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Nagoya Japan Highlights; Nagoya Travel Information And Tips

nagoya Highlights Travel Guide

Nagoya(名古屋), Japan, is has been getting low reputations from inside and outside of Japan, (yes even from the Japanese travelers), but today I am going to challenge myself to introduce my second home.

(Also my Mom’s birthplace.)

Nagoya is the fourth largest city in Japan, the biggest city in the central region, well-developed transportation networks, huge shopping malls underground of Nagoya station, and Downtown, moreover, Nagoya is the hidden foodie’s town.

Despite the compact city for sightseeing, in other words, you can have a full day of attractions and delicious culinary.

Nagoya is located between Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka on Tokaido Shinkansen line (The golden route), moreover, if you have the “Japan Rail Pass”, just hop off and on for a day.

You can have Nagoya Meshi even only in Nagoya station.

Also, Nagoya is surrounded by popular sightseeing spots such as Ise Shrine, Takayama city, Toyota city.

For “Automobiles & Manufacturing Industry” geeks, Nagoya can be the interesting city.

Don’t forget that “the Ghibli Park in Nagoya” is planning to be completed for the opening in 2022.

Now, you understand why you should know Nagoya!

The Major Access To Nagoya City


The gate for Nagoya and the central regions is Chubu Centrair International Airport aka Centrair.

In World Airport Rating of Skytrax, the staff service and airport facility qualities are certified as “THE WORLD’S 5-STAR AIRPORTS” which is the highest level.

The major airlines are Asian countries and Finland, as well as Honolulu, Detroit, Guam in the United States.

So if you want to save on your flight budget, check out Centrair as your destination. It may be cheaper than going to Tokyo or Osaka.

Centrair is available for easy access to downtown in Nagoya, such as trains and the airport shuttle bus.

How To Get From The Airport To Nagoya Station

The fastest way to get to Nagoya station is the Airport Rapid Limited Express “μ-SKY” (Myu Sky) operated by Nagoya Railroad aka “Meitetsu”, which takes 28 minutes to get to the city.

The Japan Rail Pass is not covered Myu Sky and other Meitetsu lines.

Go to the Meitetsu ticket booths located at the railway gate. You can buy a ticket via a ticket vending machine, but I don’t recommend it because it is so confusing. Trust me, I am Japanese but I always buy Myu Sky tickets from the manned booth.


The famous bullet train aka Shinkansen probably is quicker access from the west and the northeast to Nagoya Station.


  • From Tokyo…about 90 minutes (by Nozomi Shinkansen)
  • From Osaka…about 60 minutes/From Kyoto…about 30 minutes

Tokaido Shinkansen map

As I mentioned, Nagoya(名古屋) is on the “Tokaido Line”(東海道本線) of Shinkansen line, which connects other popular sightseeing cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka•Hakata. Because of this, International visitors call the Tokaido line “the Golden Route”. When thinking about visiting cities on the Golden route or other further cities using Shinkansen as transport, check out the benefits of “Japan Rail Pass”, it may work saving budgets and time.


If you want to cut the budget, there are highway bus networks from major cities offered several companies.

It’s much reasonable compared with Shinkansen, but it consumes your precious time.

  • Tokyo – Nagoya… about 6 hours
  • Osaka – Nagoya…about 3 hours during a day, about 5 – 7 hours for an overnight bus

3 hours by bus from Osaka to Nagoya. With a night bus, it will take 5-7 hours to adjust your arrival time. This is Japanese hospitality that ensures passengers are not stuck because there is no service at the destination.

Local railways connect Nagoya and suburbs such as other cities in Aichi, Gifu, Mie prefectures.

  1. JR Lines (Aichi, Gifu, Mie)
  2. Nagoya Railroad aka Meitetsu (Aichi, Gifu)
  3. Kintetsu Railway (Mie)

Transportation In Nagoya City

Major transportation systems in the city are  “Nagoya City Subway” and “Nagoya city or Meitetsu buses”.

For getting around the compact city, the subway covers most of the popular spots. Not like massive subway systems in Tokyo & Osaka, Nagoya city subway is very easy and friendly-walking distances for changing lines.

The mainline is the “Higashiyama (Yellow) line”, which is connected downtown•Sakae and Nagoya station.

The Sightseeing Route Bus “Me~guru”

Nagoya is a full day enough to see around, so you may want to get around smoothly between sightseeing spots.

There is the sightseeing route bus aka “Me~guru” that the golden bus takes you 11 attractions.

Useful Travel Passes In Nagoya

The Prepaid Transportation Card

When you arrive in Japan, I highly recommend purchasing a prepaid transportation card. There are 10 types of cards issued by railway companies, but they are compatible, so you won’t have any trouble traveling anywhere in Japan. You can also use it for shopping.

Japan Rail Pass

There are several reasons you should buy Japan Rail Pass if you stay in Nagoya.

  1. There are many attractive places to visit outside of Nagoya
  2. JR lines effectively cover in the central regions
  3. You can use the special limited expresses such as Wide View Hida and Shirasagi for Kanazawa with Japan Rail Pass
  4. You can visit Kyoto and Osaka bu Shinkansen, can be a day-trip.
  5. You can go to next destination easily by Shinkansen from Nagoya

Nagoya Subway Passes

Shoryudo Welcome Cards

Don’t Miss Nagoya Local Delicacies

Nagoya government has been emphasizing “Nagoya Meshi” as the secret weapon to attract visitors. Many places have redeveloped as foodie’s spots in the past 10 years.

Actually, “Nagoya Meshi”- the local unique cuisines that originated in Nagoya and other regions in Aichi prefecture, has been trending among Japanese people.

There are Japanese tourists who visit Nagoya only with “Nagoya Meshi”, Nagoya is well-known as a foodie town for Japanese people.

While Osaka’s gourmet is the quality of its ingredients and most foods are already a tradition, “Nagoya Meshi” is very unique and creative.

Learn “Nagoya Things To Do”



Explore Outside Of Nagoya

Nagoya Local Manners

By the way, it has nothing to do with manners, but please be careful when driving a car in Nagoya. Drivers in Nagoya are (partly) known as “aggressive (impolite) driving”

Nagoya is located in the center of Japan and many immigrants are living. Therefore, people are so mild and not stubborn about rules. (In my opinion. ) They can adjust rules relays on sometimes the west side, sometimes east side.

nagoya Highlights

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