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1-day itinerary in Nagoya For the first visit

Going to Nagoya, Japan or skipping sightseeing Nagoya? Nagoya is the largest city in the central region and it also is perfect to see around for one day because the city is compact and public transportation is developed. I give you the perfect 1-day itinerary in Nagoya, using subways, directions and where you can eat.
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What is the Sightseeing Route Bus in Nagoya city?

Spending time in Nagoya? No clue what to do in Nagoya? There is the sightseeing route bus that stops at 11 attractive sightseeing spots in Nagoya, you just hop on and off without checking the map. On this site, I am going to tell you what the sightseeing bus in Nagoya, how to get a ticket, where you can visit, and it worth to pay or not.
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Public transportations around Nagoya, Japan

Traveling around Nagoya, Japan? Nagoya has great public transportation networks to make your trip easy and satisfying. It is very possible to make a day-trip to the surroundings to see the countryside of Japan. Even inside of Nagoya, subways & city buses covers the whole city. To learn about public transportations in the Nagoya area, the site will help you to give hints for the itinerary.
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Nagoya can be a base or worth to stop for Japan trip?

If you find the cheaper flight or the direct ticket to Nagoya from your airport for your Japan trip, think about using Nagoya as the base before getting disappointed. Nagoya is located in the central of Japan and closer to Kyoto and Osaka. The access to downtown Nagoya from the airport is easy, and actually Nagoya city and its surroundings may catch your attention such as Toyota city, Takayama city and Ise Jingu Shrine. On this site, I explain the location of Nagoya, Shinkansen and the airport information.
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Ultimate Kaiyukan Guide; Osaka Aquarium and Tempozan market place

Planning a trip to Osaka? Do you love aquariums? Osaka Aquarium is surely the best spot to go because you never get tired of the spectacular aquarium and also Osaka bay area. There is a large leisure complex that has many restaurants, and attractions. In this site, telling you the access, general information and tips to enjoy the aquarium, so check out this ultimate Osaka Aquarium travel guide!
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2 Days Deep Osaka Itinerary “DAY 2”

Day 2 of Japanmcconnell 2days deep Osaka Itinerary. This itinerary covers deep, photogenic and delicious spots for 2 days in Osaka, Japan. Walk a lot, but enough close to public transportations.
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Osaka Amazing Pass Guide; April 2019 – March 2020

Visiting Osaka? Do you want to save the budget to hop around the city? If you know the "Osaka Amazing Pass" in advance, it will bring you lots of benefits during the Osaka trip. The pass is a one-day or a two-day pass that gives unlimited subway ride and free admission fees for many facilities and attractions. Osaka is so much fun, you should know about "Osaka Amazing Pass" in this site.
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Osaka Kaiyu Ticket; The day pass of Osaka Aquarium & local railways [April 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020]

Do you like aquariums? If you go to Osaka, there is a spectacular aquarium which has been well-known all over the world. If you have a plan to visit the Osaka Aquarium, you have better know the day pass includes an admission ticket and public transportations.
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Yokoso Osaka Ticket; The discount ticket to downtown from Kansai International Airport [October 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020]

Arriving at Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan? There is a discount ticket to downtown that includes a day pass for subways and buses. Nankai Rapi:t is the fastest and comfortable way to get to downtown Osaka. If you think about it, read this site. I will explain the details.
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Enjoy ECO Card; What you can do in Osaka, Japan

Visiting Osaka, Japan? Want to save money? If you are not sure "Osaka Amazing Pass" is the best for you, there is a one-day pass that gives you all-you-can-ride Osaka Metro(subways) and city buses. In this way, you don't have to be a hopper. Moreover, it gives you itsy discounts for admission fees too. If you want to know more details, better read this.
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8 ways What you can do if you get lost in Japan

Have you ever got in lost in a foreign county? It is very scary if you can not understand the local language. Using google map? it is one of the resolutions. I will tell you 8 ways what you can do when you get lost in Japan.
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The Next Best App for Japan Travel

Are you looking for the best travel application for your Japan trip? Japan Trip Navigation is an all-in-one application to research sightseeing spots, booking tours, restaurants, and accommodations, fiding routes, and public transports. In this site, I am going to tell you the features of the app.
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