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Only 3 Step Healthy Snack! Quick, Easy, Super Healthy Yamitsuki Cabbage With Sesame Oil

Food & Recipes
Food & Recipes
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Yamitsuki Cabbage is one of the popular nibbles in Japan, especially you can see it at Izakayas and Japanese BBQ “Yakiniku” restaurants.

“Yamitsuki” literally means “addictive in something” in Japanese. Thus, Yamitsuki cabbage is named because you will not stop eating it once you start it the first bite.

Yamituski is a really popular term in Japanese cooking recipes to describe the addictive (unstoppable) flavor as well as “Mugen (unstoppable, forever) so you may see many “Yamitsuki recipes” on Japanese sites.

Japanese Phrase 25

*I apologize for my mistake translation of Yamitsuki is “Be addicted to” not “be addictive”.

I tell you what, in most cases, the dishes called “yamitsuki” or “mugen” are used roasted sesame oil, mayonnaise, Mentsuyu, or Chinese chicken stock.

Yes, the Japanese really like roasted sesame oil. In other words, the Japanese are addicted to sesame oil.

Speaking of “Yamitsuki” points of Yamitsuki cabbage is easy, reasonable, and super-healthy.

You don’t have to feel guilty for each bite.

As the headline says, it has only 3 steps- Cut, Season, and Mix.

I am going to teach you today my basic “Yamitsuki Cabbage” that you can already make for tonight.

Cabbage Is Really Popular Veggies In Japan

In case you are wondering why it has to be cabbage.

Cabbage is one of the staple stock vegetables at home in Japan and the Japanese eat a lot of cabbage in rows and cook.

The most common salad in Japan is “Sengiri Cabbage” which is shredded cabbage leaves.

You can see it as a side veggie on the plate with popular Japanese-western dishes (yoshoku) such as Japanese pork cutlet, fried chicken, croquet, Hamburg (Japanese style meatball).

We use cabbage as like lettuce, but you know, the taste of cabbage in Japan may be more than you expected.

Rich sweet and tender.

I didn’t recognize that I was spoiled by Japanese sweet cabbage until I lived in other countries.

So, taste fresh Japanese cabbage when visiting Japan next time.

Therefore, cabbage is rooted deeply in Japanese home cooking and this is why Yamituki cabbage is so popular.

What Type Of Cabbage Is The Best For Yamitsuki Cabbage

I have to explain what type of cabbage is the best for Yamitsuki cabbage before starting because we don’t cook cabbage.

As you know, cabbage has several kinds on the market so you have to choose the right cabbage for eating as fresh.

Japanese cabbage

The best cabbage is “Japanese cabbage” that you can see in oriental grocery stores. It is sometimes called Jaroma cabbage which is a flat round shape.

Leaves are tender and sweet.

Sweetheart cabbage is also recommended.

I have never seen it near me in the US, but I bought it a lot for salad in the UK.

My recommendation cabbages are

  • Japanese cabbage (Jaroma cabbage)
  • Sweethert cabbage
  • Green Cabbage (Cannonball cabbage)
  • *Napa cabbage (Chinese Cabbage, choy sum)

*You can use Napa cabbage but it may be not authentic.

It’s Super Easy But Additional Cooking Tips

Cut Cabbage

dice, cut, cabbage

Cut the cabbage into a square, or whatever, cut as you like.
But, hand-cut or cut in large pieces are better than small pieces or shredded.
The dish gets watery as leave it longer when you cut it into small pieces.

Here are my steps.

  1. Cut the cabbage down the middle, splitting it into two equal halves.
  2. Place each half flat side down and cut down the middle.
  3. Cut off the core.
  4. Place each quarter flat side down. 
  5. Cut the slices into squares.

Sometimes cabbage has a hard part, cut out the hard stalk in the middle.

Pick A Luxury Salt

For The dish that we enjoy simply fresh ingredients, it’s time to be picky about salt.

Guérande’s salt, which is made by drawing seawater into the salt pans using tides and slowly crystallizing it only by the natural power, and is harvested by humans.

Small, mineral-rich salt. The minerals in the salt add the flavor richer and deeper.

Le Guerandais Purple Box

Maldon’s sea salt features pyramidal crystals made in the Essex region, eastern England.

It’s crispy and light.

It gets you once you bite the crystals and impacts the taste with a natural mineral taste, but the aftertaste is gentle and elegant. It is recommended to sprinkle on the salad finish so that you can enjoy the saltiness and crispy texture.

Maldon Salt, Sea Salt Flakes, 8.5 oz (240 g)

Okinawa sea salt is known for its high quality and natural handmade produce (some of the products.)

Because of the manufacturing process with cast iron, it is rich in iron.
The natural hand-harvested salt from a beautiful island in Okinawa gives any dish a rich flavor.

Compared to ordinary salt, the salt concentration is higher, only a pinch of salt can impact the dish.
Yet, it’s the mild aftertaste.

It’s one of the best sea salt to worth to try and you can’t get back a regular salt.

Yagajishima Sea Salt

Roasted Sesame Oil

sesame oil, cabbage

“Sesame oil” is the essential key of the dish to get you addicted, so it must be “Sesame oil”.

Drizzle 1-2 TBSP of Sesame oil over the cabbage, mix well.

*1 tbsp of sesame oil is 120 kcal.

Good quality of sesame oil leads to the best result so I recommend Korean or Japanese roasted sesame oil to buy for Yamitsuki Cabbage.

