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[Edited] Super Crispy Japanese Karaage Chicken Recipe 2: The Rice Flour Magic

LEARN HOW TO MAKE CRISPY AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FRIED CHICKEN (THIGHS)! This is the one of Karaage chicken that's perfect for those who love authentic Karaage chicken (without sauce) and for those who love crispy juicy fried chicken. Gather around my friends. It’s time to tuck into some serious Japanese-style soul food. You're going to love how crispy and flavorful Japanese KARAAGE CHICKEN is! Marinate chicken in soy sauce-based seasonings, and coat them with rice flour. Fry coated chicken at 320F, and double-dry them at 350F.
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Japanese Hot Pot Recipe: Easy Chicken Meat Ball Nabe

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Izakaya At Home! Japanese Staple Chicken Gizzards “SUNAGIMO” Nibbles Recipes

My top 3 chicken gizzards finger food recipes for Home Izakaya. Whether you’re throwing a party or planning ahead for an Izakaya date at home, these nibbles will win by authentic Japanese SUNAGIMO recipes that you can’t get anywhere else. We love its texture, so we even don’t try to tenderize it. Chicken gizzards are so reasonable and have addictive textures. These recipes are also super-easy to make.
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Easy Authentic Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Recipe: Oven-Baked Thighs AND Wings

Tender skinless chicken thighs and party chicken wings. Glazed with beautiful savory traditional Japanese teriyaki sauce. Authentic Teriyaki Chicken in an authentic way and makes it absolutely addictive! This is THE BEST ANY store-bought teriyaki sauce, with non-twisted flavor, I can guarantee to bring you authentic Japanese teriyaki chicken. Moreover, it’s a super easy recipe for holidays, family, neighbors’ parties!
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Creative! Chicken Yakitori Leftovers Recipes

No more headache, no more waste. Don't you want to have another summer grilling weekend after cleaning leftover Chicken Yakitori in your fridge? The Japanese don't like the waste of food. Here are Japanese home cooking recipes to good to use leftover grilled chicken up. Read this post and find your inspiration!
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Classic Japanese Karaage Chicken Recipe: How To Make It Crispy

The classic Karaage Chicken recipe- everyone can make Japanese-style fried chicken at home. Crispy and juicy, it's sure to be a family favorite. Despite there's no need for a long marinade in buttermilk like classic fried chicken, yet, I recommend marinating the chicken in buttermilk, Shio-koji, or the baking powder solution, especially when using chicken breast meat. The two-step coating process can bring the best crispy Karaage chicken, besides using cake flour instead of all-purpose flour. (and mix starch.)
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The Best Way To Use Leftover Chicken: How To Make Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap At Home

Craving for Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps? A quick -less than 30 minutes! easy, and delicious dinner that you can use up roast/ grilled chicken leftovers! I'll share all my cooking tips and make you an Asian cooking chef, better than the beloved dish from local Chinese food. Not greasy at all, has lots of veggies, (actually, half of the ingredients are vegetables!), and so addictive. To make this tasty stir-fry dish, preparation is important. Be sure all set, and combine the sauce before cooking!
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Classic Japanese GYOZA Dumpling AND Gyoza Sauce Recipe

Iconic golden crispy on the bottom, pretty pleats on the top, moreover, savory juicy inside. This classic Japanese pan-fried dumplings called Gyoza recipe serves up a popular weekend meal as well as a great appetizer for the party! No way you can compare homemade gyoza dumplings with take-out Gyoza from Japanese-like oriental restaurants or frozen chicken potstickers!
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