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How To Send The suitcase To The Airport From Convenience Stores In Japan

How to send the luggage to the airport from convenience stores in Japan Travel Guide

If you want to send the suitcase to the airport from your stay,

Of course, the hotel can do it for you.

But in case you are staying in a vacation house such as Airbnb, or guest houses,

do you know that you can order the delivery service at the convenience store?

It is a little complicated if you don’t understand Japanese, also there is no guarantee the staff at a convenience store can speak English.

Today many international staff who can speak English or your language work for convenience stores in Japan so you might be able to find someone who can help with the procedure.

I am going to tell you using Yamato Transport aka “Kuroneko Yamato”, the major delivery service company in Japan today, but I would say,

It is easier to go to Kuroneko Yamato Service Centers or Information centers for international travelers.

Also, a new service is available which is called “Luggage-Free-Travel” with the same company, you can order online without filling out the waybill.

To use this service, your place needs to be close to Kuroneko Yamato service counters such as Information centers.

If you will stay in major cities, I recommend using the new service to skip the painful procedure.

Go to Seven eleven or Family mart

Japanese convenience store

To use the “Kuroneko Yamato” delivery service, you have to go to Two major convenience stores below.

  • Seven-Eleven
  • Family Mart

Things Need To Check Before Ordering


The size

The suitcase or parcel that you want to send should be

  • The overall size is under 160cm ( 62 inches )
  • The weight is under 25 kg ( 55 lbs)

The typical large-size suitcase is mostly fine, and most airlines set a weight limit of less than 23 kg (50 lbs) so the weight should be fine too.

bring your flight information

• Bring flight information

Make sure you have the flight information with you.

When you send the luggage to the airport, you need flight information for the waybill.

  • Airport
  • Terminal
  • Airline
  • Flight number (If it is on)
  • Departure time ( hh: mm )
You have to order completely at least 2 days (or 3 days) before your departure date. 

• Don’t pack things not allowed.

Chose “Motobarai” Waybill

Once you get into Seven-Eleven or Family Mart, go to the counter.

Tell the staff you want to send the luggage to the airport and need the waybill.

There are two kinds of waybill for sending a suitcase to the airport.

  1. Motobarai ( もとばらい)- the waybill that the sender pays a bill when they order.
  2. Chakubarai ( ちゃくばらい) – the waybill that the receiver pays a bill when they receive the package.

Thus, You want 1. Motobarai waybill.

How To Fill Out The Waybill

  1. Airport
  2. Terminal number ( North or South wing in Narita Airport )
  3. Flight number and departure time (hh: mm)
  4. Your name
  5. The sender’s zip code ( use the hotel’s zip code if they don’t take foreign zip code )
  6. The sender’s phone number ( or hotel’s phone number)
  7. The sender’s address ( or hotel’s address)
  8. The sender’s name
  9. The receiving date = the departure date ( M. D )
  10. This waybill is special for using Narita airport only. If you see a different look, write down “Suitcase” in the section. This section asks what you are going to send. English is fine.

*The sender’s information is not very important on the waybill.

You don’t have to write it down in Japanese, use alphabet to fill it out.

If you are not sure, ask the staff for help.

By the way, I do not recommend ordering delivery or requesting staff to help, such as during busy hours from 7 am to 9 am or at lunchtime at convenience stores.

You can ask to bring home “Motobarai” waybill in advance when asking the staff at convenience stores or the Kuroneko Yamato service center.

Japanese Phrase 20

  • Denpyou…Another way to say waybill. Denpyou is some type of paper such as a receipt, or waybill.
  • Ichi Mai…One Paper.


You can pay with cash or a credit card.

To send luggage to the airport, one will be charged an extra fee. (¥660 *as of June 2020)

The staff will give you a copy of the waybill, do not lose it until you pick up the baggage at the airport.

Pick Up At The Airport

kuroneko yamato delivery service counter

Go to the delivery service counter at the airport and show a copy of the waybill.

Narita AirportTerminal 1 (North Wing)4F GPA Counter
Terminal 1 (South Wing)4F GPA Counter
Terminal 2,33F GPA Counter
Haneda Int Airport3F ABC delivery Counter
Nagoya Chubu Centrair3F Delivery Service Counter
Kansai Int Airport4F JAL ABC Counter
Fukuoka Int Airport1F Delivery Service Counter
Shin Chitose Airport2F Delivery Service Counter

More Tips To Order Delivery Service


If you think you will get confused, there are five tips at least you can do.

Use The New Service For International Travellers

To avoid troubles between overseas travelers and Japanese workers, an online booking service has been launched recently.

The service is called “Luggage Free Travel”, you can book the delivery service online without worrying about the language.

KURONEKO YAMATO has a delivery service called “Hands-free Travel service” (jump to the official website), it is available only between the major airports, major hotels, and traveler’s facilities so far.

Japanese Lesson

Japanese lesson

Here are the Japanese phrases you need to order the delivery service at the convenience store. 

Could you tell me
how do fill out?
Kono (suitcase) o kuko ni okuritai desu
Could I
get a waybill
to fill out?
okuri jyo o kudasai
“Motobarai” please.“Motobarai” de onegai shi masu
Could you tell me
how I can fill this out?
Kakikata oshiete kudasai
Thank you.Ariga tou

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