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How To Make Tempura Batter Without The Mix AND The Ultimate Guide Of Tempura Cooking Tips

How To Make Tempura Batter Without The Mix AND The Ultimate Guide Of Tempura Cooking Tips Food & Recipes

Here are simple substitute recipes for Tempura batter mix that allows you to be able to make crispy Tempura.

When mastering how to mix batter and what you should be concerned about frying, you can easily enjoy crispy tempura without tempura batter mix.

(Contrary, using tempura batter mix can easily make crispy tempura without these tips.)

You can make crispy tempura batter using the ingredients you already have- Wheat flour and starch.

Use Cake Flour To Make Light Crispy Deep-Fried Dish

The standard wheat flour in the US is surely “all-purpose flour”, which contains moderately gluten protein.

Gluten, gluten formation is important for bakery or making noodles, however, it will be not so application to make light crispy fried dishes such as tempura or Karaage.

Use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour which has less gluten content.

Besides, you can use other types of flour to make it crispy such as rice flour. (It’s also gluten-free!)

How To Make Tempura Batter With Cake Flour

A batter made of cake flour can bring light and fluffy tempura when it is freshly cooked. Sift the flour before using it for a better result.

・1 cup of cake flour
・1/2 cup of icy cold water
・1 egg

  1. Beat the egg in a bowl, add cold water and mix well.
  2. Add the starch and combine all stirring a few times. Do not over-mix.

Other Common Tempura Flour Substitutes

With Corn (potato) Starch

Tempura coated with corn/potato starch batter will be crispy rather than light and fluffy.

Compared to tempura batter mix and cake flour, the starch is less likely to absorb oil and will be in lower calories.

It is also recommended for lunch box food or party food as the crispy texture will last longer.

・1 cup of the starch (corn/potato)
・1/2 cup of ice-cold water
・1 egg

  1. Beat the egg in a bowl, add cold water and mix well.
  2. Add the starch and combine all stirring a few times. Do not over-mix.

The starch does not dissolve in water and precipitates, so mix it gently before each time you apply the food to the batter.

With The Starch & Flour

Mixing cake flour with the starch is a sure way to get crispy tempura! Keep the ratio at 2 parts cake flour to 1 part the starch, and sift them.

Adding 1 tablespoon of baking powder is also a helpful item to make crispy tempura.

With Rice Flour

Rice flour is one of the top choices to substitute for tempura flour. Besides, it’s completely gluten-free. Tempura or even other deep-fried food made with rice flour will always be crispy easily.

As with the starch, rice flour won’t absorb as much oil as regular flour, so your tempura won’t feel sticky or greasy.

  • 1 cup of the rice flour
  • 1/2 cup of ice-cold water
  • 1 egg

Cooking Tips For Crispy Tempura

  • Avoid over-mixing the batter
  • Make the batter just before frying
  • Use ice-cold water (carbonated water) to make the batter
  • Avoid cooking over-amount at once
  • Use canola oil

Avoid Overmixing The Tempura Batter

Overmixing the batter causes sticky, soggy, heavy, lumpy Tempura coating.

Please be aware of overmixing.

Stop mixing as soon as the ingredients are combined but you can see some lumps and powder remains in the batter.

Make The Batter Just Before Frying

The important key to making crispy tempura is making the batter just before frying since gluten forming is more likely to occur as the time passes.

Use Ice-Cold Water To Make The Batter

Gluten formation is inhibited at low temperatures.

When you make the batter, use cold water. If possible, keep all the ingredients for the batter in the refrigerator.

Using Carbonated Water / Adding Alcohol

In order to fry tempura crispy, it is important to evaporate the excess water in the coatings.

Alcohol, which is highly volatile, and carbonic acid, which generates gas and creates bubbles in the coatings, both have the property of easily evaporating water. It’s a good idea to use “beer”, which has both conditions, instead of water. (Sometimes, the pop flavor will remain in the coating. )

Just use ice-cold carbonated water instead of water, or add tablespoons of alcohol such as sake, shochu, white wine, gin, vodka…or even you can use them instead of water.

Avoid Cooking Over-Amount At Once

Adding too much food to the oil, the temperature will drop and Tempura will be sticky, greasy, soggy, and not right, you know.

Use Canola Oil

Canola oil is actually one of the best choices to make crispy tempura at home. Besides, it is affordable oil on the market to make you happy enough.

It is neutral in flavor, it won’t impact rich umami flavors in food.

Which (enhancing natural Umami flavor in food) is the most concept in Japanese cuisine as you know, so canola oil is perfect for tempura.

At tempura specialty restaurants, sesame oil, which is hard to oxidize and has a rich flavor, is preferably used. If you like to add a richer flavor to the tempura dish, add sesame oil to canola oil at home.

Do You Put eggs In The Tempura Batter?

Eggs can bring fluffy texture and a rich delicious taste to the coating, yet, they are not absolutely necessary.

The egg-free batter has a light crispy (crunchy) texture.

Using mayonnaise instead of eggs easily makes a crispy coating since Mayonnaise has less water content than eggs and contains emulsified oil.

What’s Tempura Flour, BTW

Yet, the tempura batter mix is the easiest way to make crispy tempura without hacks and technics, and crispness will last long. Even when reheating tempura leftover, it’ll easily get crispy back.

Here is the post about tempura batter mix and how to make light crispy shrimp tempura.

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