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Houjicha 101; Japan’s Popular Refreshing Roasted Green Tea

Japanese green tea is well-known as its health benefits and high-relaxation effect, how about if green tea is roasted? Because of the chemical of the roasting process, roasted green tea aka Hojicha has less caffeine, less astringency flavor, even gain rich toasty flavor and naturally sweet flavor. Read this site to know about Hojicha, health benefits, and how to make.
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10 Best Japanese Bottled Unsweetened Teas

Japanese unsweetened green tea not only quenches your thirst but also has a refreshing taste and aroma. Until you are getting used to the taste, Japanese authentic tea maybe a little bitter but you will notice its clear aftertaste! The bottled unsweetened tea market is so competing so you will be confused about which to buy in Japan. In this site, you can see 10 best bottled unsweetened tea even from not only the green tea to other traditional teas.
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The Simple But New Taste: Discover Japanese Green Tea Cocktails

Green tea is the part of lifestyle for Japanese people. They have Japanese green tea in any situation to relax, to show hospitality, to refresh, to sleep, of course, to drink alcohol. The simple way is mixing Japanese Shochu and Sencha, a daily green tea. But do you know there are more kinds of green tea in Japan and each taste is different? Today, I am going to explain what "green tea" for Japanese, and how you can use green tea for your cocktails.
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The Unique Cafe Latte Drink Mix In Japan; Blendy Stick and Cafe Latory Series

Isn't it great if you can make your favorite cafe drinks at home without driving to the coffee shop? In Japan, making instant cafe drinks at home is very popular and the taste is really good. Companies have been competing to producing more high-quality taste for drink mixes, and "Blendy" is one fo the top share products in the drink mix market. On this site, I am going to introduce Blendy's unique drink mix to put on your shopping list for the next Japan trip!
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Things To Do In Mino City, Gifu, Japan; The Memorable, Peaceful, Historical Town

Things to do in Gifu? Visit Mino city located in the center of Gifu surrounded by great nature. The city is famous for Mino Washi Paper selected in UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Stroll around "Udatsu no Agaru" historical district, get relaxation from soft warm lantern lights made of Mino washi paper. Stylish cafe, Kawaii Mino washi shopping, and great views from the hill.
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The Quick Guide of Japanese nostalgic culture; Kissaten and Napolitan Spaghetti, not a misspelling

First of all, "Napolitan" is not my mis-spelling because I am not talking about Neapolitan food. In this article, I am using "Napolitan" on purpose which is close to Japanese pronunciation. "Napolitan Spaghetti" is the Japanese style stir-fried spaghetti with Tomato ketchup-based sauce, which has been loved as comfort "Kissaten" food for many years in Japan. Due to the "retro boom" in Japan, this nostalgic food came back as well as "retro Kissaten" in recent years. In this site, I am going to explain the history of "Napolitan spaghetti" and Kissa-ten.
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6 + 1 Noodles You Should Eat In Nagoya, Japan (Updated)

Nagoya Japan Travel Tips & Nagoya Meshi Guide. Here is the ultimate native guide for Nagoya visitors & Foodie Travelers to tell you 6+1 Noodle Dishes must-eat. Misonikomi Udon, Taiwan Ramen, Kishimen, Teppan Spaghetti, Sugakiya.
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Nagoya Meshi Guide; Teppan Spaghetti Report

The unique Japanese food guide & report. Nagoya Meshi is well-known as one of the unique local Japanese cuisine. It's Nagoya-style Napolitan spaghetti. Tried at Kissaten in Nagoya, Japan.

Japanese Tomato Ketchup “Napolitan” Spaghetti Recipe For People Who Got Disappointed Once

If you have ever get disappointed homemade Napolitan spaghetti, I tell you why. This is the ultimate recipe for Japanese food geeks to make NOT plain, soggy, and watery Napoitan spaghetti.
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3 Sauce Recipes For Japanese Pork Cutlet; Tonkatsu Sauce, Miso Sauce, Easy Aurora Sauce

Looking for Japanese authentic sauces for dipping? Here are 3 easy recipes from the native Japanese. The Japanese are obsessed with Japanese-style Worcestershire sauce aka Worcester sauce (ウスターソース) and there are many types of sauces for especially deep-fried food such as Japanese pork cutlets. Also, Nagoyan, people who live in Nagoya city, love Miso sauce! (I am from Nagoya). Lastly, super-easy Japanese Aurora sauce.
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The Japanese Cooking Guide; Koji Rice

Koji is the Japanese fermented condiments as well as Miso paste, soy sauce, Mirin, Japanese sake. You will be impressed with "The power of Koji", "The Koji magic", once you start using "Shio Koji" in your cooking. Especially, to marinate meat and fish, it does not only tenderize them but also brings its umami, the savory flavor. In this site, I will explain what the koji rice is, how to make it, use it, and keep it!
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Is Nagoya Worth Visiting? It Is Not Too Late To Decide After Reading This Site

It's very true that Nagoya can be overlooked by tourists. Unfortunately, Nagoya itself can't attract international visitors who visit Japan for the first time. But Nagoya can be worth to stay if you are arriving at Nagoya Centrair Int'l Airport or holding Japan Rail Pass. Nagoya is the center of transportation networks in the central region and also is located between Tokyo and Osaka on the Golden route. Moreover, the central region of Japan has lots of attractive things to see. So Nagoya can be the base for your Japan trip.
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5 Things You Want To Know About Japanese Sour Cocktail

A Lemon Sour is one of the most common Japanese alcoholic drinks, but do you know what it is? The cocktail called "Sour" is much different you think IN JAPAN. Japanese sour is a very popular drink in Japanese drinking culture that you can't miss. It's very easy to make at home even you don't have to visit Japan. Especially to use a distilled sprite, it is lower calories and sugar compared with beer, also to make "Japanese sour", you can take Vitamin C too. In this site, I will tell you 5 things you want to know about "Japanese Sour".
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How To Make Japanese Style Lemon Sour At Home

Do you know Japanese style sour cocktails? "sour" is a very popular cocktail in Japan, a lot of flavors. Especially, Lemon sour has been trending in recent Japan and you can make it own at home! It's lemony and clear taste and the perfect refreshment in the afternoon on the patio! The color of yellow makes you feel happy and spontaneous and get also vitamin C with low carb distilled spirit! In this recipe, you will infuse lemon peels and distilled spirits for a few days, how? Read this and enjoy the Japanese style lemon sour!
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The Japanese Alcohol; 5 Basics Divas Want to Know About Shochu

How many Japanese alcohols do you know? Don't tell me only "Sake" in Japan. "Whiskey"? Yes. However, have you ever heard "shochu" in your drinking life? (Not a Korean soju.) Get to know about Japanese Shochu and have experiences of new drinks. Moreover, authentic Shochu is sugar-free! To find out more, read this site. I will 5 basics of Shochu for you.
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The Reason Matcha Sweets Lovers Should Visit Nishio City, Aichi; The Next Matcha Capital In Japan

Do you know the hidden Matcha capital after Uji, Kyoto? Nishio (西尾市, Nishio-shi) is located in Aichi Prefecture, The country's leading producer of Matcha green tea. Visit Nishio city, interspersed with Matcha green tea farms, traditional Japanese tea rooms, beautiful Japanese gardens, lots of Matcha sweets.
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