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Culture, Etiquette

Where and When you can see KIMONO girls most

Are you interested in Kimono, the signature traditional Japanese costume? Do you know the truth that not so many people don't wear kimono outside of special occasions in Japan? But if you know the special day that many women get dressed Kimono, you can have the opportunity to see colorful Kimono girls. You don't have to chase around Geiko. (by the way, don't chase Geiko! It really bothers them.) On this page, you can know where and when you can see Kimono girls, and I also explain the difference between Kimono & Yukata.
Culture, Etiquette

Ryokan Etiquette Guide; How to behave in Ryokan

Staying in the traditional Japanese style hotel called Ryokan is going to highlight the Japan trip for sure, but better know the etiquettes and manners. Staying in Ryokan is much different from staying in western hotels and other accommodations, there are original Japanese rules. If you don't understand the Ryokan concept, it will cause misunderstandings between Ryokan and you. To avoid bother other guests and Ryokan staff, you need to learn the basic etiquette for staying in Ryokan.
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