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Culture, Etiquette

6 Things Bother Japanese People By International Tourists

Going to Japan? Japan has been known as the "Hospitality" country for visitors, but there is a little controversy between Japanese people and overseas tourists in recent years. The basic of the Japanese spirit is "Consider other people" first, and might be you feel different in some situations. You are the guest to visit Japan, yet you should understand etiquette and manners to keep a comfortable relationship with each other in Japan.
Culture, Etiquette

Japanese Shopping Etiquette Tips; The Native Guide Tells You Basics

Japan is one of the countries that people care about manners and etiquette in their lifestyle. If you plan to visit Japan, you may concern about the Japanese complex manners and etiquette in each situation. But, don't worry too much! Read this and be calm. Today, I am going to tell you about shopping etiquette tips for you.
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10 Best Japanese Bottled Unsweetened Teas

Japanese unsweetened green tea not only quenches your thirst but also has a refreshing taste and aroma. Until you are getting used to the taste, Japanese authentic tea maybe a little bitter but you will notice its clear aftertaste! The bottled unsweetened tea market is so competing so you will be confused about which to buy in Japan. In this site, you can see 10 best bottled unsweetened tea even from not only the green tea to other traditional teas.
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The Japanese Canned Chu-Hi Guide; Chu-Hi Kudasai!

Simply, the Japanese canned Chu-Hi guide. Three major brands from Takara, Kirin, and Suntory. Canned Chu-Hi is almost more common daily drinks rather than canned beers in Japan! The flavors are countless, easy--drink, must-try alcoholic drinks when you visit Japan.
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What The Local Expert Is Saying Tips To Cut Budget For Japan Trip

Are you putting the Japan trip behind the basket list for your travel? Not only for Japan, but International travel is also sucking your cost. Luckily, I go back to Japan every year, and nop, cheap. But not so much different travel to Europe from the US, because I know how to cut the budget and use money smartly. I have lots of local real information that I want to share. Start saving money for the Japan trip today.
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Why the Simple Way To Get Takeout Coffee At Convenience Stores Save Your Time In Japan

Do you know you can buy tasty coffee at convenience stores in Japan? Do you want to know how to order it? It is very simple but if you don't know, you will not know forever. Especially overseas visitors, there is no explanation to order it. You need to have a conversation a little, but if you know, you don't need to bother to find Starbucks or Macdonald's. I will explain it thoroughly and introduce the drink menu too in case you want to know in this article.
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Bring Reusable Shopping Bags For Japan Trip; You Need To Pay For Plastic Bags At All Retail Stores Across Japan

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The Ultimate Guide Of Japanese Canned Beers; What You Need To Know About Types and Brands Of Canned Beer

Japan is the hidden beer consume country, there are many kinds of canned beer products. Top 4 brands are Asahi, Kirin, Suntory, and Sapporo. These companies sell not only full-fledged beers but also Happousyu (law-malt beer) and the third beer (beer-taste beverages) and non-alcoholic beer-taste beverages. Today, I am going to introduce 19! Nineteen brands of canned beer include happoushu, the third beers, and non-alcoholic beers.
Food & Drinks

Japanese Chilled Cup Cafe Latte; 5 Mt.RAINIER Series You Need To Try In Japan

In Japan, canned coffee, bottled coffee, and chilled cup coffee are very common as "to-go" drinks. Japanese people run to convenience stores, drug stores or grocer stores to buy "to-go" drinks rather than running to coffee shops or cafes. There is a wide range of cafe drinks called "chilled cup" products, and the "Mt Rainier", produced by Morinaga Milk Industry has been leading in the "chilled cup" drink market for over 25 years. It can be one of the Japanese experiences to try some chilled cup products during the Japan trip. Take a peak the most popular chilled cup cafe latte in this site.
Food & Drinks

The Favorite Mayo Dishes In Japan; The Japanese People Are Obsessed With Japanese Mayonnaise

Japanese people are obsessed with Japanese Mayonnaise, actually, it is more popular than Ranch dressing in Japan. You will see many dishes used with Mayonnaise when traveling in Japan, even for traditional Japanese food such as sushi, rice balls, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki. In this site, I am introducing the Japanese staple Mayo dishes and hoping to give you hints for cooking. Also, there is a Japanese-style potato salad recipe if liked.
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How To Send The suitcase To The Airport From Convenience Stores In Japan

Do you know that you can send the luggage from the convenience store to the airport in Japan? BUT, If you have to send your baggage to the airport by yourself, it is a little bit complicated, especially you don't understand Japanese. I will tell you to step by step to order delivery service at convenience stores in Japan, read and print out this site for your Japan trip.
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The Basic Japan Travel Tip; How To Withdraw Money From ATM

This is the perfect guide to ATMs to withdraw cash during the Japan trip. To use ATMs in Japan is really simple; if you know where ATMs are available in English, and only two places you need to know. All information about withdrawing money is right here.
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How to send luggage to the hotel from the airport in Japan

NOT A MINIMALIST traveler? When you arrive in Japan, you can use the delivery service which is the best in the world! Just drop your suitcase at the airport and travel with hand-free! There are many stairs and people in Japan, so it will be much easier to walk around without hauling baggage. Moreover, most Shinkansen cars don't have baggage storage yet. You will be confused when you get on Shinkansen how to hold a suitcase. On this site, I will tell you about the delivery service at the airport.
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8 ways What you can do if you get lost in Japan

Have you ever got in lost in a foreign county? It is very scary if you can not understand the local language. Using google map? it is one of the resolutions. I will tell you 8 ways what you can do when you get lost in Japan.
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