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Japanese Potato Croquettes: Japanese-Style Deep-Fried Panko Mashed Potato Cake Is So Delicious

Japanese fried potato cakes aka Korokke. One of the famous comfort food in Japan. A crispy Panko and savory natural sweet filling are delicious and addictive, often served as a main dish (!), Obento item, the filling for a sandwich, and Izakaya nibble.
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[Instant Pot/ Pressure Cooker/ Stovetop] NIKUJYAGA: Japanese Potato AND Pork Stew?… It’s A Side Dish

"Japanese pork and potato stew" called "Nikujaga" is not the main dish, which is a popular comfort side dish. It is not a dish to enjoy the soup although it is cooked with the Japanese basic broth. Technically, the main ingredient is potatoes. Easy to cook, quick and savory side dish for any occasion such as weeknight and weekend dinners, and gatherings.
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Easy Quick Sweet Potato Recipe In Japanese Home Cooking: Lemon Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes simmered with refreshing lemon slices often is served in vegetable side dishes, Obento items, and kaiseki cuisine in Japan. Generally, we use SATSUMAIMO, Japanese sweet potatoes, but, you can use regular sweet potatoes if it’s available. Soak sliced sweet potatoes in cold water after cutting because they’ll quickly turn black when exposed to air. Simmer the sweet potatoes over low heat for the savory sweet! sweet! potato dish. Store in the refrigerator and consume within 4-5 days. Lemon sweet potato leftovers can be turned into other dishes while mashing them to make sweet potato pie or casserole dishes.
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Simple Japanese Potato Salad: Traditional Japanese Recipe With Kewpie Mayo

Japanese potato salad, chunky mashed potatoes, cucumbers, onions, eggs, aaaaand Japanese Kewpie Mayo. Savory creamy starchy Japanese-style potato salad is so addictive. Throw in it—leftover veggies, frozen corn, or you can skip some of the ingredients—making them perfect for cozy weekday dinners or as a side in a party spread!
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