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Things to do

Tanigumisan Kegonji – The Last Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage Destination; My Secret Temple In Gifu, Japan

This temple is well-known as the last destination of the pilgrimage for local people, maybe not for international visitors much. Gifu prefecture is already recognized as a hidden sightseeing spot, moreover, this temple is also a hidden gem in the hidden prefecture. It is not suitable for the first Japan trip, but just reading my post is fun to know about the temple.
Travel Tips

Winter Essentials For The Central “Chubu” Region; Tokai Area, Shizuoka, Nagano

Choosing the right winter outfits for your Japan travel to keep you warm but adjustable layers. The central region in the main island is quite large so winter outfits differ depends on your itinerary. In this post, you can see average temperatures in each prefecture and ultimate winter essentials tips!
Food & Drinks

Homemade Japanese Dried Persimmons; Drying Steps, Health Benefits, Storage Tips

The informative guide about Japanese traditional dried persimmons. In this site, you can learn how to make with ultimate tips and its health benefits.
Things to do

Things To Do In Mino City, Gifu, Japan; The Memorable, Peaceful, Historical Town

Things to do in Gifu? Visit Mino city located in the center of Gifu surrounded by great nature. The city is famous for Mino Washi Paper selected in UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Stroll around "Udatsu no Agaru" historical district, get relaxation from soft warm lantern lights made of Mino washi paper. Stylish cafe, Kawaii Mino washi shopping, and great views from the hill.
Culture, Etiquette

The Aesthetic Washi Paper As Japanese Tradition

The beautiful Japanese traditional paper - known as Washi (和紙) is thin, strong, soft, absorbent, and long-lasting giving a simple warmth. Making-washi paper has about 1,300 years of history and its impressive craftmanship is worth knowing as world heritage. This is the informative guide to get to know Washi paper more than those as "washi tape".

Nagoya Japan Travel Guide; Chubu Centrair International Airport

The 5-star regional airport, the gateway to the central region of Japan, Nagoya, Gifu, Mie, Nagano...Here is the informative guide about Nagoya Int'l Airport. Airport shuttle, how to get to Nagoya, activities in the airport & Tokoname city, and hotels.
Japan Rail Pass

Public transportations around Nagoya, Japan

Traveling around Nagoya, Japan? Nagoya has great public transportation networks to make your trip easy and satisfying. It is very possible to make a day-trip to the surroundings to see the countryside of Japan. Even inside of Nagoya, subways & city buses covers the whole city. To learn about public transportations in the Nagoya area, the site will help you to give hints for the itinerary.
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