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Luggage Delivery Service In Japan; No Hussle With Online Booking

sending th baggage with online booking in japan Travel Guide
Travel Guide

Don’t you think it is very nice if you can explore Japan as soon as you arrive?
Have you ever think about sending your luggage directly from the airport to the hotel?

In Japan, you can’t avoid using public transportations unless using a taxi or a rental car to get to the hotel from the airport.

There are many stairs, steps and narrow escalators, small elevators, and tremendous people that you can’t imagine.

We, I and my husband always use delivery service when we arrive right away that I am going to tell you today.

What is Luggage Free Travel?

“Luggage Free Travel” is the delivery service to support overseas travelers with the online procedure that is produced by JTB, Yamato Transport, and Panasonic.

I talk about how to send your luggage on this page with a waybill, but in this way, you need to figure out how to fill the complicated waybill.

“Luggage Free Travel” service is not required to fill out a waybill, you can order the whole process online with your language, the credit card in your country before your leaving.

Once you get done booking, you will get a QR code.

When you check-in bags at Yamato Transport counter in the airport, they will scan the QR code that you get and all set!

You don’t have to worry about the language barriers, and also you can travel easily without hauling big suitcases.

Only, one thing you need to know is this service is avairable between the aiports and accmordations or some tourist facilities, so if you are gong to the accormodation service such as Airbnb, the service is not covered because it is the private address.

Yamato Transport

kuroneko yamato rico

“Yamato Transport” aka “Kuroneko Yamato” is one of the popular delivery service companies in Japan, and you can find the service counter at major international airports. 

My husband calls it “Black cat” because “Kuro Neko” means “black cat” and the logo mark is Mommy black cat is carrying her kitten as you see in the picture.

Since Kuroneko Yamato is a major delivery service company in Japan, the delivery network and system are much more accurate, quick and reliable. They deliver most of the packages on the next day to most of the places.

We usually arrive at Narita airport, our suitcases will be delivered to the hotel in Nagoya the next day always all the time.

Easy steps to book online

luggage free travel top

I am going to explain how the “Luggage Free Travel” service work.

Go to the booking page on the official web site first.

Offical website

The first page

luggage free service second

When you scroll down reading through all the information about the service, you will see the procedure that you will proceed.

First, you will see the option of what you would like to…

  • Deliver the baggage to the hotel from the airport
  • Deliver the baggage to the hotel from the hotel, tourist information center
  • Deliver the baggage to the airport form the hotel, tourist information center

luggage free service three

Next, put the number of baggage. 

luggage free travel size

Once you put numbers, you will see the estimate price of the delivery service. 

Click the button said “Proceed to booking”.

luggage free travel estimate

More details on the second page

luggage free travel second page

The second page is repeating to fill the information but with more details such as date, time and location.

After you finish filling, click the confirm button.

Create an account


You are required to create an account if you want to use “Hand Free Travel”.

If you have one already, sign in.

credit card information

The payment is available with the credit card payment only.

Once you confirm everything of the procedure, you will get the QR code to the email you register the account.

QR code for luggage free travel

You need the QR code when you check-in the baggage. 
Take a screen shot, or print out the QR code if you don’t have wifi access.

Sending to the hotel from the airport

They will confirm to you again that you don’t have prohibited items in the baggage.

After you check-in your luggage to Kuroneko Yamato, you will get the invoice.

If you are sending it to the hotels and you are not available, still they can drop the baggage when the name is the same as the check-in name.

Thus, it is better to tell the front desk about the delivery of baggage.

The airport counter

kuroneko yamato delivery service counter

If you want to know the delivery counter at the major airports, check out here.

Drop off


In the future

This service helps accommodation effectively with skipping filling the waybills instead of overseas guests during the busy time and also reduce the space and time for hotels.

In the future, not only between accommodations and airports, the service will be available to more facilities and agencies nationwide.

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