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The Japanese Alcohol; 5 Basics Divas Want to Know About Shochu

The ultimate native guide to Japanese Shochu. It one of Japan's deep worlds worth exploring. First, Shochu is a Japanese distilled liquor that ABV is between about 25% to 40%, and it is totally different from Sake. On this site, you can know about what's shochu exactly, what made from, and the types of Shochu.
Travel Tips

Misunderstanding? Kyushu In Japan Is Really The Tropical Winter?

Kyushu is the big island in the south of the main island in Japan. South? The Winter Weather is wonderfully warm and sunny, you won't have to wear a puffer coat...If you believe it in that way, you really need to read this post. Kyushu has a complex climate throughout the island, you really need to know what the temperature like when planning to Kyushu trip. Some places are as cold as the Tohoku region, and other places are enough warm to escape Japan's cold winter.
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