shrimp For Tempura AND Ebi Fry

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Mayo-Yaki Baked Cod In Foil With Lemon

Japanese mayonnaise can bring savory creamy flavor to the plain white fish. This cooking method is great for shortening cooking time while trapping any savory flavors. You can also arrange any of your favorite herbs & spices. For thicker or heavier pieces of fish, increase cooking time. To remove the fishy taste, check out the Japanese cooking tips in this recipe. Fancy seafood dinner with very little prep.
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Ebi Fry| Crispy Panko Deep-Fried Shrimp

Panko deep-fried shrimp, also known as “Ebi Furai” in Japanese, is one of the top-ranked in the most popular foods. Certainly, just deep-fry breaded shrimps in the vegetable oil. to be stand out because of the simple recipe, you need to know my Japanese cooking tips such as prepping shrimps, deep-frying, and also a recipe for Japanese Tartar sauce.
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Rico’s Japanese Home Cooking Tips; Preparing Shrimp And How To Remove Fishy Taste

Do you want to know how to get rid of the fishy taste in your shrimp boil? Preparing shrimp including deveining and cleaning is the most important process to remove the fishy taste before cooking. Moreover, you can boil the shrimp perfectly with Japanese cooking tips! I can tell you how to prepare and boil the perfect shrimp with a soft fresh texture.
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7 Japanese Home Cooking Hacks! Goodbye Mushy Boiled Shrimp: How To Boil Shrimp Perfectly

7 Japanese secret hacks to boil shrimp perfectly for shrimp dishes such as shrimp cocktails. No fishy, no mushy, no chewy. If you overcook shrimp all the time, read these 7 tips to boil shrimp in Japanese home cooking. I can't tell you how to boil shrimp is easy and quick. Simple cooking is really difficult. Raw, frozen, shells on, no shell, doesn't matter. Let's learn how to make the perfect boiled shrimp.
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