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Japanese Cooking Hack: What’s Otoshibuta Drop Lid Used For And Why

Otoshibuta-a inner lid/ drop lid is a popular kitchen tool in the Japanese kitchen, which can help to simmer dishes effectively & quickly. The drop lid prevents food from breaking up and transfers flavors of a broth quickly & evenly without stirring. Also, it prevents the dish from drying. There are adjustable stainless steel lids, silicone, and wooden drop lid in the Amazon market, read this post and get to know about Otoshibuta.
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Become A Sake Connoisseur: HIREZAKE 101

If you're a Sake connoisseur, you've already talked about "Hirezake" or "Kotsuzake" which is one of the unique ways to ...
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[Instant Pot] How To Make Fluffy Sticky Rice Like You’re The Japanese

Learn how to cook white rice (short, medium, and long grain rice) perfectly every time in easy few steps. It's the absolutely foolproof rice-cooking way and I'll never back to the rice cooker! Fluffy, sweet, delicious, easy, and quick. You can use your instant pot or your pressure cooker. If you've considered buying a rice cooker, get an Instant pot rather than it.
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Quick & Easy, Only 13 Minutes You Need; How To Use TWINBIRD Sake Warmer Set

Best selling electric sake warmer set, TWINBIRD Portable Atsukan Machine is a cool item for those who need the easiest way to make delicious hot sake at home. You just need an outlet and 13 minutes. You can choose 4 levels of temperature, piping hot/hot/warm/lukewarm. The only negative point of this product is no English translation! (oh my.) So, I am here to help you with the perfect instruction free.
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The Masu Sake Cup; The Unique Japanese Sake Serving Style, How To Enjoy It?

The masu sake cup is a square (made of wood or plastics) box used as a sake drinking culture. Even it is already unique to drink Japanese sake out of it, but also there are unique serving ways and drinking rituals. Yes, sounds like the Japanese, right? This guide tells you what's exactly the masu cup and how to drink Sake from it.
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How To Clean Japanese Wooden Sake Ware

When picking up the traditional cool wooden sake set such as the Masu cup, a carafe, and cute little "Ochoko" cups, that you bought, you may get a little worried about how to use & clean them. This post tells you the important steps for using, cleaning, and storing.
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6 Facts About Why I Like Sodastream; Save Money And Earth

I have been waiting to introduce my "Sodastream" love for long, and finally, I got ready to tell you how much I love it. This site is not telling you like that you must buy one or which models you must buy, bra bra bra. I just want to show how SodaStream works for my life. If you consider buying a soda maker and want to know about SodaStream, I can share my Sodastream love with you.
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These Care Tips Save Your Hinoki Wood Cutting Board Life Longer

How do you maintain the wooden cutting board? What do you do to last it long? A Hinoki cutting board is popular among cooking enthusiasts because of water resistance, anti-bacterial and deodorant effects, and knife-friendly and wrist-friendly. Besides, its relaxing scent leads you to enjoy cooking more. It's the best cutting board for beginners and professionals. Leaning clean and care tips are essential for saving a wooden cutting board life. Here is the ultimate guide with before&after use.
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