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How To Store Umeboshi: Need To Be Refrigerated?

How To Store Umeboshi: Need To Be Refrigerated Food & Recipes

Umeboshi, dried plum, which has a long history, is one of Japan’s representative preserved foods.

It can be a versatile ingredient in any dish, served with rice, or topped on a salad.

Despite it being called pickled Ume fruit, there are several tips that you may need to consider when refrigerating, freezing, or storing them.

Preserve Umeboshi By Salt Content

Umeboshi needs to be refrigerated?

Whether or not umeboshi lasts longer is related to the salt content.

The salt content of pickled Ume fruit is how much salt you use for salting them.

Basically, Umeboshi will not need to be refrigerated when it has 18 % or more salt content.

If you make umeboshi at home, you can store it at room temperature if the salt concentration is 18% or more.

When you make homemade Umeboshi, you can easily find out the salt content in Umeboshi, but, you gotta be careful of store-bought Umeboshi.

Because of sodium reduction trends, there are many Umeboshi products that have 8-10% salt content.

Umeboshi with 10% or less salt content is not able to be stored at room temperature once it is unsealed.

Store it in a refrigerator.

Pay Attention To The Other Condiments

You need to pay attention to the seasoning and condiments contained in the Umeboshi package or your homemade Umeboshi.

For example, honey-pickled Umeboshi or Umeboshi pickled with Shiso is so popular, but, in most cases, those kinds of Umeboshi have less salt content so they can’t be stored at room temperature.

Also, consume within the expiration date.

How Long Can Umeboshi Be Stored?

Homemade Umeboshi

Homemade Umeboshi will depend on the salt content as I said.

You can store almost permanently them if they are pickled in 18% or more salt.

When you use the salt less than 18% or add other condiments, consume the Umeboshi within a year.

Store-Bought Umeboshi

Store-bought Umeboshi pickled with 18% or more salt only (without other condiments) can last almost permanently.

However, it’s better to consume any store-bought Umeboshi in a year.

If your Umeboshi has less than 18% salt content or added other condiments, be sure to consume within the expiration date.

Once it is unpacked, keep them in the original container or transfer Umeboshi to another sealed container, and store it in the fridge.

It’ll last for 3 to 6 months.

The Best Place To Store Umeboshi Plums

Avoid that place in hot and humid.

Store Umeboshi (the salt content is over 18%) for long period, choose a well-ventilated and cool place.

Direct sunlight causes great damage to Umeboshi.

Refrigerant a store-bought Umeboshi unless it is pickled with salt only (and the salt content is 18% or more).

The Best Container To Store Umeboshi

Since a ceramic jar has acid and moisture resistant, it has been a popular use for storing Umeboshi for a long in Japan.

A jar made of glass or enamel is also recommended.

All containers should be disinfected before use.

Every time use a clean tool to take out Umeboshi from the jar to prevent growing bacteria in the container.

Tips For Making Long-Lasting Umeboshi

  • Salt Ume fruit (apricot/ plum) in 18% and more salt of the fruit’s weight.
  • Store Umeboshi in a freezer.

To make long-lasting homemade umeboshi, avoid adding other condiments outside of salt.

Also, the higher the salt concentration, the more you can store Umeboshi longer safely.

Ideally, the salt concentration should be 18% or more.

The Umeboshi salted with 18% and more salt content, it’ll be very salty and you may want to avoid the high salt content.

If you want to make Umeboshi with less salt content, store them in a freezer. In this way, you can store them longer.

Wrap each Umeboshi in a plastic wrap, then put each in a freezer bag.

How To Make Homemade Umeboshi From Apricot

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