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Japan Driving Rules; 16 Things You Should Know About

Understand the important Japanese traffic rules and regulations. In Japan, you must be over 18 years old and need requirements to drive a car in Japan during your trip. Driving in Japan may be easier than driving in London, most (not all) drivers are gentle and polite, lanes are organized. However, traffic signs are different from your country and many signs are still written in Japanese. Also, you must pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists. In this article, I will introduce some important traffic rules in Japan that help driving safely for your Japan trip.
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[Driving in Japan] Do You Know What The STOP Sign Is Like In Japan?

As the number of overseas travelers enjoying road trips in Japan increases, so does the number of car accidents. One of the main causes is the misunderstanding of the Japanese stop sign. Why? It because the Japanese stop sign looks like "Yield" and "Give way" signs in your country. In the worst case, it can lose someone's life. In this post, I will introduce what Japanese stop signs look like and related topics that help your safety drive in Japan.
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The Useful Guide; 7 Tips Make Your First Japan Trip Perfect Before Leaving

Planning to travel to Japan? Is it your first time? Are you sure you are collecting the right information to make your first Japan trip perfect? I am a frequent traveler to Japan and I can tell what you need to prepare things before leaving with 7 tips.
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Things You Should Know About Medical Emergency Before Traveling To Japan

Planning to visit Japan? Have you prepared everything for medical emergency situations abroad? Indeed, you will get sick easily while traveling due to irregular fatigue & circumstances. No one wants to get sick in foreign countries, especially there is a language barrier. This site tells you what you need to know and what need to do for your health care before traveling. This is very important for you so that you can receive medical care smoothly in Japan.
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The Correct Way Bathing Practices; Do And Don’ts

The basics of the correct way to taking a bath at home for your relaxation and health. Bathing is well-known for self-care practices, but do you know you can lead to negative effects if you do wrong bathing. This is the ultimate guide to take a bath properly.
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Japanese Hot Spring “Onsen” Effects; Health Benefits And Risks

Japan is home to Onsen as hot springs which are a highly popular destination among people who are looking for Japanese aesthetic. To enjoy public Onsen hot springs where people (monkeys!) go relax and soothe their stresses, you should know about Dos and Donts before traveling to Japan. The ultimate guide in this post tells you not only Onsen etiquette but also health risks when bathing is not the right way.
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The Best Native Guide of Hot Springs In Japan; 10 Different Types Of Hot Spring Water

Excited to visit hot springs, Onsen, in Japan? Wait a minute! If you don't know the types of hot spring water, you may have negative effects from natural minerals. Especially, if you have sensitive skin and chronic disease, you need to know pH levels of hot springs water. To enjoy the best hot spring for you, read here and learn about 10 different types of Onsen in Japan.
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Japanese Hot Springs 101; What You Need To Know About Onsen In Japan

Looking forward to bathing Hot Springs in Japan? Before going to have an experience, do you know that the Japanese hot springs culture is different from other countries? The hot springs aka Onsen in Japanese, have a long history and very special for Japanese people. Thus, you must follow local rules and try not to bother other peoples. To avoid making you disappointed, I am going to tell you about Japanese Hot Springs 101 today.
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