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“Kanpai!” Toast with Matcha Green Beer On March 17th!

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! During this festival, the rivers, towns, and people will all turn green.

Speaking of green in Japan, yes, green tea! How about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with matcha beer on March 17th?

The fresh green scent of matcha makes like a nice-bitter IPA. Let’s make the spring night happy with your family and friends!

I will introduce how to make “Matcha beer” that is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Matcha Beer

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
Japanese green makes the special green beer for St. Patrick's Day!
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  • 2 grams Authentic Matcha Powder
  • 2 tbsp Beer (from the ingredient)
  • 1 bottle or can Lager Beer


  • Make Matcha with 2 tbsp of Lager beer you ready or using methods that I introduce in this post.
  • Fill a beer glass or a tall glass with beer.
  • Pour Matcha gently and slowly from the edge of the glass.
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The Basic Of Making Matcha Using Matcha Whisk

First of all, I will briefly explain how to make Matcha in an authentic way with a Matcha whisk called “Chasen”.

The Serving Size


The serving size of Matcha can adjust according to how strong you like.

If you want to drink strong Matcha, 5 grams (1.18 tsp) will be recommended for 40ml (2.7 tbsp) of hot water at 80 ℃ (176F). But, if you want to drink regular strength Matcha, 2 grams (1/2 tsp) to 70ml (2.4 fl oz) in hot water at 80 ℃.

How To Make Matcha With A Matcha Whisk

Before making matcha with a whisk, sift the matcha to remove any clumps.

Add hot water and use the whisk to mix the matcha on the bottom, then lift it a little from the bottom of the bowl and move the wrist back and forth to mix.

If a large bubble is formed, break it with a whisk to make the tea look beautiful.

A Matcha Whisk Substitute

To make authentic matcha is using a Matcha whisk which normally does not exist in ordinary households. However, there is also the disadvantage that it is troublesome to simply purchase a kit and make Matcha.

Here, you can easily make Matcha without using a Matcha whisk.

A Ordinary Whisk

You can easily make Matcha with an ordinary whisk at home. Simply, whisk the matcha.

Or it maybe better to make a Matcha paste with a little hot water first.

Add about a little hot water to melt the Matcha first, you can make it without clumps.

At this time, be careful not to use nice Matcha bowls to prevent scratches. Also, in order to make the foam as fine as possible, it is best to use a whisk with small sizes of a whisk and bowl.

A Blender

To make matcha using a blender, add matcha and hot water in a blender and blend them for 3 seconds as a guide.

Matcha becomes creamier as more foam. So if you want to make creamy Matcha, blend seconds longer. In this way, you can make a large amount at once.

A Spoon

Add sifted Matcha powder in a mug, pour a few drops of hot water, and make a paste with a spoon.
Kneading it first makes Matcha without clumps. Pour the rest of the hot water to complete.

The temperature of the water is 80 degrees.
Cold and room temperature water can not be used for making Matcha because it will easily become clumpy. If you want to make an iced matcha drink, make strong matcha with hot water and then cool it with ice.

A Milk Frother

A milk frother that allows you to easily make fluffy creamy form at home is also a very good tool for whisking matcha. Put the sifted matcha in a deep and large bowl, pour a cup of hot water, and whisk well with a milk frother to finish.

A Cocktail Shaker

Shakers, that the contents are mixed by simply shaking it lightly. Of course, you can use it for making Matcha.

A PET Bottle

You can enjoy delicious matcha by putting matcha in a clean empty PET bottle, adding lukewarm water, and shaking well.

Use Alcohol

Matcha Beer, Green beer, St Patrick's Day,

Whisking Matcha using alcohol instead of water, it’s easy to make smooth Matcha without clumps. So, when you make a “Matcha beer”, simply use 1-2 tbsp of beer.

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