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Izakaya At Home! Japanese Staple Chicken Gizzards “SUNAGIMO” Nibbles Recipes

My top 3 chicken gizzards finger food recipes for Home Izakaya. Whether you’re throwing a party or planning ahead for an Izakaya date at home, these nibbles will win by authentic Japanese SUNAGIMO recipes that you can’t get anywhere else. We love its texture, so we even don’t try to tenderize it. Chicken gizzards are so reasonable and have addictive textures. These recipes are also super-easy to make.
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Easy Japanese Pork Recipe; How To Make Crispy Japanese Pork Cutlet

A crispy Panko breaded fried Japanese pork cutlet. This Pork Tonkatsu recipe is simple, easy, crispy, tender, and delicious! Using Japanese Panko, Crispy on the outside, and juicy and tender inside. Serve with Homemade Tonkatsu sauce or homemade Nagoya-style miso sauce.
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Classic Japanese Karaage Chicken Recipe: How To Make It Crispy

The classic Karaage Chicken recipe- everyone can make Japanese-style fried chicken at home. Crispy and juicy, it's sure to be a family favorite. Despite there's no need for a long marinade in buttermilk like classic fried chicken, yet, I recommend marinating the chicken in buttermilk, Shio-koji, or the baking powder solution, especially when using chicken breast meat. The two-step coating process can bring the best crispy Karaage chicken, besides using cake flour instead of all-purpose flour. (and mix starch.)
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Ebi Fry| Crispy Panko Deep-Fried Shrimp

Panko deep-fried shrimp, also known as “Ebi Furai” in Japanese, is one of the top-ranked in the most popular foods. Certainly, just deep-fry breaded shrimps in the vegetable oil. to be stand out because of the simple recipe, you need to know my Japanese cooking tips such as prepping shrimps, deep-frying, and also a recipe for Japanese Tartar sauce.
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How To Make Authentic Shrimp Tempura , Not Fritter, With Tempura Batter Mix

Light Crispy, Shrimp Tempura with a delicate, flaky batter made of the tempura batter mix. This is the easiest way to make AUTHENTIC JAPANESE TEMPURA, which is away from fritter-like fluffy, greasy, heavy, thick, crunchy tempura-like shrimp. Shrimp tempura has been a staple of traditional Japanese cuisine as well as Sushi. The aesthetically delicate, light, and crisp batter is the perfect match for seafood and vegetables. Don't get me wrong, I like fluffy fritters and crunchy coating like COSTCO tempura shrimp, yet, Japanese authentic tempura should be light and crispy. Use Japanese tempura mix, it's no shame!
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How To Make Tempura Batter Without The Mix AND The Ultimate Guide Of Tempura Cooking Tips

Here are simple substitute recipes for Tempura batter mix that allows you to be able to make crispy Tempura. When mastering how to mix batter and what you should be concerned about frying, you can easily enjoy crispy tempura without tempura batter mix. (Contrary, using tempura batter mix can easily make crispy tempura without these tips.) You can make crispy tempura batter using the ingredients you already have- Wheat flour and starch.
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Easy Steps: Japanese “Nagoya”-style Chicken Wings

Japanese-style chicken wings are the staple Izakaya menu- crispy and peppery, non-teriyaki sauce. Nagoya-style chicken wings are popular local food in Japan, which is coated with Teriyaki sauce after double-fried. Addictive sticky and crispy chicken wings! Easy steps with tips.
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