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Steamed Basted Eggs Recipe: Fluffy, Soft, Easy Fried Eggs Without Greasy And Lacy Crispy Edges

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Today, I will talk about steamed basted eggs or over easy sunny-side-up eggs without flipping.

Yes, how to make a basted egg and there is nothing special.

The reason I want to talk about this topic is because of my misunderstanding.

When I was living in a dormitory in Canada, I saw “fried eggs” in a cafeteria and thought “yew! so greasy! It is literally fried in oil!”

I was so shocked because basted (steamed) eggs are the typical cooking way to make sunny-side-up in Japan.

So, I thought the basted egg is “Japanese style” until recently.

Tender, Juicy, Quick, Easy, and Healthy fried egg, and I definitely like basted (steamed) eggs more than greasy over-cooked fried eggs with crispy, lacy edges.

Why Is Water Added To Fried Eggs?

Adding water to the fried egg is for steaming the fried egg, which is mainly used for making sunny side-ups.

Cover a pan with a lid after adding water, the eggs will be cooked while steamed.

Egg whites and yolks are cooked evenly and the whites are tender.

The yolks are cooked quickly, so this way is perfect for the busy morning.

Moreover, you can cook fried eggs with less oil.

When you use a non-stick frying pan, the amount of oil can be reduced more.

When Should You Add Water To Fried Eggs?

Crack eggs into a skillet or a non-stick frying pan and cook them until the whites will be set over medium-high heat.

Moreover, crack the eggs into a bowl and then place the eggs gently in the pan will bring fluffy sunny-side ups.

I would recommend preheating the pan before cracking eggs.

If you place the eggs into a pan without preheating, they will stick to the bottom and will not come off easily.

When adding water before the white sets, the white and the water may be combined and become watery fried eggs and the taste will be bad.

Also, avoid pouring the water over the yorks.

Be sure the white sets, and add the water gently outside of the eggs.

1-2 Tablespoons Of Water Are Enough To Cook 2 Eggs

1 to 2 tablespoons of water are plenty to make 2 fried eggs. (depending on the size of the pan. )

Excess water causes a watery finish and the eggs may be overcooked since the eggs will be cooked quickly.

Also, it drops the temperature rapidly, so it gets hard to find out how long you need to cook the eggs.

On the other hand, less water may cause burnt fried eggs.

I normally add only 1 tablespoon of water for 2 fried eggs (because I like little crispiness on the white), with an 8-inch non-stick frying pan to cook 2 eggs over medium-high heat.


If you continue to cook the eggs over medium-high, the white may burn before the yolk is cooked.

Contrary, too low heat is not enough to make steam.

Adjust the heat as you like after covering it with a lid. Using a lid with a glass window is a handy item to check out the cooking process.

For over-easy, cook the eggs over low heat (close to medium) and the york gets a white surface, remove them from the pan immediately.

basted fried eggs, steamed fried eggs, non flip fried eggs, add water to make fried eggs, Japanese cooking

Steamed Basted Eggs Recipe: Fluffy, Soft, Easy Fried Eggs Without Greasy and lacy crispy white

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
Taste better than ever! I believe that steamed basted eggs are the best eggs to make at home, which is the typical way to make fried eggs from the sunny side up to over well in Japanese cooking recipes. A basted egg is cooked in less oil or butter and then add tablespoons of water to the pan to create steam. It’s a nearly easy & quick way to cook fried eggs-fluffy, soft, non-greasy, and you can cook perfect york as you like.
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Course Breakfast
Servings 1 parson


  • 1 Non-stick frying pan with a lid


  • 2 eggs
  • cooking oil or butter
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 tbsp water


  • Heat an 8" non-stick frying pan over medium heat and oil or butter less than usual.
  • Crack eggs into a bowl to reduce the impact on the eggs and make fried eggs fluffy.
  • Add the eggs to the pan gently.
  • Allow cooking without moving until the whites are set, about 30 seconds-1 minute. *When the pan is not heated enough, the cooking time will be more thatn 1 minute.
  • Season with salt & pepper to taste.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of water to the empty space (do not pour the water over the yorks) and place a lid on the pan immediately.
  • Continue to cook until eggs are set as you like.
    *Over-easy…3-4 minutes over low heat
    *Over-medium…3-4 minutes over medium heat
  • Serve the egg immediately.



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