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Heatstroke In Japan; How To Prevent Heat Stroke During Traveling In Japan’s Summer Season

After the rainy season in June, the weather will be rapidly hot and humid from July through September. Especially, in July and August, the hottest season in Japan, you really need to be careful of heat stroke and heat-related illness. There are many patients transported to hospitals every summer, read heatstroke prevention tips if you think about the summer trip to Japan.
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Japanese Tea 101; Side Effects Of Barley Tea

Barley tea is very healthy, rich in minerals, and has a refreshing taste. Refreshing barley tea before and after training and bathing, especially during the summer season, can protect your body from overheating, which can cause heatstroke and heat shock. To reap the most benefits, avoid drinking more than 2 liters of tea a day. Barley tea is safe, read this post and get to know about healthy tea more.
Food & Drinks

Japanese Tea 101; Start The Barley Tea Life For Wellness

Learn more about Barley Tea, its uses health benefits, and how to brew barley tea at home. Barley tea is the common summer drink in Japan, not only its natty but clear taste but also has many health benefits such as heatstroke prevention. If you looking for a new type of tea for your healthy life, learn barley tea in this post!
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Japanese Bathing Tips: Incorporating Self Care Management For Working Divas

Japanese bathing ritual offers more than surface benefits, which the ancient Japanese bathing tradition is perfect to soothe working divas. In this post, informative bathing tips depends on your concerns such as fatigue, stiff neck and shoulders, back pain, better sleep...Self-care is not selfish. Incorporate the Japanese Bathing Culture for tomorrow.
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6 Periods to avoid traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan? Do you know 6 periods to avoid traveling to Japan? Better consider avoiding certain periods and seasons in Japan before making your plan. Trust me, I am a Japanse and don't go back to these periods if I could, especially the Golden week and New Year's holiday. What is Golden Week? If you want to know I will tell you here about 4 long holidays and 2 seasons that you don't want to travel to Japan.
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What you must know about the Summer Heatwave in Japan

Do you know what the weather like in the Japanese summer season? It is dangerously hot! Literally, Dangerous if you don't learn about Japanese hot summer. Before you leave for Japan, read this and save your life.
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