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Food & Recipes

TAKE A PEEK INTO JAPANESE PANTRY: Glass Noodles AND Harusame Salad Recipe

Japanese Glass Noodle Salad (Harusame Salad) is a simple, vinegary, savory fresh noodle dish that can bring an unusual international side dish to your kitchen. Quick-cooking of glass noodles, which soaking glass noodles in boiled water for 4 minutes, drain, rinse and cut. Add your favorite protein and vegetables. Great served chilled. Glass noodles are a common food in Asian cuisine, and it is called "Harusame" in Japanese. Japanese Harusame noodles are mainly made of potato starch. Harusame salad is also a popular salad menu in Japan- it's refreshing and addictive with sesame oil and soy sauce-based dressing. You can use Mung Bean Thread Vermicelli instead, but not rice noodles if you care about calories.
Food & Recipes

[INSTANT POT / Pressure Cook RECIPE] Easy Homemade Pork Broth (Light & Sweet)

Gentle, clear, sweet, and incredibly flavorful pork bone broth to make at home. Using pork neck bones in pressure cooking can bring easy and quick rich pork broth. Also, you can learn how to prepare (clean) pork neck bones.
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Home Izakaya! How To Make Japanese Style Lemon Sour

Craving for a refreshing lemon cocktail? But, away from the stylish sweet one? Here's the Japanese Izakaya style dry Lemon sour recipe. Fresh lemons infused in Shochu or vodka (need ABV right?) brings a tangy zing to this classic Japanese popular Izakaya drink! Making frozen lemon flesh ice, it'll never be watery. Super-easy to make, better to try this summer! Since it is dry lemon sour, it goes perfectly with Japanese cuisine.
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My Home Izakaya; Make IZAKAYA COCKTAILS With Homemade Lemon Syrup

Japanese-style lemon sour is a popular Izakaya cocktail. Some are non-sweet (sometimes it's called Chu-Hi") and others are added lemon (or sugar) syrup. I made homemade lemon syrup (accidentally). It's simple, easy, only 2 ingredients (lemons & sugar), no cooking and no adding water.