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Hokkaido & Tohoku

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Culture, Etiquette

What Is Tetsubin-The Japanese Traditional Cast Iron Kettle

A nostalgic Japanese cast-iron kettle is called "Tetsubin" - not a teapot- has been popular both in Japan and overseas. Like other ironware, Tetsunin has tough, keeping heat, and it can change the taste of water dramatically. Read this post, and find out what tetsubin is exactly, how to use and maintain it.
Travel Tips

Tohoku Winter Travel Guide; Basic Ideas Of Temperatures, Outfits

Check out Tohoku region in Japan located in the north of the main island. Unique culture, beautiful landscape, great Onsen towns. It's cold but Tohoku region is most attractive in winter. Here is the guide about Tohoku's winter, weather, what to wear, and a mini-guide where to visit.
Travel Tips

What You Should Wear For Hokkaido In Winter, Japan

The informative guide on what to pack for the Hokkaido trip in winter vacation. Don't miss the winter wardrobe for traveling to the coldest area in Japan!
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