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The Heart Of Japanese Fermented Food, Koji Rice| How To Make Shio-Koji

Shio koji, the Japanese fermented condiments made of grain koji, water, and salt. Mix them and fermented the mixture at room temperature until the mixture thickens on a sweet, funky aroma. Rich nutrition, and rich Umami flavor. Shio-koji is a versatile condiment for stir-fry, making pickled vegetables, and marinade sauce to tenderize the meat and reduce the fishy flavor of fish.
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AVOCADO AND CREAM CHEESE Great For MISOZUKE| Effortless Pressed Sushi Recipe

Marinate avocado in miso! It's an unexpected combination, but the rich buttery creamy flavor will be enhanced and goes well with not only the avocado but also rice and Japanese sake. “Pressed sushi” called Oshizushi is a traditional type of sushi, which literally made by pressing sushi rice and ingredients in a container. Aesthetic, this block-shaped sushi can be an eye-catching dish at a party. Moreover, it is effortless, and super-easy to make even if you've never tried making sushi. Since this recipe is used Misozuke avocado and cream cheese, so I skip seasoning the sushi rice.
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Japanese Pickles With Shio Koji Is An Easy And Healthy Idea For Vegetable Side Dish

Traditional Japanese TSUKEMONO, packed with sweet and delicious natural flavor. Since this recipe is used semi-dried cucumber and carrots, these koji zuke pickles have a unique crunchy texture without a bold watery taste.
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Ladies! Eat Natto Every Day; The Japanese Super Food Can Bring Natural Health & Beauty

Why Japanese traditional superfood can bring you many health benefits? Especially for ladies, natto can improve your health & beauty. What are nutritions? What are good for you? When & how much should you eat Natto? All about Natto health benefits you should know is in this post!
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Holy Cow! Easy-Cheesy How To Make Homemade Natto Beans Without Starter Spores

Natto beans are the Japanese traditional super healthy food to eat daily! Generally, you can get natto at any Asian grocery store, but you can save money and eat homemade fresh Natto every day using my easy homemade natto recipe; without a starter, use the instant pot for the whole process.
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MISOZUKE: How To Make Japanese Pickles With Miso

If you want to add more quick pickles recipes, then these miso pickles are coming next to try at home. Japanese pickles are mostly salty! so as MISOZUKE. To avoid salty MISOZUKE pickles, choose sweet miso paste and check out the pickling process every 3 hours. Also, cut vegetables into a large size or don't cut them! I love my MISODOKO (the pickling “bed", the mix for pickling) for providing traditional Japanese (salty) food to my kitchen! (Oh, I've been missing WASHOKU at my home in Japan. ) You don't need attention every day – not just like NUKADOKO. Just mix your choice of Miso paste, sugar, and Sake. Enjoy probiotic-rich, fragrant pickles to accompany rice, salad, and Japanese Sake.
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Shio Lemon Sour: Lemon Sour Recipe With Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Looking for a new lemon sour? Citrusy Salty Bitter Preserved (Pickled) Lemon. Traditional Morrocan lemon and Traditional Japanese lemon sour meet together. When lemons are ripe and ready for making a preserved lemon, it’s the time! Easy to make preserved lemon-only two ingredients, lemons and salt.
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Japanese Miso Paste 101: Discover Types Of Miso Paste

Miso is a traditional Japanese condiment with a rich flavor and this unique paste we always have on hand today worldwide. It’s versatile, provides incredible umami flavor, and is rich in probiotics. (Yes, miso is the fermented food!) You know there are red, yellow, mixed, white, sweet, dry...whatever they call types of miso. So, I will a little deeper dive into Japanese miso paste, including different types by several points.
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