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Nagoya Meshi Guide; Teppan Spaghetti Report

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Hi, I am Rico from Nagoya, Japan, and I am “Nice to meet you”, please read these posts.↓↓↓↓↓

I talk about “Nagoya Meshi”, HERE.

I talk about “Teppan Spaghetti” HERE.

I talk about “ESCA” HERE.

So, I went to “Kissa Rich” at ESCA at Nagoya station in February 2020. To give you a hint of Teppan Spaghetti, I am going to report today.

Kissa Rich

Kissa Rich, ESCA, sign

“Kissa Rich”(喫茶リッチ) has been around since ESCA opened in 1971.
Not only the signature dish, “Teppan Napolitan”, but you can also enjoy Japanese-Western-style cuisine (called “Yosyoku”-洋食 dishes such as Panko Deep-fried shrimp, hamburg (the Japanese meatball) steak, and curry rice.

phrase 44

“Kissaten Food” which is served at old-fashioned Kissaten is not hot items, but the current “nostalgia” trends, old-fashioned Kissaten and food attract Millenials.

Due to the good location for Shinkansen users, Kissa Rich is always busy and you can see many people order “Teppan Napolitan”.

“Morning Set” and “Ogura toast” are also the popular menu in Kissa Rich.

Ta-Da! This Is The Teppan Napolitan In Nagoya, Japan

Kissa Rich Menu, Teppan Italian, Set, ESCA (1)

According to general information, the seating capacity is for 68 customers, but space looks densely.

Well, eateries in underground malls in Japan are generally too many seats in tiny spaces, so I am not surprised.

A girl brings 3 must items for “Teppan Napolitan” after ordering. TABASCO hot sauce, Grated Parmesan cheese shaker, and Japanese Worcester sauce.

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This dish is called differently for each Kissaten, and in Kissa Rich, it is called “Teppan Napolitan”(鉄板ナポリタン). In other names, “Teppan Italian”(鉄板イタリアン) or “Teppan Spaghetti”(鉄板スパゲッティ) is very common in the Nagoya area.

Kissa Rich, Teppan Napolitan, Italian, ESCA (1)

This is Teppan Napolitan. The spaghetti with ketchup-based sauce laid on a semi-cooked beaten egg on a hot iron plate.

The ingredients are “red wieners”, green Japanese bell peppers, onions, green peas, mushrooms.

This “red wieners” make Japanese customers nostalgic and comfortable, I talk it about in the next section.

Teppan Italian, Naporitan, Kissa Rich, ESCA (1)

One of the features of Teppanyaki Napolitan is commonly used thick noodles. A kindly chewy noodles are entwined in the ketchup-based sauce and it has a satisfying all tastes.

You may feel the sauce strong, but it will be well balanced once eating with egg.

This serving style using the “Teppan” iron plate is the Nagoya Style, so the spaghetti never gets cold until finish eating.

Why Japanese Worcester Sauce Is In Must Items?

Japanese phrase 27

By the way, Japanese Worcestershire sauce aka Japanese Worcester sauce is quite different from what you think. It is sweeter, mild vinegary, and tasty itself. (More details, Read Here.)

And the reason why it is a must item of Teppan Napolitan is that my parents’ age (about 70s) tends to dress Japanese Worcester sauce (or soy sauce) on many dishes.

Today, many international seasonings and dressing sauces are easy to get, but not many were available a few decades ago, so middle-aged and older people did not have many options.

Some people are still preferred dressing Japanese Worcester sauce, this is why. It’s one of creature habit.

That’s I think.

Japanese Red Wieners

Takosan wiener, Bento, Caraben, Japanese food

If you have ever seen the Japanese TV series, Midnight Canteen, or Midnight Diner, you may know “Red Wieners” already. The Yakuza guy “Ryu”(竜) often eats “Red wieners” shaped octopus in several scenes in the TV series. (Midnight Canteen Series1, ep1 / Series2, ep1)

“Red wiener” is called “Aka (i) Wiener”-赤(い)ウインナー, it is unique products in Japan.

We call sausages just “Wiener” and pronounce in Japanese “Wu inner”.

red wieners, unique Japanese products, Japanese food

It was invented in the middle of the Showa period when high-quality materials were not available. Wiener sausages made of low-quality material were poorly colored. To hide it, the red wiener was made by adding “red pigment” to make it look tasty. Also, in the marketing strategy, the Japanese likely paid attention to the red color, and it was thought that sales would increase.

Today, it has supported by many Japanese people as a staple bento item or as easy nibbles. It may be recognized overseas as a food unique to Japan through Anime & Manga.

Colorants used in Red Wiener include cochineal Red No. 102 and No. 3. In addition, additives have been added.

Raw materials are generally pork and chicken, but some products include fish paste.

Having said that, personally, I like other kinds of sausage, besides my Mom didn’t use red wiener for my Bento, so I don’t feel its nostalgia.

Off-Topic; Why The Sausage Is Called “Weiner” or “Wiener Sausage” In Japan

45, Japanese Phrase

Typically, when Japanese people think of “Wiener sausage”, it’s the most popular and small-sized sausage in Japan.

Its roots go back to the time of World War I. It is said that five German sausage skilled craftsmen taught how to make sausages for Japanese people, this is why the Japanese call Vienna sausage “Wiener(- a German term) Sausage” in Japan.

According to Japanese standards, “Wiener sausages” use sheep casings in diameter of less than 20 mm, “Frankfurt sausages” use pig casings in diameter of more than 20 mm, and less than 36 mm. “Bolonia sausages” must use cow casings in diameter greater than 36 mm.

wiener sausages, Japan

However, in ordinary life, we just call “Wiener” (ウインナー) or “Sausage” for the small Vienna-style sausage.

The General Information

Recipt, Kissa Rich, ESCA (1)

Address; 6-9 Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

Business hours; 7:00-20:30

No regular holidays (Following ESCA’s business calendar)

Teppan Napolitan ¥980 (Extra noodles + ¥150)


Kissa Rich is very popular and good Kissaten food! because of the location, (ESCA is near Shinkansen ticket gates), it’s easy to stop before boarding Shinkansen. If you have Japan Rail Pass, you can get off Nagoya and try “Teppan Naporitan” at Kissa Rich, and then get on Shinkansen!

Also, you can try “Ankake Spaghetti” and also “Ogura Toast”.

Teppan Napolitan Report, Kissa Rich, Nagoya station, ESCA, Nagoya, Japan, Japanese food, Nagoyameshi

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