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Houjicha 101; Japan’s Popular Refreshing Roasted Green Tea

Japanese green tea is well-known as its health benefits and high-relaxation effect, how about if green tea is roasted? Because of the chemical of the roasting process, roasted green tea aka Hojicha has less caffeine, less astringency flavor, even gain rich toasty flavor and naturally sweet flavor. Read this site to know about Hojicha, health benefits, and how to make.
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The Simple But New Taste “Ocha Wari”: Discover Japanese Green Tea Cocktails

Here are great cocktail recipes you should add to your home bar. Get inspiration for new favorites. Make your own classic but mysterious green tea cocktail recipes. Bottoms up!
Travel Tips

The Useful Guide; 7 Tips Make Your First Japan Trip Perfect Before Leaving

Planning to travel to Japan? Is it your first time? Are you sure you are collecting the right information to make your first Japan trip perfect? I am a frequent traveler to Japan and I can tell what you need to prepare things before leaving with 7 tips.
Travel Tips

Heatstroke In Japan; How To Prevent Heat Stroke During Traveling In Japan’s Summer Season

After the rainy season in June, the weather will be rapidly hot and humid from July through September. Especially, in July and August, the hottest season in Japan, you really need to be careful of heat stroke and heat-related illness. There are many patients transported to hospitals every summer, read heatstroke prevention tips if you think about the summer trip to Japan.
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The Correct Way Bathing Practices; Do And Don’ts

The basics of the correct way to taking a bath at home for your relaxation and health. Bathing is well-known for self-care practices, but do you know you can lead to negative effects if you do wrong bathing. This is the ultimate guide to take a bath properly.
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Japanese Tea 101; Start The Barley Tea Life For Wellness

Learn more about Barley Tea, its uses health benefits, and how to brew barley tea at home. Barley tea is the common summer drink in Japan, not only its natty but clear taste but also has many health benefits such as heatstroke prevention. If you looking for a new type of tea for your healthy life, learn barley tea in this post!
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Surrounded by Hinoki Wood Products; Natural Benefits From Japanese Cypress

Hinoki, Japan's most beloved tree -Hinoki cypress products has been deeply rooted in the Japanese lifestyle. Not only beautiful grain and relaxing aroma but also leads amazing benefits with Hinoki's natural power. Once you touch its silky-touch surface, smell its woody scent, you will not let them go!
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Best Relaxing Wooden Bath Products Ideas; Japanese Hinoki Cypress

There are many ideas to make a relaxing bathroom, the wooden bath products are one of decoration style. Japanese "Hinoki" cypress is popular wood in Japan and frequently is used as bath products. The cypress has high effectiveness for water-resistance, anti-bacterias and insects, odor deodorant. Besides, its aroma is well known to reduce stress. Find the best Hinoki bath accessories in this post.
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The Ultimate Guide Of Japanese Wooden Cutting Board; The Best Wood And How to Maintain

The wooden cutting board is worthing to buy? Many amateur chefs hesitate to use wooden cutting boards for their maintenance. If you are considering investing in upgrade kitchen tools such as Japanese knives, you need to consider buying the wooden cutting board. In this post, I will tell you all you need about Japanese wooden cutting boards; attractive points, the best Japanese wood, how to use and maintain.
Culture, Etiquette

Best Japanese Bath Salts You Should Buy For Your Luxury Time

Japanese bath salts are one of the bath essentials for the Japanese, there are various types and forms. Japanese bath salts are commonly used for therapeutic and relaxation effects with their ingredients, colors, and aromas. This post provides the perfect way to experience the Japanese bath ritual. If you are looking for a Japanese hot spring "Onsen" effect, here is the perfect bath salt in this post. All products in this post are available online.
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Japanese Bathing Tips: Incorporating Self Care Management For Working Divas

Japanese bathing ritual offers more than surface benefits, which the ancient Japanese bathing tradition is perfect to soothe working divas. In this post, informative bathing tips depends on your concerns such as fatigue, stiff neck and shoulders, back pain, better sleep...Self-care is not selfish. Incorporate the Japanese Bathing Culture for tomorrow.
Travel Tips

What To Wear Guide; Kiniki Region In Winter

Kinki/Kansai Region is probably the place you will visit because of home to Kyoto and Osaka. Japan in winter is cold, but climates are so different from region to region. In this post, you can know what to pack for your Japan trip to especially Kinki/Kansai region.
Travel Tips

Tohoku Winter Travel Guide; Basic Ideas Of Temperatures, Outfits

Check out Tohoku region in Japan located in the north of the main island. Unique culture, beautiful landscape, great Onsen towns. It's cold but Tohoku region is most attractive in winter. Here is the guide about Tohoku's winter, weather, what to wear, and a mini-guide where to visit.
Travel Tips

What You Should Wear For Hokkaido In Winter, Japan

The informative guide on what to pack for the Hokkaido trip in winter vacation. Don't miss the winter wardrobe for traveling to the coldest area in Japan!
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What Your Japan Trip Would Be Like When You Use My Experience Of The Local Yakitori Izakaya In Nagoya

Do you want to use my experience of Japanese local small Yakitori Izakaya for your future travel to Japan? The nicest thing to go to the local small Izakaya is "social distance" is very close. It is really fun to make friends with great food and drinks. I like local small izakayas and today want to share my experience at the local yakitori izakaya in Nagoya, 2020. Read this and get some hints about Japanese Izakaya.
Things to do

What To Do In Nagoya Port Area; The Hidden Spots From The Local Guide

From Nagoya Aquarium to Local hidden spots, to Kinjo Wharf area, and Nagoya Meshi. Best things to do in Nagoya Port area for your itinerary. Nagoya Aquarium is the top 3 of the aquarium in Japan. Read this guide, squeeze sightseeing Nagoya port area in the Nagoya trip plan.
Food & Drinks

Nagoya Meshi Guide; Teppan Spaghetti Report

The unique Japanese food guide & report. Nagoya Meshi is well-known as one of the unique local Japanese cuisine. It's Nagoya-style Napolitan spaghetti. Tried at Kissaten in Nagoya, Japan.
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Kurisumasu Traditions; Things The Japanese Do On Christmas Season

Christmas is in the air! Despite it isn’t a national holiday in Japan, the Japanese have created very unique Christmas traditions. What's Christmas Like in Japan? Let me share Japanese Kurisumasu!
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