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Ginger syrup is actually a handy item to use in any cooking. Ginger has various health benefits like warming the body from the inside, so why not incorporate ginger or this syrup into your daily life? Spicy, zingy, but cozy! Add this authentic exotic spice kick that attracts you more than store-bought sweet ginger syrup: to your cozy hot drinks, refreshing sweet cocktails and sodas, yogurt, and ice cream! Even more, you can use this ginger syrup for cooking and baking. This post provides 2 savory salad dressing recipes for you!
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Kinkan 101: What Is kumquats fruit?

A citrus fruit called Kinkan in Japan and Kumquat in English looks like a very small orange. Its scientific name is Citrus japonica. The kumquat is a fruit belonging to the Rutaceae family and is native to China. It was introduced to Japan from China and has been used as a traditional healing practice since ancient times. Kinkan fruits are a very popular citrus fruit in Japan, and when I was a kid, I often secretly ate them in my garden.
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Why Has My Cheesecake Cracked: Crack-Proof Tips For Cheesecake

Baked Cheesecake is one of my favorite sweets to make since it is not complicated to bake, here is the easy baked chees...
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Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake Recipe For The American Standard Cake Pan Without Conversion

This is Jiggly…alas, this Japanese cotton cheesecake almost sounds "airy" Japanese cheesecake recipe-the supreme fluff ...
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Easy Japanese-style Baked Cream Cheese Cake

Enjoy the easy-step cheesecake recipe, the creamy Japanese classic you can make any time. This Japanese-baked cheesecake recipe features only a few steps and simple ingredients. It is not the famous Japanese jiggly cheesecake, but, not rich heavy new york style cheesecake. Rich, light, fluffy, enough sweet, and delicious. The key to making your cheesecake "Japanese" is using cake flour. Just be careful eating too many!
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