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Japanese Tea 101; Start The Barley Tea Life For Wellness

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Do you know Barley tea?

It is a popular East Asian included Japan drink made from roasted barley. It’s prevalent throughout Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. Served both hot and cold, it has a light amber color and mild, toasted flavor with a hint of bitterness.

Barley tea in Japan, which is a refreshing taste with a rich roast aroma, is a staple summer beverage. Unlike coffee, black tea, and oolong tea, it does not contain caffeine. Good for those from kids to elders and the perfect night tea. In recent years, its health benefits have become more attractive.

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Improve Blood Circulation; Prevent Heatstroke

Barley tea not only quenching thirst but also improves blood flow. This is because “alkyl pyrazine,” which is a component of the aroma of barley tea, has the effect of improving blood flow.

According to the study, there was no particular change in blood before and after drinking mineral water, but drinking barley tea improved blood flow and the effect lasted until 60 minutes later.

Barley tea also contains GABA, which has a relaxing effect and a blood pressure-lowering effect, therefore it can be expected to improve blood flow and improve high blood pressure.

Prevent Your Body Overheating

Especially In the summertime or after active sports when you sweat, the amount of water in your body decreases, and the blood flow becomes muddy, which can cause blood clots. So, the incidence of cerebral infarction increases. Frequent hydration is important not only for cerebral infarction but also for heatstroke prevention.

The raw material for barley tea is barley which have a cooling effect on the body and is effective prevention for heat stroke. Besides, barley tea is rich in potassium which have a diuretic. It releases heat to the outside of the body along with urine, lowering body temperature.

Moreover, barley tea, which is non-caffeine and has no diuretic effect, is especially recommended for hydration in the summertime and after a hard workout.

Expect Its Antioxidant Effect

Barley tea has antioxidant properties which is the action of suppressing “Reactive oxygen species.”

“Reactive oxygen species” are considered to be factors that damage cells and cause various diseases such as cancer, stroke, arteriosclerosis, and myocardial infarction.

“Polyphenols” “anthocyanins” are known as the representative antioxidant contained in blueberries, tea catechins, and soy isoflavones are well known. Barley tea contains polyphenols such as “catechol” and “gentisic acid”, and like other polyphenols, it suppresses active oxygen and supports health.

However, green tea helps better antioxidant activity than Barley tea, so green tea is recommended for those who are particular about the antioxidant activity.

Protecting The Gastric Mucosa

When your stomach is inflamed because you eat too much spicy food or strong seasoning food, (or drink alcoholic beverages without food in the stomach,) “Allantoin” in barley tea protects the gastric mucosa and helps to heal inflammation.

You can have a glass of Barley tea, which not contain caffeine, even protects the mucous membranes without irritating the stomach.

Prevent Dental Disease

Barley tea also helps to prevent “biofilms” that cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.

“Biofilms” are clusters of microorganisms that stick to non-biological surfaces. Bacteria are protected by this membrane and multiply, causing tooth decay and periodontal disease. Barley tea has the anti-biofilm effect.

Also, Barley tea contains minerals. Minerals have a variety of functions, which are beneficial to the gums. Vitamins are not taken into the body without minerals and flow out of the body. Vitamin C can especially be expected for swelling of the gums and periodontal disease. Barley tea can promote vitamin C intake, making it a good drink for periodontal disease treatment.

How To Brew Barley Tea

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Whole Kernels

This type takes longer to brew but the taste is much more well-rounded and smoother.

If you have barley tea at home, I recommend the whole kernel type. Even the toasty aroma is very relaxing while brewing.


For those who want to easily enjoy the cold barley tea, the tea bag type can be recommended.

Also, reasonable when you brew litters of barley tea for you and your family.

Ito En is the famous green tea product company in Japan, and this item is a staple “Mugicha” tea bag for making a big batch of Mugicha during the summer season for kids at home in Japan.

This item has roasted specially for cold brew, (you can brew in regular way of course,) again, it is easy to make 1 litter-cold barley tea with reasonable price.

You don’t have time to brew whole kernel type but are carving to have barley tea immediately, use these teabags.

The brewing process is easy, I mean it is as same as other teabags, but rich flavor and aroma. The simple package is perfect for gifts. It will be a great gift for pregnant women and families with children.

How To Brew Barley Tea

Whole Kernels

Tips; Roast whole kernel barley tea until starting smoke before use if you want to enhance roast nutty flavor.

Use A Kettle

Put water and barley tea in a kettle (40-60g/1 L water) and allow it to boil. Reduce the heat to low just before it spills, simmer for 3 to 5 minutes, and turn off the heat. Steep it for a while, and when it gets cool, strain the tea. If you want deep rich flavor, steep for 15 minutes.
The bitterness is kind of the appealing point of barley tea, however, steep it too long brings misc miscellaneous taste.

If you don’t have a kettle, you can use any pot in the kitchen.

Use A Tea pot

Warm a teapot with boiled water. Put barley tea in a pre-warmed teapot (4 tbsp/500㎖) and pour boiling water. The lid on and steep for at least 5 minutes. Gently mix the tea with a spoon and pour it into a cup using a tea strainer.

To Make Ice Barley Tea From Tea Bags

Cold Brew

Apply 1 bag for 1 liter. Steep it in cold water in a container and keep it in the refrigerator. It will be ready in approximately 3 hours.

If you want to reduce the brewing time, put 1 bag in a heat-resistant container and pour boiled water until covering the bag just enough. Steep for a couple of minutes, and add cold water up to 1 liter. Keep it in the refrigerator.

Regular Brew

Put 1 L water and 1 bag in a kettle and allow it to boil. Steep it for 1-2 minutes. Let it cool and store in the refrigerator.

The Quick Conversion
  • 1 Liter of Water = 33.8 US fluid ounces
  • 40 Grams = 1/2 US Cup
  • 50 Grams = 2/3 US Cup
  • 60 Grams = 3/4 US Cup

Final Thoughts

Barley tea is a healthy drink and brings you many health benefits as well as other tea.

If you like Hojicha taste, definitely you love barley tea!

It is a good idea to brew barley tea deeply and make Barley tea Latte or “Mugicha”-Hi.

It is almost said the safe tea if you take barley tea appropriately, yet, read here to know about side effects.

What’s Hojicha?

“Mugicha-Hi” is a Japanese cocktail mixed with Shochu (or vodka) and barley tea. Commonly, people use “green tea”, “Hojicha” and “Genmaicha” as well as barley tea.

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