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The Informative Basic Guide; 100 yen stores in Japan isn’t only DAISO

Hyakuen shops is not only DAISO in Japan Travel Guide

I ❤ 100 yen stores in Japan soooooo much.

100 yen shop is “Hyakkin”( ひゃっきん) in Japanese, the most popular shop can be “DAISO” for overseas.

100 yen is about $1, a little less 1 UK pound, 1 Euro.

You don’t believe $1 quality stuff?

Believe me,

The quality of the items is not “CHEAP”.

Also, the designs are unique, stylish, well-made, and super-KAWAII at the price.

Overseas visitors often get impressed with its wide range of products such as…

  • ceramics/kitchenware
  • stationery/office supplies
  • homeware/garden supplies
  • toiletries/beauty supplies
  • and toys/games/novelty items

SOME websites talk about DAISO HARAJUKU only, yes, may be most famous for overseas visitors because of the store size and the location,

However, not only DAISO (in Harajyuku, Tokyo) in Jpan!

There are mainly top 3 100 yen stores, and

I am going to introduce overviews of top three 100 yen stores today.

  • Seria
  • CAN☆DO

japanese phrase 11

Daiso (3,200 stores)

daiso japan rico macconnell

“DAISO” is the most popular 100 yen store in Japan as well as overseas.

“DAISO” has many big-box stores throughout Japan, some branches occupy half of the retail floors in shopping malls.

The item range in DAISO is covered for men and women of all ages, you don’t have to hop stores to buy items, Daiso has everything all-you-need.

It’s like a home center for men, a candy shop for women and kids.

The price is mainly ¥100, but some items are more than ¥100 but less than ¥500.

So you may have to check it before putting in the basket.

daiso japan rico mcconnell 2

The 80% of “DAISO” merchandise is private bland which produced in own factories.

“Daiso Japan” has some stores overseas, so most of the item packages have product labels written in several languages.

Besides, if you look for “THE JAPANESE” goods for yourself or your friends, DAISO has a variety of “THE Japanese-like items” for foreign customers.

Do you want to take a peek through a DAISO store?

Seria (1,550 stores)

seria japan rico mcconnell

Items sold in “Seria” are more stylish, sophisticated, trendy, and fancy, which seems to target relatively young women.

Since the everlasting trends of Japanese women are the “stylish cafe-style” or “Scandinavian-style”, you may feel like you are shopping in stylish home goods stores or knick-knack shops once you step in Seria.

In fact, Seria becomes trendy SNS spots among Japanese women, and they constantly update new items that they get to exchange with SNS friends.

seria japan rico mcconnell 2

“Seria” sells mainly household items and DIY products so typical men may have to kill time if you get so excited to shop.

(But Seria has also enough home craft tools too.)

Only limited branches sell foods and snacks.

Actually, Seria is my favorite 100 yen store rather than DAISO,

because they have a wide range of super cute stationeries.

Can☆Do (1,001stores)

can do japan rico macconnell

“Can☆Do” has both benefits from “DAISO” and “Seria”.

Compared with the other two major 100 yen stores, “Can☆Do” sales floor is compact, usually stores are in the corner of the shopping center, not a private building.

It’s one of “CAN☆DO” marketing strategies, the target is customers who come daily shopping so CAN☆DO has minimum required items that all-generations, all-genders of customers.

Major items for gardening, handicrafts, stationery, food, cosmetics, and other simple items for men and women of all ages, and also stylish and fancy items for young women.

cando japan rico mcconnell 2

Not like DAISO, “Can☆Do” & “Seria” don’t produce private items, so you may often see the same items in both stores.

“Can☆Do” uses “Instagram marketing” as also another of the strategies to boost their sales, and constantly produces collaborative items with popular bloggers to take advantage of the effects of SMS marketing.

Locations (Google Map)

100 yen shops are all over Japan.

Tokyo Shinjyuku area


Kyoto area

Osaka Namaba area

Hiroshima area

Fukuoka city area

Okinawa Naha

Sapporo city area

Bring Cash

Almost all 100 yen stores do not accept credit card payment except for some major DAISO branches.

Make sure you have enough cash before going to 100 yen stores.

You can withdraw money without problems via ATM machines at Seven-eleven and Japan Post Bank (Yuucho-ゆうちょ).

japan post office

Japanese post office is called “Japan Post Office” (Yubinkyoku-郵便局) and it is also national bank in Japan.

You can find ATM machine inside of post office buildings.

japan post office, bank, yuucho


“100 yen shop hopping” is so fun if you like “Kawaii” staff.

Not only “Kawaii” fancy staff, you can find many unique gadgets that also gentlemen enjoy.

Anyway, everyone loves the price.

You can cut the budget for the Japanese gifts for your family and friends.

(Do you want to know about my tips for cutting budget of Japan trip? READ HERE.)

My favorite 100 yen shops are “Seria” and “Can☆Do”.

It is very fun to hop around different stores to find different items,

I go to the shops a few times a week while staying in Japan.

That’s why it goes over-budget all the time.

Hoping you are my 100 yen shop lover friends!

Hyakuen shops is not only DAISO in Japan

Do you want to know the “2020 trend” among Japanese 100 geeks?

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My Latest Ultimate Guide of 100 yen shop in Japan!

the best guide of 100 yen shops in Japan with my love

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