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Ebi Fry| Crispy Panko Deep-Fried Shrimp

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A popular Japanese shrimp dish that is breaded and deep-fried is called Ebi fry (Ebi Furai) in Japanese.

Ebi fry differs from another popular Japanese dish, shrimp tempura. Both are deep-fried dishes, but, the batter to coat the shrimp is different.

Ebi fry is used as the standard breading technicsfirst dredging the item with flour, dipping it in egg wash, and then finally coating it with breadcrumbs, contrary, shrimp tempura is dipped in a tempura batter made of a mixture of (cake) flour and cold water.

Generally, Ebi fry is served with shredded flat cabbage and Worcester/ tonkatsu sauce or tartar sauce/ lemon wedges.

How To Prepare Shrimp For Japanese-style Fried Shrimp

Besides, cut off the tips of the shrimp’s tail (1/8 inch), and then squeeze out of the inside water with a knife to reduce the risk of oil spatter during seep-frying for deep-fried shrimp dishes.

If you want to make Ebi Furai in a beautiful straight shape, follow the steps below.

Honestly, I don’t care whether they are straight or not, but Straightening the shrimp up makes ebi fry looks bigger and fancier.

How To Straighten The Shrimp

Since the shrimp round when it is cooked, we sometimes want to make the shrimp straighten to make it bigger and fancier.

It is a little pain, so you can skip this step, of course.

To straighten the shrimp, make a few 1/3 depth slits on the top and bottom sides vertically.

The depth slit is really sensitive, If it’s not deep enough, the shrimp will not be straight, but if it’s too deep, the body will be apart.

Next, hold the shrimp with both hands, and gently bend (or push) the back until you feel a “snap” with your thumbs.

The Recipe For Ebi Furai

Japanese-style Panko fried shrimp is a very simple dish, so you can create your recipe in several options, such as using the standard breading technique, or using the batter to coat Panko bread crumbles.

Also, you can use Italian bread crumbles instead of Panko.

In today’s recipe, I am talking about Japanese fried shrimps, so I use Japanese Panko with using the batter.

Speaking of the batter, I almost forgot deep-frying tips to make the ultimate Crispy deep-fried shrimps.

How To Keep Breading From Falling Off When Deep-Frying

As easy as breaded shrimp is to throw together, perfecting the technique can be tricky at first.

  1. First, pat dry cleaned shrimp with paper towels thoughtfully.
  2. Shake off the excess coatings. (Flour and egg wash). When you put too much flour or sparsely coated, the coatings will fall off easily.
  3. Pat The Coated Shrimp Well On All Sides
  4. Being Patient Before Touching The Breaded Shrimp

You may have experienced that breading falls off the shrimp.

Here are 4 tips to prevent breading from falling off.

Dry The Shrimp Well Before Dredging

The first step to breading shrimp is essential.

Make sure the shrimp is completely dry before starting the dredging. Using a paper towel, pat the meat dry on all sides.

Excess moisture will cause the flour to get soggy and will not adhere properly to the shrimp.

Shake Off Excess Flour & Egg Wash

Shake off any excess flour on the shrimp thoughtfully, and then, put it in the egg wash and shake off any excess egg wash.

Excess flour will prevent the egg wash from latching onto the shrimp, which eventually will cause breading away from stick properly.

Pat The Coated Shrimp Well On All Sides

Pat the coated shrimp down gently on all sides so that Panko bread crumble sticks to the egg layer.

Being Patient Before Touching The Breaded Shrimp

After the pieces are thoroughly placed in the hot oil, let them be for a while.

The more you touch them, the more likely the breading is to fall off.

Be careful not to touch or turn the shrimp too much.

japanese panko, ebi fry, deep dried shrimp, fried shrimp

Japanese Fried Shrimp “Ebi Fry”

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
Everybody loves fried shrimp dishes! A popular Japanese fried shrimp called Ebi Fry uses Panko bread crumbs, and is generally, served with shredded flat sweet cabbage. Read my other recipe about how to prepare shrimp, which brings the perfect fried shrimp with no fishy taste and fresh texture.
Course Appetizer, Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 2 servings


  • 1 lb Shrimps (Medium-Large) or your choice
  • Salt & pepper
  • 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (when using rice flour, it adds more crunchiness.)
  • 1-2 egg wash ( I add water to save egg…)
  • 2 and more cups Japanese Panko


  • Prepare shrimps and season salt and pepper lightly.
    *Read this post on how to prepare shrimp to remove the fishy taste and add fresh texture.
    Rico's Japanese Home Cooking Tips; Preparing Shrimp And How To Remove Fishy Taste
  • Gather ingredients for the standard breading process or make a batter if preferred.
  • Read my tips to prevent the breading from falling off.
    Dredge each piece in flour and shake off the excess, and then coat with egg wash, shake off excess egg wash.
  • Double-breading allows fried shrimp to be extra crispy.
    Lightly dip the shrimp in the egg wash bath again followed by another coat of Panko bread crumbs gently.
    Pat the shrimp thoughtfully gently for double coating.
  • Heat the oil to 170 to 180 C (340 to 350 F) degrees.
  • Gently place a few pieces- with plenty of space between-in the oil.
  • As soon as you see a golden rim appear around the side of the shrimp, flip the pieces. Deep-fry them for about total of 2-3 minutes.
  • Cool shrimps onto a cooling rack letting them stand with tails up to drain excess oil.


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Japanese Worcester Sauce For Ebi Furai

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