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Nagoya Japan Travel Guide; Chubu Centrair International Airport

Nagoya travel guide, Chubu centrair international airport Travel Guide

Chubu (Nagoya) International Airport aka “Centrair”(セントレア), its code is NGO, is the main gateway for the central region of Japan.

If you’re going to or consider to visit Chubu region and want to know how to get to downtown Nagoya, read my informative guide.

Chubu “Centrair” International Airport

chubu international airport

In World Airport Rating of Skytrax, the staff service and airport facility qualities are certified as “THE WORLD’S 5-STAR AIRPORTS” which is the highest level.

It offers 24-hour take-off and landing, as well as international flights all across Asia, the United States, and Northern Europe. Transfers to domestic or international flights are also very convenient.

• The direct flights from the US

Delta Air Lines offers direct flights from Detroit, Atlanta, and Honolulu to Nagoya, Centrair.

Centrair Is Not Only The Airport

The airport is built on a man-made island in Tokoname city, lots of visitors go to have just fun in the facilities there.

Centrair airport itself has full of attractions such as shopping malls, eateries, convenience stores, a huge “gashapon machine” corner, the hot spring, and “Boeing aviation attraction”.

On the “sky deck”, airplane geeks often take pictures, and kids are jumping around, couples are enjoying the feeing sea breeze

Moreover, you can participate in a “segway guide tour” to tour around in the airport as the unique experience of Japan if you have time. (About 1-hour tour includes the lesson time.)

The food court on the 4th floor is another charm of the airport, you can enjoy not only “Nagoya meshi” but also many food selections filled up your appetite.

boeing 787, dreamliner, airplane

As the new attraction, “FLIGHT OF DREAMS” has been catching airplane geeks’ hearts which is the aviation attraction promoted by Boeing and Centrair,

The first 787 Dreamliner (ZA001) is displayed inside the building, giving you a unique experience of sitting in the cockpit, taking pictures of huge engines, and enjoying spectacular projection mapping shows.

The Fastest And Comfortable Airport Shuttle; Meitetsu Myu Sky

myusky meitetsu

The fastest way to get to Nagoya station is the Nagoya Railway aka “Meitestu”(名鉄).

Meitetsu line is directly connected to the airport and main stations such as Nagoya, Kanayama, Ichinomiya, and Gifu.

There are two types of trains, one is local trains (include rapid trains) and another is the airport shuttle called “MyuSky”.

Myu Sky takes only 28 minutes to Nagoya station and it’s just easy, comfortable, and fast.

It also stops Kanayama station which is another terminal in Nagoya.

Myu Sky doesn’t go to Downtown Sakae directly. To get to downtown Sakae, take Higashiyama line (Yellow Line) of Nagoya subway from Nagoya station to Sakae(栄), taking only 5 minutes.

How To Buy A Ticket

You are required to buy a My sky ticket (a train ticket + an additional fee) and reserve a seat.

To get a ticket for “Myu Sky”, go to the manned booth next to train gates. You can buy a ticket from a ticket vending machine, but it is too complicated even for me, so I don’t recommend the way for you.

When using the prepaid transportation card such as Manaca, Toica, Suica, you need to pay the extra fare (¥360) and reserve a seat to get on Myu Sky via a special machine or a manned booth.
This is also the way I don’t recommend, it’s confusing. I tried it once, couldn’t figure out.

A railway officer always comes to check your ticket on the train, please get on Myu Sky with the right ticket.

Don’t forget the ticket after passing through the gate. You need the ticket to get out of the Nagoya station.

There are only two platforms at the airport station, check the electric bulletin board and find your train.

Buy “Myu Ticket” Online

Now, you can buy “Myu Ticket” which is the ticket for Myu Sky ride ONLINE.

Check it out here.

Don’t Get Confused Among “Myu Sky”, “The Airport Limited Express”, And “Others”

A little complicated thing is that there are many types of Meitetsu trains, besides, another airport express called “Kuko Kaisoku Tokkyu” outside of Myu Sky.

“The airport limited express”-“Kuko Kaisoku Tokkyu”(空港快速特急) is different from “Myu Sky”(ミュースカイ).

Fu tsu u普通Regular train (stop all stations)
Jyun Kyu準急Semi special express train
To kkyu特急Limited express train
Kaisoku tokkyu快速特急Rapid limited express train
Kuko Kaisoku Tokkyu空港快速特急The airport limited express
(the first two cars are first-class)
Myu SkyミュースカイThe airport shuttle

Simply, the airport limited express is like the express train toward the airport attached the first-class cars so regular commuters also use the train.

