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Simple Japanese Potato Salad: Traditional Japanese Recipe With Kewpie Mayo

Japanese potato salad, chunky mashed potatoes, cucumbers, onions, eggs, aaaaand Japanese Kewpie Mayo. Savory creamy starchy Japanese-style potato salad is so addictive. Throw in it—leftover veggies, frozen corn, or you can skip some of the ingredients—making them perfect for cozy weekday dinners or as a side in a party spread!
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Japanese Unique Mayo Dishes; The Japanese People Are Obsessed With Japanese Mayonnaise

Japanese people are obsessed with Japanese Mayonnaise, actually, it is more popular than Ranch dressing in Japan. You will see many dishes used with Mayonnaise when traveling in Japan, even for traditional Japanese food such as sushi, rice balls, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki. In this site, I am introducing the Japanese staple Mayo dishes and hoping to give you hints for cooking. Also, there is a Japanese-style potato salad recipe if liked.
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Mayo-Yaki Baked Cod In Foil With Lemon

Japanese mayonnaise can bring savory creamy flavor to the plain white fish. This cooking method is great for shortening cooking time while trapping any savory flavors. You can also arrange any of your favorite herbs & spices. For thicker or heavier pieces of fish, increase cooking time. To remove the fishy taste, check out the Japanese cooking tips in this recipe. Fancy seafood dinner with very little prep.
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Atsuyaki Tamagoyaki Sando; Japanese Savory Fluffy Egg Toast Sandwich For Your Breakfast

LEARN HOW TO MAKE A JAPANESE TASTY EGG OMELET TOAST SANDWICH WITH A ROUND PAN AT HOME! Fluffy Japanese Egg omelet "Tamagoyaki: Sandwich with famous Japanese mayo and crispy brioche/Hawaiian toast bread! If you love the combination of sweet and savory recipes, you will love this breakfast sandwich to make your morning shine. Inspired by the popular Atsuyaki Tamago Sando, which originated from Kyoto, Japan. Atusyaki Tamago is not a traditional Japanese rolled egg omelet called Dashimaki Tamago/Tamago-maki, You don't need the Japanese basic ingredients to make this recipe such as Soy sauce, Mirin, Dashi broth, Tamagoyaki pan!
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Japanese TERIMAYO Shrimp Recipe: Easy, Savory, Creamy! Shrimp Stir-Fry With Teriyaki Mayonnaise

Easy 30 Minute Teriyaki Shrimp made with a homemade AUTHENTIC JAPANESE teriyaki sauce. This teriyaki shrimp stir fry is called TERIMAYO shrimp, an easy and flavorful dish that combines savory teriyaki sauce and creamy rich Japanese mayonnaise. You can change or add the vegetables as you like. It is ready in under 30 minutes (not counting making authentic teriyaki sauce), a super easy meal for a busy weeknight! Serving over rice will be perfect!
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Homemade Japanese Chunky Tartar Sauce

This easy homemade Japanese tartar sauce is better than anything (especially you're hungry) you can buy at the store. It’s creamy, refreshing, kicking, filling, and perfect for serving next to your favorite deep-fried dishes and sandwiches. Mayonnaise provides the whole balance of flavor in this tartar sauce. For the best tartar sauce, (and this recipe is made with Japanese mayo,) you've gotta try Japanese mayonnaise. Pickles add crunch and flavor to the sauce. You can use dill pickles, but I recommend switching to pickled jalapeno instead of common pickles. Japanese ginger pickles also give you a unique sweet flavor.
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3 + 1 Sauce Recipes For Japanese Pork Cutlet; Tonkatsu Sauce, Miso Sauce, Easy Aurora Sauce

Everyone is addicted to deep-fried foods. Do you want to try Japanese popular dipping sauce? Here are 3 easy recipes that you are looking for. The Japanese are obsessed with Japanese-style Worcestershire sauce aka Worcester sauce (ウスターソース) and there are many types of sauces for especially deep-fried food such as Japanese pork cutlets. Also, Nagoyan, people who live in Nagoya city, love Miso sauce! (I am from Nagoya). Lastly, super-easy Japanese Aurora sauce.
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Japan Is The Mayonnaise Wonderland; Kewpie, Ajinomoto, Kenko, And More!

Everyone knows Kewpie mayonnaise, the staple Japanese-style mayo worldwide. But do you know why Japanese mayonnaise is so good and what the differences are? There are many mayonnaise lovers in Japan and they are so proud to live in the mayonnaise wonderland, Japan. On this site, I, the native Japanese introduce not only Kewpie but also other products such as Ajinomoto, Kenko which are available on Amazon, and also, few domestic products that you can get only in Japan!
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