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Hojicha 101; Japan’s Popular Refreshing Roasted Green Tea

Hojicha is roasted green tea, yes, is made with green tea leaves. Hojicha is in low caffeine, Easy to drink, and you want to try as the next bedtime tea. Its toasty nutty aroma and flavor can relax you.
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Best Relaxing Wooden Bath Products Ideas; Japanese Hinoki Cypress

There are many ideas to make a relaxing bathroom, the wooden bath products are one of decoration style. Japanese "Hinoki" cypress is popular wood in Japan and frequently is used as bath products. The cypress has high effectiveness for water-resistance, anti-bacterias and insects, odor deodorant. Besides, its aroma is well known to reduce stress. Find the best Hinoki bath accessories in this post.
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Japanese Persimmons 101

Diospyros kaki, Japanese persimmon is a traditional and popular fall fruit in Japan. Today, not only in Asia but also in Europe and the US, "Kaki" has been getting popular. However, you may have a terrible memory for its astringency taste. Actually, persimmons have two types, which are sweet ones and astringent ones. Read this, you can know all about Japanese persimmons!
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The Japanese Alcohol; 5 Basics Divas Want to Know About Shochu

The ultimate native guide to Japanese Shochu. It one of Japan's deep worlds worth exploring. First, Shochu is a Japanese distilled liquor that ABV is between about 25% to 40%, and it is totally different from Sake. On this site, you can know about what's shochu exactly, what made from, and the types of Shochu.
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What Your Japan Trip Would Be Like When You Use My Experience Of The Local Yakitori Izakaya In Nagoya

Do you want to use my experience of Japanese local small Yakitori Izakaya for your future travel to Japan? The nicest thing to go to the local small Izakaya is "social distance" is very close. It is really fun to make friends with great food and drinks. I like local small izakayas and today want to share my experience at the local yakitori izakaya in Nagoya, 2020. Read this and get some hints about Japanese Izakaya.
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Nagoya Meshi Guide; Teppan Spaghetti Report

The unique Japanese food guide & report. Nagoya Meshi is well-known as one of the unique local Japanese cuisine. It's Nagoya-style Napolitan spaghetti. Tried at Kissaten in Nagoya, Japan.
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Foodies! Don’t Miss These Staple Osaka Food From The Nation’s Kitchen; With Little Bit Trivia From The Japanese Guide

The nation's kitchen, The gourmet city, The foodie's city...Osaka has many nicknames because of full of delicious delicacies. The ultimate Osaka food guide from the native Japanese. With interesting trivia.
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The Japanese Canned Chu-Hi Guide; Chu-Hi Kudasai!

Simply, the Japanese canned Chu-Hi guide. Three major brands from Takara, Kirin, and Suntory. Canned Chu-Hi is almost more common daily drinks rather than canned beers in Japan! The flavors are countless, easy--drink, must-try alcoholic drinks when you visit Japan.
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Why the Simple Way To Get Takeout Coffee At Convenience Stores Save Your Time In Japan

Do you know you can buy tasty coffee at convenience stores in Japan? Do you want to know how to order it? It is very simple but if you don't know, you will not know forever. Especially overseas visitors, there is no explanation to order it. You need to have a conversation a little, but if you know, you don't need to bother to find Starbucks or Macdonald's. I will explain it thoroughly and introduce the drink menu too in case you want to know in this article.