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New Ideas For 8 Beauty Products At 100 Yen Stores In Japan; Daiso, Seria, Cando

new ideas for 8 beauty products at 100 yen stores in japan Travel Guide

Most Japanese cosmetics have been highly evaluated not only in Japan but also overseas. Such as SHISEIDO, KOSE popular brand all over the world.

Besides beauty products maybe already in your must-buy bucket list in Japan.

It’s not hard to find good beauty products in Japanese drugstores and in 100 yen stores!

At 100 yen stores such as DAISO, Seria and CAN☆DO, you can get unique beauty products often get good reviews from Japanese customers!

Honestly, I haven’t tried 100 yen cosmetics due to my sensitive skin, I am going to introduce mainly skincare and make-up tools.

Kabuki brush

kabuki brush, 100 yen shop

“Kabuki Brush” found at Seria, it’s a toothbrush shape.

Three are 3 sizes, Large, Medium, and small (for eye colors).

Daiso also has a similar kabuki brush for 200 or 300 yen, but you can get it with 100 yen at Seria.

This brush has great reviews and got top sales.

Super dense makeup brush hair made of high-quality synthetic fibers, the superfine fibers will not miss any skin pores.

Its unique shape is also handy for buffing.

Especially, it has been hard to get a Large-size brush because of its big sales.

Beauty blender holder

make-up sponge stand, 100 shop

An unprecedented cat boom still has been around Japanese culture, not only the actual pet of CATS, tremendous numbers of “CAT designs” across the country.

Needless to say, the “makeup sponge holder” has cat ears.

It’s so adorable and fits my beauty blender well, also it helps to dry it up after cleaning with keeping away from bacterias.

Compressed Facial Mask Sheets

compressed facial mask sheets, 100 yen shop

The Compressed Facial Mask Sheets are THE CHEAP ALTERNATIVE TO SHEET MASKS!

Sheet masks are pretty pricy here in the US, I often use a DIY compressed facial mask when my sheet mask stock is gone. 

The best part of these masks is that you can use the toner or skin lotion already you have at home.

Each mask sheet is compressed into a tiny circle and individually wrapped, and you will be surprised by its price!

12 mask sheets in a bag for 100 yen (+ TAX)!!!

Silicone mask cover

mask for facial mask sheet, 100 yen shop

If you often use sheet masks or are going to begin to use it, you should know that it is important tips to keep sheet masks in place and to keep its moisture all the time.

This unique silicone mask cover works well to introduce “essential ingredients ” to your skin effectively rather than using a sheet mask only.

Due to its curved designs with ear hooks, the sheet mask is exactly on your face and introducing essentials to keep its moisture.

Moreover, it can be reusable and washable with only 100 yen!

I often use sheet masks after taking a shower and it bothers me to place sheets all the time while massaging my body parts, but the silicon mask cover resolves my problem.

Moisturizing gloves

cotton gloves, 100 yen shops

“Moisturizing gloves” are perfect for moisturizing your hands and nails! The soft cloth keeps you moisturized in your gloves and gives you a moist and smooth hand.

I don’t use these moisturizing gloves much because they sometimes get too warm and make my palms itchy, but it can be good gifts as a price.

Besides it has touch screen capable fabric in the index fingertip, so you can play your phone or tablet without taking off.

Moisturizing heel socks

moisturizing heel socks,100 yen shop

I like these moisturizing heel socks, especially in the wintertime.

My heels are often dried and cracked, but I don’t like sleep wearing socks covers whole feet, so I am pretty happy when I found these in CAN☆DO. (Love the color too.)

I apply moisturizing cream on my heels and put these before going to bed every night. To me, it works but a non-slip rubber inside socks fro preventing slipping off doesn’t work sometimes.

I like heel socks because it protects from uncomfortable feeling when dry skin touching the bedding sheet.

Nail items

nail items, 100 yen shop

There are numerous types of nail polishes on offers in each 100 yen stores, DAISO, Seria, and CAN☆DO. For those who DIY nailing, 100 yen-nail polishes are beautiful cost and colors.

Some nail polishes often get Japanese cosmetic awards for several years, so you don’t have to worry about this quality.

The 100 yen-polishes have steadily evolved as the fashion trend of nail design, and the variety is increasing.

nail polish, 100 yen shop

“Salon Enamel Nail” has been loved among 100 yen shop geeks in Japan for many years.
A thick, short brush that allows the nail polish to reach the edge of the nail in one application, making it easy to apply.

nail items, 100 yen shop, 2

nail polish remover cover, 100 yen shop

I love 100-yen nail polish remover finger clips!!!

It’s pain to wrap each finger with the foil, but I relieved the stress after using these. 

Although I don’t do “Gel nail”, I use these because I apply 2 or 3 coats of nail polish and complete with topcoat. 

Items I may buy next time…

silicon gel makeup sponge, 100 yen store

I haven’t decided yet to start using silicone puff, but it’s just cute!

It will be more economical, hygienic, and easy to look after than sponge puff.

But for now, I use mineral powder foundation though! (lol)

whipper for facial cleaner, 100 yen shop

I am a lazy person so I was not sure I would use this or not, but I may want it after I saw it made the fluffy marshmallow facial cleanser.

This whip maker instantly transforms any facial cleanser into a fluffy and rich foam.

Put the cream on the handle, put on the lid, press up and down for only 20 seconds.

You can imagine an instant cream whipper manually operated.

I just bought “powder face wash” in Japan, so maybe I should have bought this.

The Item I never buy…

face massage roller, 100 yen shop

I have a massage tool already, but it doesn’t have a handle, so I thought it was going to be handy, but it’s squeaking while rolling on my face and it ruined my skin.

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At Last…

Even just looking at beauty products is so fun and exciting?!

I don’t buy cosmetics due to my sensitive skin but I don’t say it is because of qualities.

As researching reviews from 100-yen cosmetic geeks, there are differences according to each skin condition.

Since 100 yen cosmetics are the price and hardly contain “expensive ingredients”, but many products contain essentials for moisturizing the skin, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

In Japan, there is a “Ministerial Ordinance on Post-Sales Safety Management Standards for Pharmaceuticals, Quasi-drugs, Cosmetics, and Medical Devices”, and Japanese manufacturers (including imported products) must manufacture or import according to these standards.

You can find eye-colors, cheeks, lips, cons concealers, mascaras, skin lotions, serums…at 100 yen stores if you like a try!

I know I am insistent, but don’t forget to bring cash with you for 100 yen store shopping!

You don’t know where ATM is???

new ideas for 8 beauty products at 100 yen stores in japan

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