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How To Choose The Carbonated Water For Making The Best Japanese Highball At Home

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When you enjoy whiskey, you may like it straight or on the rock. But, when you want to feel a more casual party or Japanese Izakaya atmosphere, “Japanese highball” is a good way to drink.

Japanese highball, that I can drink every night- so refreshing for celebrating the end of daily work!

When I refer to “Japanese highball” in this post, it doesn’t mean “Japanese-whiskey highball” and it just “whiskey and soda.” So I am telling you why I call it “Japanese highball” in this post if you are curious.

People are stick with whiskey names, how about carbonated water for whiskey highball? Today, I will tell you the deep world to make Japanese highball- the useful information that you should know such as the compatibility of whiskey and carbonated water and how to make delicious highball.

Learn Types Of Carbonated Water

Have you ever thought about carbonated water for cocktails well?

There are so many types of carbonated water (soda), and simply changing the brand will dramatically change the taste of highball.

First of all, carbonated water refers to “general beverages containing carbon dioxide”.

Roughly speaking, it can be divided into “flavored fizzy water” and “ordinal type which doesn’t contain sweetness and any flavor”.

Ordinal carbonated water tends to be most likely used for highball in Japan.

Ordinal Carbonated Water

Furthermore, there are three types of plain type carbonated water- natural sparkling water, natural pure carbonated water, and artificially carbonated water.

Natural Sparkling Water

As the name implies, “naturally carbonated water” is naturally produced carbonated water, in which carbon dioxide gas emitted from magma due to crustal movements dissolves in groundwater.

“Gerolsteiner”, “S.Pellegrino”, “Perrier” are famous, and the amount of minerals varies depending on the area where water is taken.

Natural Pure Carbonated Water

“Natural pure carbonated water” is artificially carbonated water used in natural pure water.

Since the water itself is natural, the amount of minerals varies depending on where the water is from.

“Hildon” and “san Benedetto” are famous.

Artificial Carbonated Water

“Artificial carbonated water” is made by artificially adding carbonic acid to pure water produced at the factory.

Despite it does not contain minerals and no individuality in taste.

However, the strength of fizz differs among products, and also it is the most commonly used type of water for cocktails like Canada Dry Club Soda.

The Keys For The Best Japanese Highball

When considering the compatibility of whiskey and carbonated water, the carbonation volume and the water hardness are the keys. These make a big difference in the taste of highball.

The Carbonation Volume In Fizzy Water

The carbonated level is usually indicated in the unit of “Carbonation Volume.”

Highball that mixed with fizzy water that the carbonation volume is high gives the stronger the crispness and exhilaration.

On other hand, one mixed with fizzy water with a low level of carbonation volume, highball will be a more mellow and mild taste.

So, you can choose the water by carbonation volume depending on your mode and whiskey.

If you get top-shelf whiskey such as Hibiki 18 years old, Taketsuru 21 years old, Yamazaki 18 years old, you don’t want to use an extremely strong fizzy water that the carbonation level 5.0 and more.

Which destroys the whiskey flavor itself.

However, you will not want to make highball with such luxury whiskey.

Go for it straight or on the rock.

Water Hardness

Next, the water hardness is t the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water.

According to the standard by the WHO, hardness level is less than 120 mg is “soft water” and 120 mg or more is “hard water”.

As result, carbonated hard water makes highball with a firm mouthfeel, and carbonated soft water makes highball with a gentle mouthfeel.

By the way, most of the tap water and domestic mineral water in Japan is soft water.

Choose Water Low In Minerals And Your Desired Carbonation Volume

Finally, which is the best fizzy water for making whiskey highball?
…is that first, it is better to choose “soft fizzy water” which is low in minerals.

Like natural sparkling hard water such as “Gerolsteiner”, “S.Pellegrino”, “Perrier” can blow away the whiskey flavor.

Try vodka and soda with those, for example, you hardly taste the flavor of vodka.

Therefore, Artificially carbonated water or natural sparkling soft water are recommended.

Secondly, about the carbonation volume. It’s all I can say is that depends on your liking although the storing fizzy may blow the flavor away.

I really like heavy bubbles in highball so I can be refreshed and I don’t make daily highball with the top-shelf whiskey anyway.

Make Own Carbonated Water

There is an option that you can make your own favorite carbonated water at home.

Health Benefits Of Carbonated Water

Fatigue recovery and intestinal regulation

Carbonated water has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. When the gastrointestinal blood vessels absorb water, the amount of urine excreted increases, and by producing urine, fatigue substances are discharged from the body as waste products.

Also, the intestinal environment will improve and can be expected to treat constipation.

Relieve Muscle Tension

When the carbon dioxide level in the blood increases by drinking carbonated water, it can improve blood flow. Because the body will take more oxygen and carry it all over the body.

Most causes of muscle tensions are poor blood circulation, so improving blood circulation can be expected to relieve muscle tensions.

Carbonated Water Can Suppress Appetite

When you drink carbonated water before meals, the carbon dioxide gas will swell your stomach which stimulates your satiety center and suppresses your appetite.

When you have no appetite, on the other hand, drinking carbonated water affects gastrointestinal activity and leads to an increase in appetite.

The Bottom Line

Today, I talked about carbonated soda deeply for making the best Japanese highball.

The keys are to choose natural soft sparkling water or artificially carbonated water.

You can choose your desired fizzy level.

When you are looking for refresh and crisp, go for strong fizzy!

When you like to enjoy the good whiskey flavor, go for mild fizzy water.

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