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My Home Izakaya; Make IZAKAYA COCKTAILS With Homemade Lemon Syrup

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Lemon sour is still popular in Japan, but recently a new lemon sour called “HAKKO LEMON SOUR” made of “fermented lemon” has appeared.

I tried to make “fermented lemon” but my attempt failed.

When I was looking at these poor lemons, I hit the idea to make lemon syrup made with only lemons and sugar.

So, I didn’t go with “Hakko Lemon Sour”, but I made the lemons turned into a delicious homemade lemon syrup for those who want to sweeten Japanese lemon sour.

Today, I want to share homemade lemon syrup, and I still want to try making “fermented lemon” someday.

This lemon syrup is really rich and so delicious with natural clean sweetness.

I am not bragging about or blogging about “homemade lemon syrup” deeper because it’s super easy to make and I think it is not so special to talk about.

Grab the organic non-wax lemons or pick up the fresh lemons from your yard, just make this!


  1. Use organic non-wax lemons because this recipe uses whole lemons.
  2. Sanitize a jar by boiling it or use boiled water
  3. Use sugar that you already have in your kitchen. I use brown raw sugar. (If you want vivid lemon-yellow color in the syrup, use white sugar.)
simple homemade lemon syrup

Homemade Lemon Syrup For Sour Cocktails

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
Perfect for all your needs! This lemon syrup is really rich and so delicious with natural clean sweetness. Only 2 ingredients-lemons and sugar.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Pickling time 7 days
Total Time 7 days 10 minutes
Course Condiments
Servings 12 servings (tablespoons)


  • 1 clean jar


  • 2 organic unwaxed Lemon
  • raw cane sugar ** Equal amount of lemon


  • Wash and rinse lemons thoughtfully.
  • Slice up lemons without peeling.
    *If you want to remove the biiter flavor, use peeled lemons.
  • Line the bottom of a sterilized jar with sugar, alternating lemon slices with sugar.
  • Cover lemon slices with sugar at the last and close with a lid.
  • Place the jar in a cool and dark place or store it in a refrigerator.
  • After a few days, mix once a day with a clean spoon. When the sugar is completely dissolved in about 1 to 2 weeks, it's done.


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So, why not make lemon sour with this homemade lemon syrup?

Just add 1 teaspoon of homemade syrup to My popular Japanese-style lemon sour.

Homemade Japanese-Style (Dry) Lemon Sour

Craving a refreshing lemon cocktail? But, away from the stylish sweet one? Here’s the Japanese Izakaya dry Lemon sour recipe. Fresh lemons infused in Shochu or vodka (need ABV right?) brings a tangy zing to this classic Japanese popular Izakaya drink! Making frozen lemon flesh ice, it’ll never be watery. Super-easy to make, better to try this summer! Since it is dry lemon sour, it goes perfectly with Japanese cuisine.


You can make authentic SHOCHU sour made of genuine Japanese shochu at home.

(*My lemon sour is made of vodka because of the cost performance.)

Add homemade lemon syrup to SHOCHU sour if desired.

*The Best Japanese Shochu To Make Lemon Sour (Lemon Chu-Hi) AT HOME

Add 1 tbsp of lemon syrup to dry whiskey highball…

Japanese Izakaya “Highball”

The Japanese Highball is a little far away from the classic highball cocktail at a stylish bar. “Highball” in Japan mainly often refers to “whiskey and soda” or sometimes “Shochu and soda”. Highball is really popular Izakaya drink as well as ice-cold draft beer, Chu-Hi, and lemon sour! RELAX, I want to introduce a “Japanese-style” whiskey highball but that doesn’t mean it is made of JAPANESE WHISKEY. So refreshing, dry, simple, fizzy, and fresh lemon, that’s all need!


Make easy Asian ginger dressing by substituting lemon syrup for sugar (or honey) in this recipe.

The all-purpose basic Asian Sesame dressing can easily bring authentic Asian (Japanese) flavor to your daily vivid salad. By using Japanese / Korean toasted sesame oil and high-quality toasted sesame seeds, you can easily upgrade your dressing. Adding fresh garlic & ginger can be an Asian restaurant-grade flavor, and adding wasabi paste or powder, it’ll be Japanese Wasabi dressing to kick your nose.


McCola: Homemade Natural Cola Recipe

Homemade cola aka “Craft cola” is carefully made from raw materials. Moreover, you can make an organic cola drink that you know all ingredients in this refreshing sweet cola drink that everyone loves worldwide. With its exotic spice and hints of citrus, this “Craft Cola” is so refreshing and addictive. Add this aromatic delicate McCola to milk, coffee, tea, beer, gin, vodka, whiskey, and of course, rum to entertain your guests!



Spicy, zingy, but cozy! Add this authentic exotic spice kick that attracts you more than store-bought sweet ginger syrup: to your cozy hot drinks, refreshing sweet cocktails and sodas, yogurt, and ice cream! Even more, you can use this ginger syrup for cooking and baking.


Fresh-Squeezed Grapefruit & Spicy Tomato Jam Sour

It’s a mysterious delicious summer cocktail! So refreshing, the kind of drink you try to savor by sipping extra slowly while mixing the passionate color of grapefruits and tomato jam! Yet, always disappears quickly! Refreshing, still, tangy grapefruits, sweet grapefruits, citrusy grapefruits, sweet tomato jam, spicy jalapeno peppers…



Japanese highball is often called “sour” in Japan and very popular cocktail as a casual Izakaya drink. Japanese sour goes well with citrus fruit, well, that’s why the cocktail is called “sour”, and this recipe uses KINKAN fruit (kumquats fruits), a special seasonal sour cocktail. This is a dry Shochu highball recipe, but you can sweeten it if desired. Or, use Kinkan marmalade jam.


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