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Mayo-Yaki Baked Cod In Foil With Lemon

Mayo-Yaki Baked Cod In Foil With Lemon Food & Recipes

Baked cod in foil is my favorite easy, quick, and absolutely delicious way to cook fish, especially cod, halibut, and salmon.

This cooking method is very popular in Japanese home cooking-called Hoil (means aluminum foil,) Yaki (means grilling).

Especially for someone that doesn’t have a great fondness for cooking, this recipe will be perfect!

Also, it can be a fancy dinner when adding a variety of colorful veggies!

I make it at least twice a month since my husband started trying to change his diet.

He doesn’t like fishy fish, but he absolutely loves this dish all the time. Read carefully my Japanese cooking tip to remove the fishy taste from the fish.

Does Mayo Go Well With Fish?

Originally, in the birthplaces of mayonnaise such as Menorca, Mayonnaise has been widely used not only for salads but also for meat and seafood since ancient times.

The animal protein in seafood and mayonnaise (eggs) goes well together, and also vinegar taste in Mayonnaise helps reduce the greasy taste.

Also, Mayyonaise is made by emulsifying, it also can help to reduce the fishy taste while adding rich creamy flavor.

And no need to worry about your fish tasting like mayonnaise, moreover, it enhances the rich creamy savory flavor in the dish.

Why Japanese Mayonnaise?

Especially to use Mayonnaise for a seafood dish, I highly recommend using Japanese mayonnaise which uses only egg yolks.

As I said, animal protein in seafood and egg yokes (also animal protein) combines well and brings savory flavor to the dish.

According to Kewpie Corporation, Kewpie mayonnaise is used with about twice as much egg yolk as American mayonnaise, in fact, using only egg yolks gives a creamy and mellow savory taste.

Moreover, a unique cap of the Kewpie Mayonnaise bottle tube is easy to drizzle, without making a mess on the tube or your hand.

Salt Fish To Remove The Fishy Taste

Basically, you should not wash raw fish in your sink, besides, it is not necessary to rinse packaged fish already gutted and scaled.

For another reason, rinsing raw fish causes watery and easy to take apart while cooking.

The important keys to eating non-fishy fish, get fresh fish and eat it in the day ideally.

Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the fish fillets.

Due to osmotic pressure, the substance that causes the fishy taste will come out.

Tap dry all moisture from the fish with kitchen paper thoughtfully.

Change the paper a few times since all moisture causes the fishy taste.

However, do not leave the fish with salt for a long time, which also gets rid of rich flavor.

The mild fishy taste fish such as cod, halibut, mahi-mahi will be salted for 10 minutes, and the fish that have strong taste such as mackerel, sardines will be for 20-30 minutes.

Versatile Recipes

You can start adding this foil packet of fish into your weekly routine because it is the complete and EASY oven-baked foil fish dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, and besides, less cleaning.

Not only an easy quick recipe, but also, you can arrange this recipe with your favorite fish, veggies, and favorite spices.

However, don’t skip sliced onion.


  • Cod
  • Halibut
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Tilapia
  • Salmon
  • Red snapper
  • Sea bass
  • Flounder

Sauce & Seasonings

You can use butter for spreading on the foil, additionally, put 1 tbsp of butter on the fish.

I recommend my Authentic Teriyaki sauce top with it to twist flavor.

Also, you can find Asian fusion flavors from my Japanese-style sauce & dressing recipes.

Also, you can use Japanese tartar sauce instead of drizzle Mayo.


Mayo-Yaki Baked Cod In Foil With Lemon

Baked Cod In Foil With Lemon & Japanese Mayonnaise

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
Japanese mayonnaise can bring savory creamy flavor to the plain white fish. This cooking method is great for shortening cooking time while trapping any savory flavors. You can also arrange any of your favorite herbs & spices. For thicker or heavier pieces of fish, increase cooking time. To remove the fishy taste, check out the Japanese cooking tips in this recipe. Fancy seafood dinner with very little prep.
Course Dinner
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 1 person


  • 1 Cod fillet *About 6 oz
  • Pinch of salt
  • Fresh ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp Japanese sake / White wine
  • Japanese Mayonnaise
  • ¼ Onion *thinly sliced
  • 1 Lemon slice
  • ¼ Bell peppers *seeded and cubed
  • ¼ cup Sliced Mushroom
  • Chopped cilantro


  • Preheat it to 390 degrees.

Prepare Cod Fillet

  • Pinch of sale on both sides.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes. Then, then pat it as thoroughly dry as possible with paper towels.
    *Moisture is the cause of fishy taste. Pat dry the fish well while changing the paper towel until removing all moisture from the fish.
  • Season with pepper.
  • Take a sheet of foil, each about 18 inches long.
  • Oil the sheet of foil, or spray each sheet with non-stick cooking spray.
  • Place sliced onion, and then put the cod on it.
  • Drizzle or spread Japanese Mayo.
  • Lay the remaining veggies on the cod.
  • Drizzle Japanese sake/white wine.
  • Squeeze a sliced lemon and top with it.
  • Fold the foil onto itself, crimping the edges as tightly as possible.
  • Put the package in the baking dish.
  • Bake for about 20 minutes.
  • Remove from the oven and carefully unwrap the parcels. Spoon onto warmed plates and serve immediately.


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The Bottom Line

Find your way to switch ingredients to up the delicious fish in foil!

Sometimes I’ll drizzle homemade teriyaki/ BBQ/ Natto sauce over the fish, sometimes I go with a touch of cumin/ Italian herbs/ Chinese five spices, sometimes I’ll add oranges…the possibilities are endless for this super simple dinner!

I hope you enjoy this easy, simple, delicious, and healthy recipe!

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