Korean; Ottogi Premium Roasted Sesame Oil

This is the best sesame oil so far in my life!

I couldn’t forget my impression when I tasted this first, with its rich elegant aroma and flavor.

100% pure sesame oil, you will notice the gorgeous dark roasted color more than any sesame oil first when you pour it into the plate.

Ottogi Premium Roasted Sesame Oil, 10.82 Ounces

This is the most popular sesame oil produced by Kadoya Sesame Mill in Japan, a cooking oil company founded in 1858.

It has a rich sesame flavor yet a mild clear aftertaste. You can use it for any dish as cooking oil or dressing oil.

Carefully selected sesame is roasted without changing the original process for 160 years. Recommended as sesame oil for everyday use.

Kadoya Sesame Oil, 22.10 Fluid Ounce

Speaking of sesame oil, it is famous for its appetitive aroma. Moreover, it is known as one of the healthy oil.

Sesame oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, essential fatty acid, and also contains sesamin and vitamin E that have a high level of antioxidants.


"Yamitsuki" Addictive Cabbage

Only 3 Steps, Quick, Easy, and Super Healthy Japanese Snack!
Course Snack
Cuisine Japanese


  • 1/2 - 1 Green Cabbage
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Korean Sesame oil
  • Sesame Seeds


  • Cut cabbage into a square.
  • Put cut cabbage in a bowl, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, toss around.
  • Drizzle 1-2 tbsp of sesame oil over the cabbage, mix well.
  • Sprinkle sesame seeds as a topping.
Keyword Healthy, Vegetables

Arrange Yamitsuki Cabbage More With Unique Ingredients

The recipe I introduced is the basic recipe, simply seasoning with salt, pepper, and sesame oil.

Yamitsuki cabbage can be easily arranged to your taste.

Add Fresh Garlic

Add 1/2 tsp or less of grated garlic if you want the garlicky kick.

Actually, in this kick, This Japanese healthy snack will become more authentic as if served at a Japanese BBQ restaurant in Japan.

It’s really better to grate fresh garlic, but you can still use garlic powder or a fresh garlic paste.

Personally, I don’t want to bite minced garlic but if you don’t mind you can use minced garlic.

Add Shio-Kombu

For Yamitsuki or Mugen recipes, this unique topping is also popular in Japan.

“Shio kombu” is the Japanese condiment or topping food, which is kelp strings cooked with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar.

The flavor is sweet and salty less seaweed flavor.

Shio konbu can go really well with rice, so we use commonly rice ball topping.

Since Konbu is rich in minerals and amino acids, it can add rich Umami flavor instantly to the dish.

Shio kombu is already seasoned with Japanese traditional condiments, so it is useful especially when we make simple vegetable dishes.

Fujicco Japanese Seasoned Kelp Strips (Shio Kombu), 150g

The Substitute For Salt; Kombu Dashi Powder

Instead of Salt, you can use “Kombu Dashi Powder” or “Kombu tea powder” (it is different from Kombucha) to add saltiness and Umami flavor.

“Kombu Dashi Powder” is instant Kelp Dashi soup stock. Kombu Dashi is one of the main dashi in Japanese cuisine and it can bring the mild and sensitive Umami flavor.

Add 1/2 – 1 tsp of Kombu dashi powder instead of salt.

Kombu dashi powder is a handy item for Japanese home cooking for not only soup but also it can be used as condiments.

If you like to add authentic Japanese dashi flavor in Yamitsuki cabbage, it can work well easily and quickly.

Kombu Dashi Powder (Kelp Soup Stock Powder)

The Substitute For Salt; Japanese Kombucha

Whoopsy, another weird Japanese food- Kombucha or Kobucha.

It is not the Kombucha that you know as a healthy drink.

Japanese kombucha (kobucha) is literally translated in the Kelp tea, but it is not the tea, it’s the drink (or soup?) made of kelp powder.

Again Kelp has rich in Umami flavor so Kombucha (kobucha) also is packed with Umami. So, we use it as condiments as well as Kombu dashi powder.

Add 1/2 – 1 tsp of Kombucha instead of salt.

However, it is a much stronger seaweed flavor than Kombu dashi powder, so avoid using this if you don’t like the seaweed flavor.

Japanese Gyokuroen Konbu Cha Powdered Kelp Tea Powder 1.58oz (45g)

The Substitute For Salt; Hondashi Powder

Needless to say, it is a must item if you like to cook authentic Japanese food.

Add 1/2 – 1 tsp of Hondashi powder instead of salt.

The Substitute For Salt; Chinese Chicken Soup Stock Powder

Chinese chicken stock powder is also good for “Yamitsuki Cabbage” instead of salt.

Especially, it goes well with sesame oil so it can be the best substitute for salt for this dish.

Yamitsuki Cabbage seasoned with it, it is often called “Shio Cabbage” or “Shiodare Cabbage.”

The Japanese use often “Chinese chicken stock” for Japanese home cooking.

If you are looking for a different taste or try Chinese cooking,

It’s very handy to infuse Chinese food flavor.

I often use it for fried rice or soup.

Japan Premium Chicken base Broth Powder,2 Packs,200g×2


My husband doesn’t eat vegetables much, but he eats a lot of this so it’s much healthier than eating chips and dip.

Moreover, it’s super easy to make.

Yet, be careful of the amount of salt and sesame oil.

I am sure your guest gets impressed too when you have a party!

yamitsuki cabbage

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