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Winter In Japan; Facts That You Must Know About Temperature, Snow, Traffics, Health

Things to know about Japanese winter before planning a Japan trip in the winter season. Not only how cold it is but, you should know snowing can mess your itinerary. If you want to enjoy a Japan winter trip to see beautiful snow make-up mountains, Onsen, Japanese gardens, temples, and shrines, you must read this post from the native guide.
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12 Tips In Case Typhoon Come In Japan During Traveling

The typhoon season in Japan is between July and October. While for the most part typhoons shouldn't dramatically affect your Japan trip, however, especially if you are traveling between the late summer to the fall, you have to prepare to save your life and itinerary. Here is an informative guide on how to travel during the typhoon season in Japan.
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The Useful Free Apps for traveling to Japan [2020 updated]

Want to know the latest best apps for traveling in Japan? I am going to tell you apps that you need to download for travel information, map & navigations, translation, taxi, safety alarm, and free wifi searching in Japan.
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How 5 Free Apps Save Your Life In The Events Of Natural Disaster In Japan; Download Before Traveling To Japan

Traveling to Japan? Do you think about just in case situations such as natural disasters in Japan? Not only earthquakes and tsunamis but also severe natural disasters such as typhoons, torrential rains, volcanos, and heatwaves. It is very important how to get emergency warnings and alerts as soon as possible during your trip, and I am going to tell you must-download apps to save your life in Japan. They are all FREE to download.
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