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ESCA Underground Shopping Mall Is The Hidden Nagoya Food Thema Park

the easiest way to taste nagoya foods in nagoya station Food & Recipes

Nagoya Meshi is a unique local gourmet that is really popular among Japanese people, there are some Japanese visitors come to Nagoya for just tasting Nagoya Meshi.

(“Meshi” means literally “Rice” but it can refer to “Cousin”, “Dish”, and it’s not a polite word.)

There is a lot of dishes such as grilled eel rice bowl, pork cutlet, Kishimen noodles, Taiwan ramen, Ankake spaghetti, and Okura toast.

So many dishes, but you may get tired of researching specialty restaurants all over the city.

Today, I am going to tell you a great place to taste Nagoya Meshi as many as you like without hauling in the city.

This is also for the busy traveler who doesn’t have enough time to stay in Nagoya, especially Japan Rail Pass holders.


Just go to Nagoya station.

Before reading, if you don’t know about “Nagoya Meshi”, please read these articles first.

Undergorund wonderlands at Nagoya station

Nagoya is famous for its huge shopping malls underground of Nagoya station, Fushimi station, Sakae station.

Hundreds of shops and restaurants are gathered in each shopping mall, it is very fun to look around tiny shops in tiny spaces.

Underground shopping malls in Nagoya stations contain nine shopping malls.

Each shopping mall is connected to subway stations, the train stations, department stores, office buildings, which looks like a massive maze.

Let’s get back to today’s topic!

“ESCA” is one of the shopping malls that contained Nagoya underground shopping malls and is the closet place to the Shinkansen ticket gates.

It will be possible to have lunch just before leaving Nagoya, or hop off Shinkansen on the way and have a quick lunch and hop on Shinkansen if you have a Japan Rail Pass.

Rough floor map by

rough floor map of ESCA

This is the ROUGH FLOOR MAP OF ESCA that I made. 

I put only restaurants I introduce today. 


hitsu mabushi nagoya station

Hitsumabushi “Bincho”

grilling eel

“Bincho”(備長) is a very popular “Hitusmabushi” restaurant thought Japan.

“Bincho” is named from the high-quality charcoal, “Binchotan”(備長炭), as the name, eels are cooked with the grill on Binchotan.

You can enjoy the authentic Hitsumabushi of Nagoya specialty.

The eel, grilled and finished with the “tamari” soy sauce, has a crispy skin and fluffy meat. It is an excellent combination with green onions (Japanse chives) and wasabi.

Try the limited set menu of Hitsumabushi available in the ESCA branch only.

The way to eat Hitsumabushi

  1. Divide rice topped eel into four sectors in the ohitsu, then serve the first sector in the small rice bowl. Enjoy the taste itself without garnishes.
  2. Serve the second sector in the small bowl. Try to taste it with your favorite garnishes.
  3. Serve the third sector, put your favorite garnishes then pour the soup in the little pot. Make soupy rice.
  4. Enjoy the final sector in your favorite way!
Running TimeLunch: 11:00 – 15:00
Dinner: 17:00 – 22:00
Last order timeLunch: 15:00
Dinner: 21:00


The restaurant, “Ino”(稲生) refurbished in 2016, the floor became more spacious, and you can choose the table or counter table. English and Chinese menus are available.

There are other menus for customers who are not a big fan of eel such as the Pork tenderloin cutlet bowl, Tuna sashimi bowl.

Running Time11:00 – 21:30
Last order Time21:00

Misonikomi Udon Noodles



“Yamamotoya-Honten”(山本屋本店) and another restaurant, “Yamomotoys sohonke” are represented as the pioneer restaurants for Misosnikomi.

Miso Nikomi udon noodle soup is served in a clay pot, you may be surprised how firmness the udon noodles are.
You can use the pot lid as the serving plate because the soup is piping hot.

Not only the regular simple Misonikomi udon noodles but also there are many toppings such as the local high-quality chicken, “Nagoya Cochin”, the shrimp Tempura, as well as seasonal food like oysters and mushrooms.

Japanese pickles are complimentary, feel free to eat if you need refreshment.

Running Time10:00 – 22:00
Last Order Time21:30

Pork Cutlet with Miso Sause



Futaba(双葉) is also located handy place, take an escalator down and make a turn right.

“Yabaton ” is the most popular restaurant as the specialty restaurant of “Miso katsu”, but this place is my taste.

Pork is very tender, almost not required to chew and Panko bread is very light.

Running Time11:00 – 21:00
Last Order Time21:00


However! You can’t miss Yabaton( 矢場とん) whatever you are in Nagoya.

Yabaton branches are thought Nagoya, even outside Nagoya, so ESCA is not an exception.

Running Time11:00 – 22:00
Last Order Time21:30

Ankaka Spagetti

Ankake spaghetti

Ma Maison

“Ma Maison” is already popular as a Japanese-western restaurant in Nagoya area, and the restaurant has the branch for Ankake Spaghetti only in ESCA.

“Ankake sauce” is the very rich flavor made from beef and vegetable broth cooked for hours and hours.

You can choose the three level of the spicy sauce (An), which are

  • The regular mild
  • A little spicy
  • Spicy

You can also choose curry sauce.

If you can’t decide which one you should eat, choose “Milakan” (ミラカン). “Mirakan” is very common and popular menu, toppings are slices of bacon, winner sausages, sliced onions, sweetcorn, Japanese green peppers, and mushrooms.

If you want to try signature menus in Ma Maison, “Miso pork cutlet” (味噌カツ) topping and “Hamburg” (The Japanese style meatball; ハンバーグ) are recommended.

Running Time11:00 – 22:00
Last Order Time21:30

Nagoya-style chicken wings



“Furaibo”(風来坊) is the pioneer restaurant that started “Nagoya-style Chicken wings“.

“Furaibo” started cooking chicken wings that rarely used at that time, in 1963, since then, Nagoya-style chicken wings have been signature foods on the menu.

Chicken wings are deep-fried with low temperature, then double-fried with high temperature. It is very crisp and juicy, and in the Japanese way, people eat crunchy cartilage. Nagoya style has the addictive flavor of the original sweet soy sauce and spicy peppers.

Perfect for beer snacks.

Running Time11:00 – 22:00
Last Order Time21:30

Ogura Toast

Kissa Rich

ogura toast kissa rich esca

“Coffee shop Rich” has been in Esca since 1971, it is the old boss there. The nostalgia and retro atmosphere give you a relaxing time, so that “Kissa Rich” is the best place to taste Nagoya’s signature toast, “Ogura toast”.

“The Ogura toast” served here is a big size, toasted piece of bread that is very thick-sliced, crispy outside, fluffy inside.

You can also “Teppan Napolitan”, Ankake spaghetti, and Nagoya morning set.

Running Time7:00 – 22:00
Last Order Time21:30


“ESCA” is the only place in Nagoya that gathered almost all kinds of “Nagoya Meshi”.

Only you have to mind “the last order” is as early as 21:00.

However, as you know on the map, “ESCA” is just going down from Nagoya station, by Shinkansen gates.

It is the perfect place to taste Nagoya foods at once for travelers who don’t have time.

Moreover, if you have “Japan Rail Pass“, the cost for jumping off at Nagoya is no cost!

Nagoya is between Osaka and Tokyo, why not stop for tasting unique Nagoya taste of food?

the easiest way to taste nagoya foods in nagoya station

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