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Home Izakaya! How To Choose The Carbonated Water For The Best Whiskey/Shochu Highball

"Highball" in Japan; the popular casual Izakaya drink which is the same as whiskey and soda. As the common recipe, daily casual whiskey, carbonated water, and a lemon wedge. You can use any kind of carbonated water (or natural sparkling water) for making the best Japanese highball? Nope. Today, I am going to tell you how to choose the best-carbonated water for making Japanese highball at home and the health benefits of carbonated water as a bonus.
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My Home Izakaya; Make Lemon Sour With Homemade Lemon Syrup

Japanese-style lemon sour is a popular Izakaya cocktail. Some are non-sweet (sometimes it's called Chu-Hi") and others are added lemon (or sugar) syrup. I made homemade lemon syrup (accidentally). It's simple, easy, only 2 ingredients (lemons & sugar), no cooking and no adding water.
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Japanese Miso Paste 101: Discover Types Of Miso Paste

Miso is a traditional Japanese condiment with a rich flavor and this unique paste we always have on hand today worldwide. It’s versatile, provides incredible umami flavor, and is rich in probiotics. (Yes, miso is the fermented food!) You know there are red, yellow, mixed, white, sweet, dry...whatever they call types of miso. So, I will a little deeper dive into Japanese miso paste, including different types by several points.
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Become A Sake Connoisseur: How To Make Kanzake (Hot Sake) At Home

Do you know how to heat up Japanese sake at home? Are you just microwave it in a mug? Read these tips to heat up sake without losing the taste and aroma. This is the ultimate guide of 4 ways to heat up sake and proper decanters to use for Kanzake (hot sake).
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Quick & Easy, Only 13 Minutes You Need; How To Use TWINBIRD Sake Warmer Set

Best selling electric sake warmer set, TWINBIRD Portable Atsukan Machine is a cool item for those who need the easiest way to make delicious hot sake at home. You just need an outlet and 13 minutes. You can choose 4 levels of temperature, piping hot/hot/warm/lukewarm. The only negative point of this product is no English translation! (oh my.) So, I am here to help you with the perfect instruction free.
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Carrot Kinpira: All-Purpose Japanese Vegetable Side Dish

Kinpira is a Japanese cooking term-sautée and simmered with Japanese basic seasonings. In most cases, the Kinpira dish is made of root vegetables such as carrot, burdock, Daikon radish, and lotus root. It's a super easy and healthy side dish, and you can serve it with hot/ cool.
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What’s Koji Miso

Recently, you’ve often heard about “koji miso” if you’re a miso connoisseur. It’s actually the name for commercial use to enhance the raw ingredients, especially, Koji. It probably indicates that companies produce their products to guarantee using selected raw materials and Koji.
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Homemade Japanese BBQ Sauce For Marinating, Grilling, Dipping, Dressing; Ingredients & Recipe

Everyone loves grilling meat, Japanese Yakiniku beef...Yum. I understand you all want to make THE AUTHENTIC Japanese BBQ sauce (Yakiniku sauce) at home, WITHOUT MIRIN. (YES!) This savory BBQ sauce will last for about 10 days. You can freeze it so it'll last longer. (about 6 months) This All-purpose BBQ sauce can be used as a dipping sauce, marinade sauce, stir-fry sauce, and salad dressing.
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The Masu Sake Cup; The Unique Japanese Sake Serving Style, How To Enjoy It?

The masu sake cup is a square (made of wood or plastics) box used as a sake drinking culture. Even it is already unique to drink Japanese sake out of it, but also there are unique serving ways and drinking rituals. Yes, sounds like the Japanese, right? This guide tells you what's exactly the masu cup and how to drink Sake from it.
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How To Clean Japanese Wooden Sake Ware

When picking up the traditional cool wooden sake set such as the Masu cup, a carafe, and cute little "Ochoko" cups, that you bought, you may get a little worried about how to use & clean them. This post tells you the important steps for using, cleaning, and storing.
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Best Relaxing Wooden Bath Products Ideas; Japanese Hinoki Cypress

There are many ideas to make a relaxing bathroom, the wooden bath products are one of decoration style. Japanese "Hinoki" cypress is popular wood in Japan and frequently is used as bath products. The cypress has high effectiveness for water-resistance, anti-bacterias and insects, odor deodorant. Besides, its aroma is well known to reduce stress. Find the best Hinoki bath accessories in this post.
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These Care Tips Save Your Hinoki Wood Cutting Board Life Longer

How do you maintain the wooden cutting board? What do you do to last it long? A Hinoki cutting board is popular among cooking enthusiasts because of water resistance, anti-bacterial and deodorant effects, and knife-friendly and wrist-friendly. Besides, its relaxing scent leads you to enjoy cooking more. It's the best cutting board for beginners and professionals. Leaning clean and care tips are essential for saving a wooden cutting board life. Here is the ultimate guide with before&after use.
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How To Make Cold Brew Hojicha Tea At Home

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5 Japanese Tips How To Brew Hojicha Tea At Home Could Change You Into The Tea Master

To brew Hojicha at home is actually not hard. No picky ritual (like whisking) is required. Unlike green tea, use high-temperature boiled water and steep a little aggressively to bring toasty nutty flavor and aroma out. Read this post, I can tell you the water temperature, steeping time, how to serve. You can be a Hojicha tea master from today.
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Japanese Hojicha Latte; How To Make Hojicha (Japanese Roasted Green Tea) Latte At Home

Hojicha latte is the staple cafe menu in Japan. Hojicha is a toasty, nutty, and refreshing taste than Matcha, so there are many Hojicha latte fans around! Since the Hojicha latte is less caffeine and easy to drink for those who don't like coffee or Matcha green tea, it'll be the next healthy Japanese drink! In this post, you can get a Hot/Iced hojicha latte recipes in authentic and easy methods.
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[The Complete Guide] 7 Basic AGF Blendy Stick Cafe Au Lait; Instruction & Caffeine Content & Ingredients

What's Blendy stick? AGF Blendy Stick Cafe Au Lait series is a popular and unique instant coffee. You can make cafe drinks from typical to unique at the home, office, school, and picnics&camps. This sweet&creamy cozy drink is handy & yummy, but some customers get in trouble with instructions and nutrition&ingredient facts. On this site, you can learn about how to make Blendy stick, caffeine content, and ingredient, including my flavor chart in 7 basic Blendy stick Cafe Au Lait.
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Blendy Stick Cafe Latory 101; Instruction, Flavor Chart, Caffeine Content…All You Want to Know About

Cafe Latry is the Japanese luxury instant coffee (cafe drinks) stick series produced by AGF. It can bring rich aroma, flavor, and frothy milk instantly with just adding boiled water. Since each item is packaged individually, you can enjoy fresh coffee drinks anywhere, anytime. If you want to know lineups, flavor chart (sweet/bitter), and caffeine levels, here is the ultimate guide from the Native Japanese.
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Milk Tea In Japan: I Can Tell What Royal Milk Tea Is But The Native Japanese Has No Clue About Hokkaido Milk Tea

The tea guide can bring tea lovers different tea ideas from Japan. The Japanese drink not only green tea but we love drinking tea, especially "milk tea". "Tea latte", "Royal milk tea", or "Nidashi milk tea". Royal milk tea is the Japanese version of "Chai", but no spice. In this post, I will tell you milk tea products in Japan, how to order royal milk tea in Starbucks in Japan, how to make royal milk tea at home. It's a really interesting post to read to get tea ideas!
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