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6 + 1 Noodles You Should Eat In Nagoya, Japan (Updated)

Nagoya Japan Travel Tips & Nagoya Meshi Guide. Here is the ultimate native guide for Nagoya visitors & Foodie Travelers to tell you 6+1 Noodle Dishes must-eat. Misonikomi Udon, Taiwan Ramen, Kishimen, Teppan Spaghetti, Sugakiya.
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ESCA Underground Shopping Mall Is The Hidden Nagoya Food Thema Park

Nagoya area is full of local unique cuisine called "Nagoya Meshi", and it is very popular among Japanese people. They visit Nagoya for just tasting "Nagoya Meshi". There is the wonderland where many specialty restaurants gathered in one place, and moreover, it's just right there from Nagoya station. On this site, I am introducing where you can eat almost all kinds of Nagoya meshi.
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How To Make “Not Soggy” Stir Fry Udon Noodles; The Basic Japanese Yaki Udon And Miso Yaki Udon Recipes

How to prepare Udon noodles for Yaki Udon. How to make "NOT SOGGY" Yaki Udon. Includes the authentic Japanese flavor Yaki Udon and the unique Miso Yaki Udon recipes.
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Japanese Tomato Ketchup “Napolitan” Spaghetti Recipe For People Who Got Disappointed Once

If you have ever get disappointed with homemade Napolitan spaghetti, I tell you why. This is the ultimate recipe for Japanese food geeks to make NOT plain, soggy, and watery Napolitan spaghetti.
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Foodies! Don’t Miss These Staple Osaka Food From The Nation’s Kitchen; With Little Bit Trivia From The Japanese Guide

The nation's kitchen, The gourmet city, The foodie's city...Osaka has many nicknames because of full of delicious delicacies. The ultimate Osaka food guide from the native Japanese. With interesting trivia.
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