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Napa (Chinese) Cabbage 101 In Japanese Cooking; Nutrition, Shopping and Storage Tips, Recipes

Napa cabbage is the type of Chinese cabbage and called "Hakusai" in Japan. It's the popular winter veggie (in Japan) and it can't be called Japanese hot pot without it. (kidding.) It contains mostly water (low-cal, low-carb) but is rich in Vitamin C, K, and potassium. Moreover, it's one of the handy veggies to cook for salad, stir-fry, saute, soup, stew...between crispy texture to melty texture. Read this post to know health benefits, the shopping, store, and cooking tips.
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Easy Sweet Miso Soup Recipe For Kids, Beginners, Working Parents: How To Make Miso Soup With Homemade Miso Sauce

Looking for some miso soup inspiration that’s simple, delicious, and just feels good to eat? Look no further! This miso soup recipe is needed in your list of “go-to” soups. You can make Miso soup in 10 minutes when using homemade miso sauce. It's a little sweet miso soup without adding soy sauce or actual miso paste, but still rich taste.
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Looking for something different from Mexican and Italian dishes using leftovers? Turn your leftover pork roast into a savory flavourful Japanese mixed rice called TAKIKOMI GOHAN, which is made of dashi broth, soy sauce, meat, and vegetables. This is one of the traditional popular comfort food in Japan, oyster sauce gives it a little twist. Chopped cilantro/green onion or sesame seeds give it color and flavor. I use pork shoulder roasts this time, but you can use any type of roast. Even, you can add uncooked meat of course. Don’t waste time cooking leftovers! Instant pot will be your saver! Chop up all ingredients, rinse the rice, and ready set go. When you make ONIGIRI rice balls with this savory Japanese mixed rice, no one can notice it’s made of leftover meat. It absolutely looks fancy, go for a party or holiday dinner.
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What’s Hondashi Powder

Do you know how to use "HONDASHI" powder? Is HONDASHI powder is same as the dashi powder? -As you know, dashi is a key stock of most Japanese cooking. Simple gentle ingredients but flavorful. Typically, it's made from natural ingredients such as dried bonito, dashi kelp, dried fish, dried mushroom ... With Ajinomoto Hondashi, you can easily and instantly make real soup stock at home
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Homemade Natto Sauce; Japanese Home Cooking Recipe After Making Homemade Natto

Natto sauce is the special sauce for Natto. Better than dressing natto using soy sauce only. The Natto sauce tastes exactly the same as the small packet in the natto package. Moreover, you can make authentic natto sauce in just 10 minutes. After making homemade natto beans at home, you will need homemade Natto sauce next! You can make the authentic sweet, rich umami-flavored Natto sauce in just 10 minutes using Hondashi powder. Since Natto sauce is packed with Umami flavor, it is not only for Natto, but also other dishes such as sushi, gyoza dumplings, tofu, and for seasoning stir-fry.
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Tempura Dipping Sauce With Hondashi Powder

Japanese traditional Tempura Dipping Sauce. Sweet, and savory, rich Dashi flavor. It goes really well with crispy shrimp or vegetable tempura. Also, this authentic Tempura sauce can be used for Soba noodle soup, Udon noodle soup, Osumashi soup, etc… Super-easy to make while using Hondashi powder. Ready in 5 minutes! Mirin? No need! You can serve the dipping sauce for Tempura in hot/ cold.
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Atsuyaki Tamagoyaki Sando; Japanese Savory Fluffy Egg Toast Sandwich For Your Breakfast

LEARN HOW TO MAKE A JAPANESE TASTY EGG OMELET TOAST SANDWICH WITH A ROUND PAN AT HOME! Fluffy Japanese Egg omelet "Tamagoyaki: Sandwich with famous Japanese mayo and crispy brioche/Hawaiian toast bread! If you love the combination of sweet and savory recipes, you will love this breakfast sandwich to make your morning shine. Inspired by the popular Atsuyaki Tamago Sando, which originated from Kyoto, Japan. Atusyaki Tamago is not a traditional Japanese rolled egg omelet called Dashimaki Tamago/Tamago-maki, You don't need the Japanese basic ingredients to make this recipe such as Soy sauce, Mirin, Dashi broth, Tamagoyaki pan!
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Good-Bye, Mushy Stir-Fried Udon Noodles; The Ultimate Recipes Of YAKIUDON With Two Sauce

Popular Izakaya menu internationally, Japanese stir-fried Udon noodles, Yaki Udon is an easy & delicious meal loaded with vegetables, mushrooms, and your choice of protein, with rich soy-sauce based sauce. In Japan, Yaki Udon is more likely the staple easy lunch that mothers often cook. Yes, it's quite easy. To avoid making "mushy" Yaki Udon, prepare noodles with my tips, add a moderate volume of vegetables (not too much), and make the stir-fry sauce before cooking.
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Only 3 Step Healthy Snack! Quick, Easy, Super Healthy Yamitsuki Cabbage With Sesame Oil

"Yamitsuki" means "addictive" in Japanese, "Yamitsuki Cabbage" is one of the popular nibbles at Izakayas and Japanese BBQ restaurants. You can bring Asian breeze of the table by making this easy, quick, and healthy snack. As the name, you can't stop eating once you have the first bite. "Sesame Oil" is the essential ingredient for "Yamitsuki Cabbage". If you want to get your fams impressed, read this. Only 3 step recipe.
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How To Make Spicy “Menma”: How To Cook Canned Bamboo Shoots For Ramen Topping

LEARN HOW TO MAKE MENMA BAMBOO SHOOTS FOR RAMEN TOPPING IN THE JAPANESE WAY! The easy recipe uses canned bamboo shoots to make Menma for ramen topping. Just simmer bamboo sliced shoots until the sauce is reduced. To prepare canned bamboo shoots, drain the juice and rinse thoroughly in freshwater before use.
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[Edited] Super Crispy Japanese Karaage Chicken Recipe 2; The Rice Flour Magic

LEARN HOW TO MAKE CRISPY AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FRIED CHICKEN (THIGHS)! This is the one of Karaage chicken that's perfect for those who love authentic Karaage chicken (without sauce) and for those who love crispy juicy fried chicken. There are many cooking videos & recipes to make Japanese 'Karaage' chicken, but my secret recipe uses rice flour (not potato starch), lets the coating moistens, and double-fry. All tips I shared in this post can make the fried chicken super-crispy.
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