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Luggage Delivery Service In Japan; No Hussle With Online Booking

Traveling to Japan? Don't you want to see around Japan as soon as possible when you arrive in Japan without hauling big suitcases? Or you don't want to drag them after exhausting long flights. Here, the new service of delivery suitcases with an online booking without worrying about the language barrier, which is called "Luggage Free Travel" produced by Yamato Transport and the other two companies. You can skip to fill out a waybill, you can save time and also travel stress-free. Today I am going to explain the service and how to step into the procedure.
Travel Tips

How To Send The suitcase To The Airport From Convenience Stores In Japan

Do you know that you can send the luggage from the convenience store to the airport in Japan? BUT, If you have to send your baggage to the airport by yourself, it is a little bit complicated, especially you don't understand Japanese. I will tell you to step by step to order delivery service at convenience stores in Japan, read and print out this site for your Japan trip.
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How to send luggage to the hotel from the airport in Japan

NOT A MINIMALIST traveler? When you arrive in Japan, you can use the delivery service which is the best in the world! Just drop your suitcase at the airport and travel with hand-free! There are many stairs and people in Japan, so it will be much easier to walk around without hauling baggage. Moreover, most Shinkansen cars don't have baggage storage yet. You will be confused when you get on Shinkansen how to hold a suitcase. On this site, I will tell you about the delivery service at the airport.
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