For getting on a regular car, you need to pay just regular ticket fare, but you need to pay the additional fare(¥360) for the first class.

In other words, you need to pay extra fare to reserve a seat as well as Myu Sky.

So, What Are The Benefits To Use “Myu Sky” And “Airport Express”

So you can save ¥360 if you jump on regular trains.

I like My Sky just because it is the fastest to get to Nagoya, a comfortable seat, quiet (because most passengers are airport user only), baggage storages, and clean bathrooms.
Although I have to wait, we choose Myu sky.

The seat on the first class of “the airport limited express” is OK but not good as Myu Sky.

I and my husband rarely use regular trains because we have 4 big suitcases, 2 carry-on, and each backpack… so you know how much we will feel guilty.

Nagoya Railway official site

Airport Shuttle Bus To Sakae, Downtown Nagoya

If you want to go to Downtown Sakae(栄) directly, you can also use the Meitetsu Airport Limousine Bus to get to major stops, Sakae(栄), Fushimi(伏見), Nagoya Station(名古屋駅) in downtown Nagoya.

The bus leaves Platform #6 of the Centrair Bus Terminal and costs ¥1,600, you can but a ticket at the ticket counter at the airport.

Airport Shuttle Bus To Other Regions

Since Chubu Centrair International Airport is the main gateway to the central region of Japan, the network of airport shuttle buses provides good access to the surrounding areas of Aichi prefecture, making it easy to reach your destination directly.

• Major Destinations From The Airport

  1. Takayama City
  2. Kyoto Station
  3. Mie Prefecture
  4. Shizuoka Prefecture

Head To Mie Prefecture???

“The High-Speed Boat” is convenient to get to Mie prefecture from the airport which connects directly Tsu city(津市) in Mie prefecture and the airport.

Travelers who plan to visit Ise•Shima area wherein Ise Jingu Shrine, Toba aquarium are located or Nara prefecture.

*To travel around Mie, Nara, Southern Kyoto from Mie Prefecture, Kintetsu Railway is a better choice rather than JR lines. So if you consider to buy Japan Rail Pass, better not use “High-Speed Boat”.

Taxi Is Not A Smart Way To Downtown???

When taking a taxi from the airport to Nagoya station, it costs approximately ¥16,000. If it is between 10: 00 pm and 5: 00 am, 20% additional fare is charged.

When sharing with your friends, make sure all suitcases fit in a trunk.

Tokoname City

manekineko, ceramic, Japan

“Tokoname city”(常滑市) on the Chita Peninsula(知多半島) by Chubu International Airport is well-known as one of the ceramic cities in Japan called “Tokoname Yaki” and also as the “Maneki Neko” figures.

Tokoname Yaki is the signature ceramic of Tokoname city, has a good reputation for its “redware” and fine Japanese teapots.

Tokoname city, Tokoname Yaki, Ceramic, Footpath, Aichi, Japan

Walking Pottery Footpath is the most popular activity among visitors, there are two footpaths to enjoy Tokoname Yaki heritage. Take pictures at photogenic spots such as narrow streets lined with very black wooden houses, the ceramic water pipe walls and the path, ceramic Shochu bottles.

The big shopping mall, AEON MALL Tokoname, is near the airport, and you can enjoy the final shopping if you have enough time at the airport. Easy to get to by using the free shuttle bus to the mall!

Accommodations Near Centrair

There are several hotels around the airport that you want to know about. These hotels are connected to the access strips, so you don’t have to leave the building. (You must walk outside the access strip to get to the hotels.)

Also, these hotels offer shuttle bus services from the bus terminal.

  1. Centrair Hotel
  2. Hotel Toyoko Inn Chubu Int’l Airport (NO.1, No.2)
  3. Comfort Hotel Central International Airport
  4. Four-point by Sheraton Nagoya Chubu Central International airport

If you want the simple, comfortable, and unique stay in the airport, there is a capsule hotel that has been trending for travelers. You can use only for comfortable rest from 1 hour.

  • TUBE sq


Chubu International Airport is actually a great airport, very clean, compact, great service and facilities, even you don’t get bored.

Nagoya has been kicked out of the Japan trip bucket list by international travelers, well it’s true there are more attractive cities such as Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, but it means the airport is not as busy as Narita, Haneda, and KIX, easy access to Downtown.

Have you ever think that Nagoya can be the base due to the location on the main island.

Moreover, the central region is a hidden gem for travelers who like Japanese culture and tradition.

Especially if your nearest airport has a direct flight to Nagoya centrair, read my Nagoya travel guide and find out what you can do!

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