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How To Keep Leafy Vegetables Fresh Longer In My Fridge: Will Stay Fresh Up To 3 Weeks!?

How To Keep Leafy Vegetables Fresh Longer In My Fridge Food & Recipes
Food & Recipes

Storing leafy vegetables in these ways will eventually save your money and also help to reduce food loss a lot!

Keep them fresh and enjoy fresh salad every day.

When you keep leafy vegetables in the right way, in my practice, they could last for 3 weeks!

Storing Leafy Vegetables To Keep Them Fresh

What’ll You Need To Keep Leafy Vegetables Fresh Longer

  • Paper (Newspaper/ newspaper-size paper ads/ paper towels/ Wrapping paper)
  • Plastic bags

Leafy greens which are the must items for daily salads or stir-fried dishes, first, cut off the brown stem. Be sure not to cut off the whole parts of the stem, cut off only the brown surface.

Remove and discard any brown or slimy leaves.

You can rinse them thoughtfully, and soak them in cold water for a while until they’ll refresh.

Prepare paper such as newspaper, paper ads, paper towels, or cheesecloth to wrap leaves.

The important key is that you don’t need to dry leafy vegetables completely. Lightly, drain water and wrap fully them.

Then, put them in a plastic bag and tie the bag lightly. Store them upright in a fridge.

They’ll stay fresh for 1-2 weeks easily in this way.

Over 2 weeks or depending on the condition of the greens or the fridge, it may be brown outside, however, remove bad leaves and still you can eat them.

When you see the paper dry or the stem turn brownish, cut off the brown part and soak it in the water again.

You can do this with most kinds of leafy vegetables such as lettuce greens, cabbages, Chinese cabbages, and kale…

Besides, you can store green onions and leeks in the same way.

Another tip to keep leafy greens fresh longer, is simply, to use outer leaves and keep the rest of the leaves attached to the core rather than cut in half.

Doing this storing tip as soon as you bring them home for a better result.

When you use newspaper or paper ads with inks, rinse them before eating.

Storing Leafy Spring Mix To Keep Them Fresh

What’ll You Need To Keep Leafy Spring Mix Fresh Longer

  • Paper towels
  • A food storage container

I really like spring mix for my salad and often buy a package from grocery stores.

When you bring it back home, open the package and place a paper towel.

Water is the enemy of baby-tender greens.

Change regularly paper towel when it has gotten dumped.

Also, downsize a container to reduce empty space.

However, anyway, try to consume mixed baby leaf greens as soon as possible my recommendation,

When you keep destring dumpy leaves, you can still enjoy the rest of the greens for 7-10 days.

Storing Coriander/ Italian Parsley To Keep Them Fresh

What’ll You Need To Keep Leafy Spring Mix Fresh Longer

  • Paper towels
  • A food storage container
  • A salad spinner

I have tried several tips to keep fresh Coriander/ Italian Parsley such as storing them in a jar and covering them with a plastic bag, but somehow, I didn’t get a good result.

I found this way by myself, and almost always, they’ll last in fresh for 5-7 days.

As soon as you bring a bunch of coriander/ Italian parsley back home, cut off a 1-inch length of the stem. (It’s easy when you don’t untie the bunch.)

In a spinner, wash, rinse, and soak them in water until the leaves get refreshed.

Drain water and remove water with the spinner.

Be sure to remove any excess water from them.

Place the paper towel in a container, and put coriander/ Italian parsley.

Top another piece of a paper towel and seal it with a lid.

Change the paper towels regularly.

Besides, you can freeze chopped fresh Coriander/ Italian Parsley and store them in a freezer bag.

How To Store Root Vegetables Fresh Longer In A Fridge

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