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The Correct Way Bathing Practices; Do And Don’ts

The basics of the correct way to taking a bath at home for your relaxation and health. Bathing is well-known for self-care practices, but do you know you can lead to negative effects if you do wrong bathing. This is the ultimate guide to take a bath properly.
Japanese Wellness

Safety Tips For Essential Oils In The Hot Bath

Do you know you can put essential oils in a hot bath? Is it safe to put them in a hot water? Technically, you can add essential oils (100% pure, therapeutic grade) in the hot bath, however, it's dangerous to add them directly without diluting. You need to learn tips on how to dissolve oils and how to protect your skin.
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Japanese Tea 101; Side Effects Of Barley Tea

Barley tea is very healthy, rich in minerals, and has a refreshing taste. Refreshing barley tea before and after training and bathing, especially during the summer season, can protect your body from overheating, which can cause heatstroke and heat shock. To reap the most benefits, avoid drinking more than 2 liters of tea a day. Barley tea is safe, read this post and get to know about healthy tea more.