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The Ultimate Guide; What You Can Find 2020 Trend Of 100 Yen Shop In Japan

Items in 100 yen shops, Japan has a trend each year like fashion trends. Do you want to know the trend of 100 yen shop in 2020? As old-school fashion is trending now, the nostalgic design is getting hot among "100 yen shop" geeks includes me. The nostalgic cute items are popular among not only people who were born around in the Showa era but also among Millennials. On this page, I am going to introduce what I got from Japan, 2020.
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DAISO in Japan; Take A Peek Japanese Unique 100 Yen Shop and Learn Japanese Culture

DAISO is the largest 100 yen store in Japan. You can't get out once you enter the wonderland. Now, there are many stores worldwide, you may already know it. However, there are more items in Japan, for local Japanese people. If you travel to Japan someday, you should stop and see DAISO. Find something unique and cute. In this site, I pick up something unique and share Japanese life behind items.
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What The Local Expert Is Saying Tips To Cut Budget For Japan Trip

Are you putting the Japan trip behind the basket list for your travel? Not only for Japan, but International travel is also sucking your cost. Luckily, I go back to Japan every year, and nop, cheap. But not so much different travel to Europe from the US, because I know how to cut the budget and use money smartly. I have lots of local real information that I want to share. Start saving money for the Japan trip today.
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The Best Guide Of 100 yen Shops In Japan With My Love

Planning to visit Japan? If you visit Japan go to 100 yen stores to find super kawaii items or unique well-made items for yourself, FAMS. 100 yen stores are located throughout Japan, even in small towns. Shopping in 100 yen stores are part of Japanese life, take a peek of why 100 yen stores are so addictive shopping place.
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7 Best Japanese Stationery Gifts for FAMS At Seria

Shopping in Japan? If you look for "Kawaii" and "Unique" gifts for yourself and Fams, definitely go to 100 yen shops. Especially in Seria, countless fancy and funny stationery items will catch "Japanese stationery geeks"'s hearts. Also, you don't have to worry about money in your wallet, all items are 100 yen! On this site, I am going to introduce 7 best stationery gifts at Seria, one of the popular 100 yen shops in Japan.
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New Ideas For 8 Beauty Products At 100 Yen Stores In Japan; Daiso, Seria, Cando

All girls are looking for new, unique, affordable beauty products all over the world! If you are visiting Japan, how lucky you! Go to 100 yen stores, DAISO, Seria, and CanDo with enough cash and shopping bags. Do you think 100-yen beauty products are junk??? NO, no, no. Actually, 100-yen Japanese geeks always prise these qualities and results. Every month, every year, the 100 yen store produces new items! Find out what you can buy on this site.
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The Informative Basic Guide; 100 yen stores in Japan isn’t only DAISO

If you look for super kawaii items in Japan, 100 yen stores are places to go. 100 shop hopping is a new Japanese culture, you will see super kawaii items more than its price, high quality, a stylish, unique, fancy. It is like a smaller home center, you can find the items you need. DAISO is the most famous Japanese 100 yen store even worldwide, but not only DAISO and also Seria & Can Do are following DAISO. On the other site talk about only DAISO in HARAJUKU, but on this site, I am going to tell you the basic 100 yen stores in Japan, first.
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Things I wonder when I go back to my country, Japan

What will you wonder when you travel to Japan for the first time? What did you think about Japan on your trip? I am 100% Japanese and realize things impressed or strange that I didn't notice during living in Japan. In this site, I am talking about things I was surprised every time I go back to Japan.
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