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NARITA ANIME DECK & ROAD Is Opened At Narita International Airport

Narita Anime deck and road guide Travel Guide

If you love Japanese “Anime” & “Manga” culture, it is good news!

You might already know about “Narita Anime Deck” and “Narits Anime Road” which has just opened 28th November 2019.

Three companies, Anime Tourism Association, KADOKAWA, Narita International Airport Corporation, had cooperated to produce Narita anime road for contributing to making Japan where people around the world would like to visit.

The Location

“Narita Anime Road & Deck” is located on the second floor, Narita International Airport terminal 2.

The location is outside of the security area, so anyone can visit there freely although you don’t use the airport.

Opening hours

Narita Anime Road and Deck are opened from 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m.

Narita Anime Road

narita anime road, narita airport

Worldwide popular Anime characters such as Case Closed, Attack on Titan with the Japanese iconic seasonal sights welcome fans at the 60 meters (above 65 yards) long hallway.

This will be the highlight of your trip to Japan to take pictures with the country of “Anime & Manga” where you are.

Gift Shop

character goods shop, narita anime deck

There is a merchandise shop that wide selection of “Anime” “Manga” characters goods from classics to trends, and also there are limited goods that you can find only in the “Narita Anime Deck”.

  • Stationaries
  • T-shirts
  • Acrylic key chain accessories
  • Towels
  • travel items

capsule toy, gacha, kura sushi

Besides, you can enjoy capsule toys Maschine (Gachagacha in Japanese) and crane games.

You may get the favorite character if you are lucky!

Food Court

the japan

The concept of the food court in “Narita Anime DecK” is “Japanese festivals” to bring you the extraordinary experience.

The recommended menu are…(according to the official web site)

  • Nikujaga (Japanese style Pot-au-feu)
  • Potato salad
  • Roasted vegetables and sausage
  • “Neon Genesis Evangelion” The egg omelet on Yakisoba
  • Japanese-style meatball bento box
  • “BUNGO stray dog” Omurice (Omelet and rice)
  • “Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another” hamburger set (with 5 freezer bags as a freebie)

The interiors and decorations are based on “Japan”, the things you imagine “Japanese things” such as Chochin-the red lanterns, Noren-the door curtain, Torii-the red gates, and fireworks.

Entertainment Cafe

the maid, omurice, maid cafe

A cute waitress in maid costumes serves “kawaii food dishes” such as doodles with tomato ketchup on the *omurice, anime characters of cafe latte art.

If you want to have an experience of “Maid cafe” but you don’t have time or feel hesitant to go there, this one is a kind of “light-service version” compared with an authentic maid cafe, so that everyone can enjoy “kawaii” maids and foods.

*“Omurice” is a staple of Japanese food, is typically egg omelet (sometimes very fluffy) and ketchup-flavored fried rice.

Japanese Anime No.0 Spot

As part of the “Japan Anime 88 stops” promoted by the Anime Tourism Association, Narita International Airport has certified as “No. 0 spot” (the start point) since April 2018, there is the bulletin board to introduce local certified spots nationwide.

“Japanese Anime 88 spots” is the pilgrimage for Japanese Anime & Manga fans to visit the certified location across the country related to scenes in beloved Anime & Manga.

My Report 2020

I visited “Narita Anime Deck & Road” in March 2020, I reported what’s in there on this page with many pictures.

Narita Anime deck and road guide

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