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Japanese people

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Culture, Etiquettes

Things Japanese people do at Christmas time

Christmas in Japan is very much different from other countries. First of all, for Japanese people, it is an annual event to have fun rather than a religious day. Moreover, Christmas is for couples to spend a romantic time together. It is also the season to see spectacular winter illuminations! In this site, I am going to tell you things Japanese people do at Christmas time generally.
Culture, Etiquettes

Things I wonder when I go back to my country, Japan

What will you wonder when you travel to Japan for the first time? What did you think about Japan on your trip? I am 100% Japanese and realize things impressed or strange that I didn't notice during living in Japan. In this site, I am talking about things I was surprised every time I go back to Japan.
Culture, Etiquettes

7 tips you should know about communication with Japanese people in English

Do you know many tourists have trouble communicating with the Japanese in English? Japanese people hardly speak English and very shy. I will tell you what you can do for communication without misunderstanding each other.
travel tips

8 ways What you can do if you get lost in Japan

Have you ever got in lost in a foreign county? It is very scary if you can not understand the local language. Using google map? it is one of the resolutions. I will tell you 8 ways what you can do when you get lost in Japan.
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