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Japanese Chilled Cup Cafe Latte; 5 Mt.RAINIER Series You Need To Try In Japan

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Do you know “Canned coffee” is the Japanese innovation in the 1970s?

Canned coffee is everywhere in Japan, and still constantly new products produced in the market.

Not only regular can-shapes, but there are also several types of bottled coffee drinks in Japan.

When I was a kid, canned coffees already around me, but I could drink black coffee only.

I always get feeling sick when having canned coffee with milk.

Since aluminum bottle-shaped coffee was debuted on the market, I like it, but I hardly purchase canned or bottled coffee.

But I often buy chilled cup coffee, “Mt. Rainier”, Morinaga Milk Industry products, which is the most popular in Japan.

Especially when I want to be relaxed or need sugar, I enjoy it.

Besides, it is said “Chilled cup drink” is also Japanese innovation.

Today, I am going to tell you the most popular chilled cup drink in Japan, Mt Rainier Series, and try some when you visit Japan.

Mt. Rainer Series

According to the official Morinaga Milk Industry (森永乳業) website, chilled cup coffee “Mt. Rainier Cafe latte” was released in 1993.

Morinaga Milk Industry is the major daily product company, especially leads the chilled cup products market.

In the early 90s, American coffee culture had introduced to Japan from Seattle. It’s called “Seattle-style coffee” or “Milkey coffee” in Japan such as “cafe latte” which made with espresso and rich milk.

It was a sensational new coffee for Japanese people, this was the moment many western-style coffee shops such as Starbucks, Tully’s coffee, Seattle’s Best coffee launched new stores in Japan!

Meanwhile, Morinaga Milk Industry inspired by the “to-go” coffee style in Seattle and invented chilled cup style cafe latte in Japan.

It was named “Mount Rainier” because it is a symbol of Seattle and the peace of mind of its inhabitants.

“Mt. Rainier” beverages continue to be loved as a soothing drink that brings a peaceful moment and makes people happy.

Cafe Latte

Mt Rainier, cafe latte, Japanese Drink

Simply, Mt Rainier Cafe Latte is the staple “chilled cup drink” in Japan. You can find it in stores across Japan, it has kept the top sales in the Japanese chilled cup market. The cafe latte made of rich espresso and plenty of rich milk in a chilled cup.

Yet, it has an espresso aroma but doesn’t have a strong coffee taste. This product is for people to enjoy the sweet and rich milky taste, especially for the coffee break.



Cafe Latte No-Sugar added

Mt Rainier, cafe latte, non sugar, Japanese drink

It uses coffee beans that have been carefully selected, and since it is sugar-free, it has a clear aftertaste.
You can enjoy delicious latte without worrying about calories.

79.2 kcal/240ml


Creamy Cafe Latte

Mt Rainier, cafe latte, Creamy, Japanese drink

The milk contains is 80% on the “Mt Rainier Creamy Cafe Latte” product, it has a nice mellow and rich, creamy milk taste.

Once you taste creamy cafe latte, the rich milky aroma attracts you. It is the perfect drink especially when you have a mood to taste cafe latte sweet and milk.

174 kcal/240ml


Cafe Latte With Extra Espresso

Mt Rainier, cafe latte, espresso, Japanese drink

If you want extra espresso taste, the “Mt Rainier Caffe Latte espresso” is one for you.
Slightly bitter taste, but still you can taste rich milk and nice sweet.

99 kcal/240ml


Seasonal Limited Edtion And Nippon Color Vives Campaign

Mt Rainier, sakura latte, Japanese drink

In 2020, Morinaga Milk Industry has been producing new flavors of Mount Rainier series expressing “Japan” under the theme of “Nippon COLOR VIBES” for overseas visitors.

Well, we expected Japan will be exciting because of the Tokyo Olympics but it postponed to July next year, so I am guessing the company still will be going to the Nippon color vives campaign.

“La la Sakura Cafe Latte” was the first “Nippon Color Vibes” product, sold from February through April. (The item is not available now.)

• What does “Sakura flovor” taste like???

Especially around the spring season, there are many “Sakura” flavored items on the market.

I know you are wondering what the sakura flavor taste like, but it is really hard to explain.

Even though Sakura means a Japanese cherry blossom tree, it doesn’t taste farther Cherry as you know. They are not the same kinds of trees.

sakura mochi

In Japan, the representative Sakura-cherry blossoms food is “Sakura Mochi”, it is a traditional Japanese sweet made with Domyoji-ko (crushed glutinous rice), and salted cherry blossom tree leaves.

We, the Japanese know its tastes and it is the staple spring taste for Japanese people, so we may consider salted cherry blossom leaf flavor as Sakura flavor in our head when thinking Sakura flavor.

It can be said the conditioned reflex.

But commercial “Sakura” flavored items like chilled cup drinks, ice cream, flavor tea, chocolates, it doesn’t taste even salted cherry blossom leaves, I would say, artificial floral taste.

enjoy sakura items in the spring time, Japan

It is not negative meaning, just we enjoy “Sakura” atmosphere and cute pinky color every spring season.


Lipton, matcha latte, Japanese drink

Lipton has also chilled cup products in Japan.

(Well, in fact, the Morinaga milk industry takes parts of producing and selling in chilled cup products of Lipton.)

It is the Lipton “Creamy” chilled cup drink series, I found “Matcha Latte” in the same section of Lala Sakura Cafe latte.

It is used “Uji Matcha”, the premium Matcha powder grown and produced in Uji region, Kyoto.

The rich Matcha aroma and flavor, dissolves in rich milk, giving it a creamy and a clear after-taste.

148 kcal/ 240ml


Do you enjoy my selection of chilled cup drinks in Japan???

Especially Mt Rainier products have been leading in the market, even Starbucks chilled cup products have a hard time taking the top sales.

(Well, it also related the prices.)

Moreover, each convenience stores sell their private bland products, and actually, it is taste really good and reasonable price.

Mt Rainier series have more flavors like

  • World Craft Latte
  • Deep Espresso
  • Decafe cafe latte
  • Cold Brew cafe latte

If you want to save the budget, go to grocery stores or drug stores to purchase Mt Rainier products, and you will get much cheaper than in convenience stores.

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