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How to send luggage to the hotel from the airport in Japan

How to send luggage to the hotel from the airport in Japan Travel Guide

How many suitcases do you usually bring on your trip?

My husband and I pack too much stuff every time we go back to Japan from the US, we carry 4 large suitcases and 2 carry-on bags and 2 backpacks.

If you are a minimalist traveler, you don’t have to fight with hauling luggage during the trip.

But it will be better going to the hotel with hand-free?

What we do is that we use the delivery service to send suitcases to the hotel from the airport.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to use send the luggage to your hotel from the airport.

KURONEKO YAMATO Delivery Service

how to send your luggage to the hotel in Japan

“Yamato Transport” aka “Kuroneko Yamato” is one of the popular delivery service companies in Japan, and you can find the service counter at major international airports.

My husband calls it “Black cat” because “Kuro Neko” means “black cat” and the logo mark is Mommy black cat is carrying her kitten as you see in the picture.

Since Kuroneko Yamato is a major delivery service company in Japan, the delivery network and system is much more accurate, quick and reliable. They deliver most of the packages on the next day to most of the places.

We usually arrive at Narita airport, our suitcases will be delivered to the hotel in Nagoya the next day always all the time.

Go to the delivery service counter

After you get out of the custom, go to the delivery service counter at your arrival airport. Some counters in airports are not only for Kuronrko Yamato, so you might have to say you want to use Kuroneko Yamato.

Terminal 1
(North Wing)
1F GreenPortAgency (GPA) counter
Terminal 1
(South Wing)
1F GreenPortAgency (GPA) counter
Terminal 2, 31F GreenPortAgency (GPA) counter
Haneda Int
2F ABC counter
Chubu Centrair
2F Tourist Information & Service Counter

Kansai Int
1F JAL ABC counter
Fukuoka Int
1F Delivery Service Counter
Shin Chitose
2F Delivery Service Counter

Fill out the waybill

When you get to the counter, the staff ask you to write a waybill.

If you are not sure how to write it, ask the staff.

To make things smooth, prepare the accommodation information, such as zip code, address and phone number.

Write down YOUR NAME as Receiver’s name.

Contact the accommodation about sending your luggage before leaving your country.

You can also book online.

It is a new service for foreign tourists, so it might be easier for you.

Once you book the delivery service online, you will get a QR code.

When you go to the counter at the airport, just show them.


Narita Airport
Main Island
Shikoku island
Kyusyu island
~120cm /15kg

¥ 2000 ~
( puls TAX and airport fee)

(added to the base fee)

(added to the base fee)

~160cm / 25kg

¥ 2500 ~
( puls TAX and airport fee)
(added to the base fee)

(added to the base fee)

*Consume tax will change 8% to 10% in October 2019.

We spend around ¥7000 to send Two suitcases from Narita Airport to Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. (Our last time is in Feb in 2020)

From your Hotel to the Airport

If you want to send luggage to the airport back when for leaving Japan,

you MUST complete ordering ( hand luggage to the delivery service) TWO days (or could be Three days) before your departure date.

The due day depends on the distance to the airport from your place and the time you can complete the order.

It is better to ask the hotel or Kuroneko Yamato when it should be the last day to send your luggage to the airport in advance.

How to

Full-service hotel
You can ask the front desk to send your luggage to the airport if you stay in a full-service hotel.

A concierge desk or front desk manages the whole process for you.

Non-full-service hotel or other accommodation
If you stay at a non-full-service hotel, you still can order by yourself.

Go to the Kuroneko Yamato service counter. (Check out the official homepage.)

The tourist information center also can help you to send the baggage.

Convenience store…but you need to challenge it.

If you can not find the service center near your stay, you can order the delivery service at convenience stores, Seven-eleven and Family mart.

(Lawson is not a business partner with Kuronako Yamato)

However, you have to deal with everything by yourself and also there is no guarantee the staff can speak English.

( In popular cities, there are lots of non-Japanese staff in convenience stores so might be they can help you to fill out the waybill.)

• Order online

However, if you use the new service “Luggage Free Travel”, you can order online to send back the baggage to the airport.

What you need

You need flight information such as airline company, flight number, departure time, terminal number.

(You don’t need the airport’s address.)

Pick up luggage at the air port

Go to the delivery service counter below at the airport, show them the waybill.

Narita AirportTerminal 1 (North Wing)4F GPA Counter
Terminal 1 (South Wing)4F GPA Counter
Terminal 2,33F GPA Counter
Haneda Int Airport3F ABC delivery Counter
Nagoya Chubu Centrair3F Delivery Service Counter
Kansai Int Airport4F JAL ABC Counter
Fukuoka Int Airport1F Delivery Service Counter
Shin Chitose Airport2F Delivery Service Counter

Additional tips

the man carries suitcases

I have some additional tips for you.

Don’t pack everything in the suitcase that you want to send to the hotel. Pack clothes, toiletries, and some other stuff you will need at the hotel for a few days in the other bag. Generally, the baggage will be delivered on the next day.

However, if you order the delivery by 11 a.m. and the destination is in certain areas, you can get the suitcase in the same day. You have to ask the staff at the counter.

There is the regulation that you can’t put in the baggage such as cash, credit card, and flammable thing…please check their homepage before you order.
They also check the damage condition of your suitcase and ask you a confirmation. Don’t pack fragile things such as a bottle of sake, they don’t accept to deliver with it if you pack them.

Important information

If you plan to use Shinkansen, you may have to be careful of the new rule that begins in May 2020.

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