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High Japan Travel Season, BUT You Will Miss Japanese Traditional & Cultural Experiences By NOT TRAVELLING In Those Seasons

Traveling to Japan? Do you know the Japanese high seasons? Cherry blossoms, sure. There are several high reasons that you have a hard time traveling around due to the crowd, and not so friendly for your budget. However, it will still worth seeing Japanese tradition, beauty and uniqueness in Japan. If you want to have authentic Japanese experiences, you should read this why you should travel to Japan even in high seasons.
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What To Wear Guide; Kiniki Region In Winter

Kinki/Kansai Region is probably the place you will visit because of home to Kyoto and Osaka. Japan in winter is cold, but climates are so different from region to region. In this post, you can know what to pack for your Japan trip to especially Kinki/Kansai region.
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6 Things Bother Japanese People By International Tourists

Going to Japan? Japan has been known as the "Hospitality" country for visitors, but there is a little controversy between Japanese people and overseas tourists in recent years. The basic of the Japanese spirit is "Consider other people" first, and might be you feel different in some situations. You are the guest to visit Japan, yet you should understand etiquette and manners to keep a comfortable relationship with each other in Japan.
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You may GET FINED if you don’t know this in KYOTO

Going to Kyoto? Kyoto is one of the iconic sightseeing spots in Japan, where it has been protecting ancient landscapes, important national treasures and traditional proud. However, misunderstanding common senses between tourists and locals have been making "tourism pollution". The one association in Kyoto sentenced the ban for taking pictures in the prohibited area. In this site, explain about the ban and troubles bothered local people by tourists.
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Why My 5 Tips To Find Flight Ticket To Japan Could Make Better Price & Better Trip

Plan for Japan Trip? Do you want to know the hacks for booking the flight ticket? I can tell 5 tips to find the ticket to make your trip cut-budget and also comfortable.
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